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Slyce’s Newest Improvements To AI Visual Search Technology

Shopping Online Just Got Easier

Online shopping has always been a way of getting freedom out of your life by not going to stores, not finding parking, avoiding sales people and avoiding those long lines in the malls. It is especially helpful in shopping around the holidays because consumers can find exactly what they want without the hassle of going to get it. The products are shipped to their homes, or in the case of the holidays, the gifts can be shipped to the recipient. Some companies even offer gift wrapping for around the holidays. The convenience of online shopping just got easier with the introduction of visual search technology.

This sophisticated and innovative techonology is being used by most of the major online brands and developers, but Slyce has a cutting edge version of the technology that offers something that its competitors do not have available. Amazon has tried to implement their app for consumers to make have an easier shopping experience. Google has its own version of AI visual search. Pinterest has an interesting take on the visual search technology that allows its users to click on things in pictures to buy them. This information was originally reported by MIT Technology Review, which reports a long list of competition in the visual search industry.

Slyce Makes Waves In Visual Search Industry

Slyce has its own spin on the image recognition technology that is creative and continues to change. They have made some serious changes to their platform that are to ensure that the user gets the search results that they desire. The AI technology always assists the user in their search, but Slyce has the added element of a real live customer service department to assist users in the quest for the right product.

The team at Slyce has also added a great new feature to help consumers who are searching for products that may be hard to find. When an item is out of stock, consumers are used to seeing that information on their screen. However, Slyce has a new feature called Slyce Link that is designed to help users who are in these situations find similar products. Slyce has made the shopping experience easier, simpler and less frustrating for consumers and retailers alike.