The Many Varieities of Beneful Wet Dog Food

When I shop for pet food, I want to choose what is best for my dog. She is not just my pet, but a member of my family, my best friend, running partner, and confidant. So I always pick up several cans of Beneful Moist Dog wet Food for her. With over twenty varieties she will never get tired of any one, and Beneful adds new ones often.

I know some people say dogs don’t have the same sense of taste as people do. But I know my dog has her preferences. For example, when I open a container of the Tuscan Style Medley with beef, carrots, rice and spinach, Funny dances a jig. In fact, it almost looks good enough for me to eat. Another of her favorites is Savory Rice and Lamb Stew. That recipe also has peas and carrots in it. Other recipes have chicken, turkey, and salmon in them.

I also like that I can find coupons on the Beneful website. I use the extra savings to buy Funny Beneful treats and some toys to play with. Along with moist dog foods and treats, the company also has a full selection of dry kibble. I like to keep a bowl full of dry dog food all the time. I feed my pet a serving of moist food at night for a dinner treat.

Purina PetCare Company is the maker of Beneful. The long tradition of the company goes into every serving. With the over one hundred years of research into pet and animal nutrition, I can be sure that my dog gets what she needs to be healthy and well nourished. Every bag or can of Beneful contains real meats, no fillers like some brands. The vegetables and grains are also fresh. Plus, every ingredient must pass exacting quality control standards.

Commercial Real Estate

When many people think of real estate, they envision beautiful houses in a residential area. Although this is a part of what real estate is, commercial real estate is an even bigger piece of the overall pie. Few people even think about building or investing in commercial real estate because the capital requirements are so high. Over the years, a lot of people have decided to make a difference in the lives of other people through this area. Omar Boraie is the type of person who is always going to develop commercial real estate in a number of areas. If you are ready to take your business to a new level, this is a great area to concentrate on.

Omar Boraie

There are a lot of people who have spent years in the real estate business. Omar Boraie has worked hard to add value to others in a number of areas. Not only does he want to help other people with their finances, but he wants to build up his local area as much as possible. According to NJBiz, there are many people moving to the New Jersey area, and the proper buildings are essential to maintaining the current rate of growth. Over the years, he has proven to truly care about the value that he is adding to people in his local community through his work.

Commercial Financing

In a report by Patch, another major issue that a lot of people go through is how to find commercial financing. With all of the changes that are going on in the world of business, this is one of the most important things that you can do in your life and career. Omar Boraie is the type of person who is always looking for ways to make more money in business. Getting a proper commercial financing plan for your current situation is the best way to add value to others. Over time, this is one of the best ways that you can start to make a positive difference for other people. Omar Boraie is an expert in real estate development and will continue to work hard in the future.

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Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor Firm that provides financial planning in a personal and comprehensive manner to individuals, families, and business owners of means. Founded by Richard Blair, the firm offers methods of helping people grow and preserve their assets in these times of challenging monetary fluctuations.


Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., has always been involved with and interested in education. His grandmother, mother, and his wife were all teachers. From an early age, Richard saw how effective teaching was able to help people learn new things and profit from them by putting the new principles into practice.


From this experience, Richard surmised that he could help people with their financial needs by applying the same principles. When people learn about a subject, they can make better choices that are informed and backed by hard knowledge and facts.


In 1993, Richard founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. for the purpose of providing this sort of specialized knowledge to clients to be used in the planning and organization of their assets so that they could be preserved, grown, and maintained for retirement.


Consequently, Wealth Solutions, Inc. has been able to provide many people the financial security and protection that they needed to plan and have enough in the way of assets when they retire. People live in a world of financial chao, and if they don’t plan their future, they may have no future from a financial standpoint.


This is what Richard Blair saw early on when people came to him in frustration when the stock market had its ups and downs, leaving go guideposts for the present, let alone for the present. Utilizing safe and well-tested methods for asset accumulation and tax-favored strategies, Richard was able to teach people how to set aside their funds so that they would be safe from market ups and downs on a tax-favored basis.


The strategy that Richard uses with his clients to offer them the best strategies involve wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. With these three strategies in place, a solid footing under girds any plan that is made, as each part of the plan complements the other parts.


The essence of the three “legs of the stool” are such that they are ways of handling one’s assets at different times of one’s life in ways that complement the lifestyle that we are all going through at that time. This allows people to be able to be certain that they have enough money at retirement to live the financial life that they wish.




Jim Tananbaum and His Capital Expertise

There were many ways that Jim Tananbaum was able to help people throughout the career that he has had with Foresite Capital. He has worked with different healthcare companies and has made sure that they are getting the capital services that they need to make sure that they are doing everything that they can with their business. When it comes to the options that Jim Tananbaum has created for his business and with the different people who he has chosen to do business with, he has worked primarily with the healthcare industry. Technology and retail companies are booming and have a lot of different opportunities with other venture capital companies but the healthcare industry is also booming and is not getting the venture capital help that it needs from other companies. Because of this, Jim Tananbaum has done what he can to make his company the premier opportunity for healthcare companies within the industry that they are in.

Jim didn’t always want to work with healthcare companies. In fact, he knew that working in technology could really pay off and the majority of the other businesses that he started and successfully ran were in those industries. He also wanted to see what he would be able to do with healthcare. Despite the fact that his technology companies were successful, he knew that the healthcare industry had a need for people to be able to get more out of the experiences that they had. He wanted them to know that his venture capital company was there for them and what Jim knows.

From the beginning, Jim Tananbaum was always smart. He knew what companies wanted and needed. Because of this, he was able to show them that there was more to doing business than just being able to try new things and get more out of the processes that they had. He started at Harvard and ended up owning more than one of his own businesses. Like Foresite Capital, the majority of his businesses have been very successful and have been able to help many people with the problems that they have concerning capital opportunities and read full article.

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Timothy Armour Goes Up Against Warren Buffet

Tim Armour, who is the chief executive officer of Capital Group, believes that Warren Buffet is wrong when it comes to his investment advice. Warren Buffet has confidence that investment firms are useless and has more confidence with his investment in an S&P 500 passive index fund.

It is true that there are over hyped mediocre investment funds, but most reputable companies are superior to a passive investment. It is also correct that expensive mutual funds no longer perform well due to the high management fees.

It should be considered that passive funds are very volatile since there is a lack of active short term management. This sort of investing can be seen more like long term gambling. Whether it is active or passive, a fund needs to be able to have a long term profit.

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Mr. Warren Buffett still relies on outdated information to knock actively managed funds. He says that 40-year long-term passive funds would have made way more than active funds, but the market has completely changed since 40 years ago.

In order for investors to make a great return according to Tim Armour, they must learn how to look for a good manager. They need to look for funds that have a high manager ownership to assure the integrity of the managed fund. They must also seek out low management fees since many funds have become out of control.

Timothy D. Armour is an investment professional that has the decade of experience in investing. All of his experience has been with executive positions within Capital Group. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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How To Promote Your Brand And Grow Your Business

Are you in search of a proven way to take control of your online reputation and build a great image? Do you want to enlist the services of a professional reputation management team, which can provide the services to meet your needs? Maintaining an impressive public image requires expert help.

It is always advisable to seek assistance from a reliable reputation management firm, a firm that is well known for rendering top notch online reputation management to many different clients. With expert reputation management services, you can be assured of building and maintaining a positive brand image, which is a surefire way to help your business thrive in today’s world.

People form their opinion about you or your company based on the information they read online. If the information is positive you will be perceived in a positive light. But if the information they find about you is negative then you will have a difficult time convincing them to do business with you or or your organization.

Online reputation management professionals offer a vast array of reputation management services to entrepreneurs, organizations and individual clients. These services cover the crucial areas where a company’s online reputation begins to be defined. The most visible areas of the Internet that define a person’s or company’s reputation include search engine results pages, reliable review sites, and social media platforms. Many organizations and entrepreneurs also hire reputation management firms like IC Media Direct to set up custom reputation management system, which brings the various aspects of an online reputation onto a dashboard or single screen.

You will need to find a good firm that has a team of well-trained and experienced professionals. With the services rendered by a qualified and dedicated team of reputation management professionals, you will be able to guard your company’s name and reputation and protect against any impending attacks or issues that threaten your company’s image or reputation.

Take the time to check out the various online reputation management companies out there and set up a consultation with one that has the features you need for success.

What You Do Not Know About Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is not only a young lady but also a woman who has mastered the art in her line of work. Had it not been for her education, she would not be who she is today. Part of her education life has been institutions like the New York Law School and the City University of New York, facilities that have nurtured her to be a better person. In her few years on this planet, Julie has been part and parcel of high-end companies, a career that she began back in 2002.



As a professional, Julie has been fortunate enough to work for Hudson, Citi, and New York Life. Working for these corporations has earned her more than a decade worth of experience. Capacities she has been able to fill in include director, vice president, executive recruiter, NA professional, and hire recruiting lead. In 2014, she joined Deutsche Bank where she still works today as an executive recruitment lead and talent acquisition agent. Her extensive experience has enabled her to bring great and energetic talent to her current company.



Other skills that Julie Zuckerberg possesses include team leadership, talent management, talent acquisition and executive search. Julie’s ingenuity has largely contributed to the success of Deutsche Bank. Besides, she has helped many young people make a life for themselves. In her view, systems can only achieve much if only they employ highly qualified personnel, and also create a favorable working environment in which all employees can work as a team. The above are principles that have brought her much success, as she is always on the lookout of how an individual is unique from the others.



Apart from her corporate life, Julie Zuckerberg is a fun person to hang around. Over her free time, she loves to jog, since it helps her relax her mind. Moreover, Zuckerberg is deeply in love with photography. Julie likes to capture moments using her camera, times she can relieve in future. Besides, Julies always keeps herself updated on significant technological advancements. Since her company relies on her resourcefulness, she has to keep updating herself on what is going on in the world. Art is another hobby that Julie Zuckerberg possesses.



With Zuckerberg being a people person, she tries as much as possible to help bring equality and justice in systems. It is her belief that we are created equal and should thus respect the people around us so as to boost livability and social cohesion. Since she is ever busy, Zuckerberg has a Facebook account that allows her to keep tabs with both friend and family. She also used this digital platform to expand her reach, so that she can find more talent and even nurture young people.



Finally, Zuckerberg is a lady who loves animals. To this end, she has made it her responsibility to advocate for animal rights, so as to ensure that animals domesticated or wild are kept away from human harm. Thus, Julie Zuckerberg is a remarkable individual.


Celebrities and Their Admiration for Kabbalah

Spirituality and religion go hand in hand most of the time. Many people search high and low for something to change their lives and give them peace. This thing usually helps people go through life and it helps them face the days, weeks, months and years. There is one thing many esteemed people seemed to be fascinated with. Kabbalah is a Jewish mysticism that celebrities from all genres are gravitating towards. Followers of Kabbalah are can usually be seen wearing a red string bracelet. These red string bracelets signify their belief and loyalty to the mysticism. The pop singer Madonna has been seen wearing a red string bracelet. As of recent, Madonna is one of the biggest celebrities that has put Kabbalah on the public stage. While Madonna is one of the celebrities that has put light on Kabbalah in recent times, there are other celebrities that have taken an interest to it. Silver screen legends Sammy Davis Jr. , Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe have shown admiration for Kabbalah.

Socialite Paris Hilton and actress Sandra Bernard have also been seen wearing the famous red string bracelets and going to the Kabbalah Centre. Paris Hilton states that when she is having issues with her life, she visits the Kabbalah Centre for clarity. She says that the Jewish mysticism has helped bring peace to her life.

The Kabbalah Centre is a big part of the Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah Centre in California holds various classes and seminars. They also hold online classes of Kabbalistic teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Philip Berg, along with his wife. The teachers at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles are diverse and the students are equally diverse, coming from many countries all over the world.

The inspiring Journey to Greatness of Entrepreneur Brian Bonar

Currently living in the U.S., entrepreneur Brian Bonar is one of the recognized financial experts. He has stamped his authority in the financial services sector. His unprecedented expertise and experience stem from his decades of holding management posts in top financial institutions and companies.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has keen interests in helping other ambitious financial executives to make strides in the ever-expanding and competitive finance sector. He holds senior executive positions at both Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept.

Awards and recognitions

Since Brian Bonar became an esteemed leader in the financial world, he has been adding prestigious accolades in his cabinet almost every year. For instance, in 2010, he appeared on the Who’s Who annual list by Cambridge and won the Executive of the Year in Finance Accolade.

The selection committee meets annually to select two women and two men for the Executive of the Year Award, based on academic credentials, leadership abilities, achievements, and professional accomplishments.

How did Bonar promote the growth of Dalrada Financial Group?

Brian Bonar has combined his wealth of experience in operations leadership and knowledge in financial principles to drive Dalrada Financial Group to its current position in the financial sector. He has guided Dalrada into a respected financial firm in the arena of finance.

He has guided a large pool of clients in protecting their assets and efficiently managing their finances. The drastic expansion of the firm and its ceaseless commitment to offering business with leading-edge aftermarket products expresses the passion and personal discipline that Bonar has demonstrated in his entire career.

What is Dalrada Financial Group?

Dalrada Financial Group is a respected market leader when it comes to providing employee programs to distinct businesses globally. The objective of this financial service powerhouse is to optimize business efficiency. The firm has enjoyed unprecedented profits from customizing services, ranging from business process outsourcing, insurance, to finance, which solves the challenges that clients face.

Academic Qualifications of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been keen on improving his problem-solving skills. He has strived to dive deeper into the academic world. Bonar did his first undergraduate degree at the Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde. Then, he moved to the UK and enrolled at Stafford University where he did his postgraduate and completed his doctorate studies.

Career at Dalrada Financial Group

Brian Bonar had a successful career at Dalrada. He acted as the VP in charge of marketing and sales for few months, before rising to the executive vice president position. Between 1995 and 1997, Bonar was making critical investment and growth decisions as the director of Dalrada.

In 1998, he assumed the CEO position of Dalrada. A year later, the firm appointed Bonar as the chair of its executive board.

In Pursuit of Greatness

AffHave you ever heard of a financial institution by the name of NexBank? Well, if you’re not from around the Dallas, Texas Area then you probably might not be “in the know,” but NexBank is the perfect example of organic growth in a demanding environment. Formely known as Heritage Bank, NexBank has evolved into a full blown powerhouse that specializes in mortgage, investment, and commercial services. Not only does it offer top notch services for individuals, it offers top notch services for larger corporation, middle market companies, real estate investors, institutional clients, as well as valuable services for other banking centers.

Though being a regional style bank, NexBank offer many of the same service as it’s much larger counterparts. These counterparts are known as national banking institutions, which includes Capital One, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, SunTrust Bank, and many more. There aren’t too many regional banks that can compete at this level, but NexBank defies all odds. Did you know that this premier institution has an estimated $4.6 Billion in assets? That’s right! Since 2015, this is a 71% growth rate, which outperforms most of the competitions. Check out the facts below:

  • Total deposits have exceeds $3 Billion
  • $2.83 Billion in loan support
  • 2016 net income exceeds $83 Million

Each and every financial category skyrocketed upward from the previous year. NexBank’s ability to grow and evolve comes from strategic planning and John Holt has all bases covered. Holt is the CEO and President here and his winning way of thinking has boosted the banks performance. Holt has provided services as a guest panelist at the “Texas Bankers Association” Conference in New Orleans and he has been a part of Dallas’ Affordable Home Loan Program of 2016 where NexBank offered up to $50 Million in loan support. This article only scratches the surface of what this dynamic duo has accomplished, but stay tuned because there is a lot more in store.