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Securus Technologies Corrects GTL Press Release

Securus Technologies is a private company that is based in Dallas, Texas. The company offers inmates monitoring, biometric analysis, public information and self-service solutions to prisoners in the United States and Mexico. The company has achieved a lot since it was established in the market several years ago.


Securus Technologies has been working hard to mutually negotiate financial agreements and arrangements with organizations that have been utilizing its rights without proper licensing for a while. The private organization was willing to agree on some reasonable licensing with the parties involved, including their greatest competitor, Global Tel. However, GTL went ahead and published some information on Securus Technologies patents after their transactions.


According to a recent press release from Securus Technologies, Global Tel had issued a statement to the public that was inaccurate and at the same time misleading. Global Tel had made it clear that they will be engaging Securus in a licensing fight. The management at Securus Technologies decided to issue a statement to its consumers in order to clarify and also correct the claims by GTL.


Securus Technologies and Global Tel have been having differences for some time now. Earlier this year, Securus announced that it was going to announce some of the wrongdoings taking place in GTL. GTL is believed to have been cheating the inmates by charging them with very high-interest rates. Some inmates were being charged double the amount indicated by the organization, and this did not go well with their competitors.

Communication is very important for the individuals who are incarcerated, and it was unfair for Global Tel to overcharge its clients. This was also giving the industry a bad reputation, and it needed to be exposed. Without adequate communication, it is impossible for these individuals to become good citizens and abandon their wicked ways.




Loyalty and Proud Service Provider

Securus Technologies is a powerful and customer driven information technology corporation that is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company was recently received a high accreditation score from the Better Business Bureau of an A+, categorizing it as an elite company that is able to go far beyond what normal companies can develop in to. When asked about the honored positions, Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoya, stated that he owes the working relationship between the Better Business Bureau and Securus for assisting them in reaching their goals to be a customer loyal business front.


Securus technologies has provided its customers with reliable services and products for years, focusing primarily on the incarcerated individuals found within the United States penal system as their main target for a customer base. These inmates are currently residing within a very isolated area, making it difficult for them to communicate openly with their loved ones and family members and leaving them with the massive burden of having to travel long distances for visitation rights. In order to try and bypass these issues Securus has developed a free to download application for both Android and Apple devices that acts as a video chat program that they can use to speak with one another no matter what their location may be.


The products that Securus provides sets it apart from other information technology companies as a reliable and dedicated groups of professionals who are loyal to their customers and want to provide the best for them. In order to meet these demands they have gone through insurmountable odds, and have produced not only excellent products but incredibly happy and satisfied customers as a result.


Securus Develops Groundbreaking Software

The nation’s leading provider of safety solutions for corrections, investigation, public safety, monitoring, and a provider of justice technology solutions in both the civil and criminal arenas has just received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This prestigious company is none other than Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies’ Senior VP of Operations released a statement in which he said he was proud of his company’s achievement. Securus has worked hand in hand with the Better Business Bureau to make sure it meets all standards for trust and honesty in its marketing, advertisements, and customer service.

In addition to its recent honors from the BBB Securus has also developed a groundbreaking software that will be of great use to law enforcement officials nationwide. Securus Technologies has developed a program known as Investigator Pro 4.0. It is a remarkable piece of software because it allows searching of phone calls made through the prison inmate system with voice recognition and matching. A criminal investigator who approaches a facility where Securus operates can now select a single voice sample from a phone call and have it matched to all other phone calls in which that voice was heard. Investigators can identify the party who made the phone call to the prisoner in addition to all prisoners in the facility themselves.

This program empowers investigators to stop organized crime like never before. Many criminal organizations have members both on the inside and outside of prison and they coordinate activities by speaking to each other through the phone in code. They may even give parts of the code to one inmate and the rest of the code to another. Now all of these phone calls can be searched more easily and put together so that investigators have more valuable evidence at their disposal for solving and preventing crimes. This is all thanks to the trustworthy company Securus Technologies.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

ConnectUs Automated Inmate Services Are Making It Easier On Both Corrections Officers And Inmates Alike

I’m not proud to admit that I have had family members end up behind bars. I also know the extremely slow process of the paperwork involved for both the inmates and the corrections officers. Securus Technologies is happy to announce a new system which alleviates these issues by streamlining the process without the need for paper. Now officers can quickly and efficiently process requests and grievances, likewise, inmates can check the status of their forms in real-time.

With ConnectUs, inmates will have access to a massive variety of tools and feature sets. This digital information technology will allow them access to all of the latest applications designated by each correctional facility. This new platform gives the inmates all access to its many options, yet it’s mitigated out to the inmates by the facilities as to which ones are available at the time.

The headquarters for Securus Technologies is located in Dallas Texas and is responsible for serving roughly 3,450 law enforcement and corrections agencies as well as over 1,200,000 inmates all across North America. The company is responsible for overseeing incident management, emergency responses, investigations, public information, biometric analysis and much more than this. They have a strong track record for quality and providing new technologies as they become available.

This makes life easier for the inmates on the inside as well as the corrections facility staff who are in charge of governing said, inmates. The company has also recently acquired a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement for using JPay Inc. This allows for more options for inmates to pay electronically, emailing and to have access to educational programs and much more. For more in-depth information about this company from the article by PR Newswire, click the link in this article.

The Best and Most Innovative Technological Company

Securus Technologies is a company that is specialized in providing both civil justice as well as criminal technology solutions for important aspects in life such as public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, among many other aspects. In recent news courtesy of PR Newswire, Securus Technologies has been reported to offer the most advanced analytical tools in this industry. Securus has earned this title right after the company upgraded and redesigned the solutions products to become of one of the greatest web-based technologies. The new upgrade to the offered system makes it both faster and easier to use. This company has not only enhanced the overall interface of the technology, but has also eliminated the unnecessary system actions that now includes record loading search functions. The overall result means that Securus Technologies has now increased the overall performance and has improved the overall user experience.
Securus Technologies [see review:] is specifically a Dallas-based company that has served over 3,000 agencies that deal with public safety, law enforcement, as well as corrections. To be more specific, this company is committed to serve and to protect over 1,200,000 inmates all across the United States. Securus Technologies has demonstrated their commitment to serve through the company’s emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management in addition to several other top-quality services provided. Overall, this company has now made the world a safer and better place to live. Securus, above all is dedicated to connecting the inmates across North America to the loved ones at home. At Securus it is the belief that the crimes of the inmate should not also directly punish the loved one.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas as a company that is firmly dedicated to offering technological efficiency as well as solutions to make the world a better place. With all the good that this company has been accomplishing, every year it is estimated by PR Newswire that there is around $19 million that is reinvested into the company. To make sure that this company offers the best possible services, this company even has field members who are placed near each and every location to wear the facilities are. With over 30 years of experience in connecting families together, Securus Technologies has vowed to continue to uphold the company’s values of integrity, leadership, as well as excellence. The company hopes to continue to expand even more over the next few years.