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Leveling the Quality Education Field With Rocketship Education

Sometimes circumstances in life can make it harder than it should be to find a child a quality education. This especially rings true in lower income areas, where less money tends to be invested in the schools themselves. This leads to the students not receiving the kind of education they deserve which in turn leads to low test scores and worse overall performance in school work.

Every child deserves the chance to bloom in their education, providing the opportunity to excel and move onto higher education and career options that can break their families out of the poverty cycle. This is the goal of Rocketship Education charter schools. Started as a plan by Father Mateo Sheedy to improve education options in the San Jose California area, where he had found none of the children in his parish met the qualifications to attend any top-tier university at the time. After his passing, the idea was brought to fruition by two of his parishioners, John Danner and Preston Smith. Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary was opened to vastly improved academic results. The demand led to more schools opening in the Bay Area. The schools have reached out further to now two in Nashville, TN, and one in Milwaukee, WI and Washington DC.

Rocketship Education believes that by building high-quality schools with a focus on innovation we can eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime. Through techniques like blended learning, which uses techniques from tutors, in class learning, online learning and working closely with peers, personalizes each child’s education to strengthen what works best for each one. The model encourages parents to become advocates for their child’s education, empowering the entire family to help the child get a great education. Using both cutting edge instructional techniques combined with technology, each student is given the chance to grow their education to help ensure they have the same shot at a better future as everyone else. With a high demand for quality education, Rocketship Education will continue to fill its promises and grow even further to reach each student looking for a high-quality education.