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The Chainsmokers is an American production and DJ consisting of two members Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Alex Pall was born on 16th may 1985 from a housewife mother and an art dealer father. He grew up in New York, Westchester County. He graduated from the University of New York where he pursued business and art history. Andrew Taggart was born on 31st December 1989 his mother was a teacher, and his father was a businessman selling prosthetics. Taggart is a graduate of Syracuse University. He was raised in Freeport in Maine. At the Age of 15 when he was in Argentina, he was revolved onto EDM where he was presented to the music of daft punk and David Guetta. The Chainsmokers were reformed as an EDM DJ two in 2012 in the administration of Adam Alpert in the New York City. Pall was familiarized to Taggart by Alpert while he was DJing. They made remixes of indie bands. In 2012 together with Priyanka Chopra an Indian actress and a recording artist they collaborated and produced the single ‘Erase’ and ‘The Rookie’ in early 2013.The two EDM- pop hit the ground in 2014 with their new song Selfie. This track was best 20 solitaries in various states. In 2015 they emerged into top ten with their song ‘Roses’ which rendered them persistent for years. At the fifty-ninth awards ceremony, the Chainsmokers won the best dance recording Grammy Accolade from their first top five single, Don’t Let Me Down. They are the champions of 2 American Music Honor and 5 Heart Radio Music Medal after the production of their 1st number 1 single named Closer.

In January 2017 Paris another international single was released, and on 30th January the track was specialized gold in Canada and the United States. The Chainsmokers understands their fans well, and they know what to give them. They have carried their fans collected with them. This is evident in their new single Sick Boy. This is considered the 1st check of the following stage of their career. As per Taggart they always release a song nearly every month but for the Sick boy took them a long time.