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GreenSky Credit Introduces Alternative Approaches to Credit Financing

One of the main aspects that have led to the great success of GreenSky Credit is the ease of embracing new technology. The organization is one of the few companies in the finance industry that have embraced technology in their operations to enhance efficiency. What distinguishes GreenSky Credit from the other organizations is the purpose for which it has adopted the technological advances. Most of the organizations introduce technology in their operations to ensure that their staff members are not loaded with work. In others, the management teams have the intention to cut cost, and hence they opt technological advancement so that they can reduce the number of employees that they need to hire to do a certain level of work.

Main approach:

However, GreenSky Credit has a customer-oriented approach to technology improvements. The main objective of the organization, under the management of David Zalik who is the CEO of the company, is to enhance the convenience at which the customers receive their services. For instance, being a lending firm, GreenSky Credit has developed a platform that is geared towards ensuring that the customers receive their credit services efficiently and smoothly. This platform has been designed in such a manner that the clients who need credit assistance are not required to travel to the company’s premises to borrow funds. Sitting in their homes and logging into the company’s website is enough to initiate and complete the application of the loan, and in the next minute expect the funds to trickle into their bank accounts.

Alternative approaches:

The approach which GreenSky Credit is using to lend the borrowers is also different from the ordinary lending firms. Being a large and stable organization, GreenSky lends the small lending companies which in turn lends their customers at a rate that will guarantee a significant percentage commission to the company. In this way, GreenSky can reduce its exposure to credit risk by transferring it to the small creditors and the lenders. Another approach used by GreenSky Credit is by the use of merchants and contractors as middlemen. This way, customers of these middlemen can access their services on credit while GreenSky acts as their guarantor. This comes with a commission to the company.



Talk Fusion: Making Exceptional Moves in the Communication Business

Talk Fusion has been a necessary tool for most businesses since its arrival in 2007. The goal is to ensure that business thrives in the competitive business world through increased profits and sales. They turn around the marketing strategy in a company and help them to make more memorable scenes through videos. Since its arrival, it has become spread and highly embraced in over 140 countries. It has unleashed another feature by adding an app for video chat. This app has introduced excellent features as well as functions that are outstanding in the market world. It is possible to get the app through a simple download on the devices from Google Play Store and iTunes. For iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches, it allows one to install them and enjoy the features effectively. For users of Android versions, it may require having a newer version of the operating system for easy navigation and compatibility.


One of the exciting and leading product in Talk Fusion is video email. An excellent app enables businesses to link up with their contacts very quickly. The users are allowed to send some email messages to their clients and sometimes to make it personalized. The video email adds a lot of value where one can personalize the messages to fit the recipients. It makes it easy to talk to the vendors, customers, and other team members. Videos can be recorded live or uploaded from the previous videos. One can display the features and names to fit in with the message that you send.


Talk Fusion is a business specialized in video communication. It is committed to producing social networking, broadcasting products, and video conferencing. Videos are very vital when it comes to boosting the online experience. It brings a new network with their customers and new friend and partners in the business. Bob Reina who also serves as the chief executive officer founded Talk Fusion. He has vast expertise in network marketing and has been able to apply this to the company for better services. Today the company leads in video marketing solutions. The company is honestly dedicated to supporting the community through charities. Learn more: