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Securus Technologies Helping Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a company that provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions for corrections, public safety, investigations and monitoring institutions. Recently, Securus published a number of facility customer comments talking about using secures technology to solve and curb crimes which also include inmate-inmate crimes with most of them coming from officials.


Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies said that averagely once a week the company develops a unique product or service that will benefit law enforcement and corrections officials as it simplifies their work to prevent crimes. Richard added that the company receives thousands of letters and emails primarily about the help the company offers to keep the society safe. Securus Technologies works tirelessly to provide the community with security mechanisms and because building safety is part of its DNA.


Some of the selected facility customer comments included, one was about an official who was letting Securus know of the assistance offered when they used the information from the phone calls to attain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member who was then arrested. Another comment was an official also who monitored calls that contained information about inmate alcohol use and drugs selling in the institution. The conversation also included threats, suspicious discussions regarding money being transferred and a past occurrence of shots being fired. This information would not have been figured out, thanks to Securus Technologies.


client had written an appreciation comment in that for over ten years their correction facility has been relying on technology solutions offered by Securus which has been encouraging in improving public safety. Investigations have been simplified for officials with Securus Technologies. I think Securus will help reduce crimes in the society significantly because it not only provides services for investigation but also influences the community to avoid crimes. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is serving over 3,450 facilities towards guaranteeing safety.


Securus Technologies is used daily in our prison to solve and prevent crime

As a corrections officer for the past 16 years I have worked directly with Securus Technologies. We use their product and services on a daily basis, whether its managing detainee communications in our facility, or tracking parolees as they reenter society. The prison I work for is just 1 of over 2,600 correctional facilities Securus provides services for. Securus strives to meet the special needs of corrections officers and the law enforcement community. They are constantly developing new technologies to aid in the solving and prevention of crime.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, as well as 4 regional offices. I have found their customer service team is extremely responsive to any issues our facility has. Our facility benefits daily from their products whether from gathering Intel as we listen in on inmate conversations, to tracking down corrupt employees. Securus has provided us the tools we need to run our correctional facility in the most efficient way possible, while also keeping safety a priority. Securus Technologies are used in over 45 states, as well as in Mexico, and Canada, and oversee over 1 million inmates. They are a leader in the corrections community for a reason, and there track record speaks for itself.


Loyalty and Proud Service Provider

Securus Technologies is a powerful and customer driven information technology corporation that is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company was recently received a high accreditation score from the Better Business Bureau of an A+, categorizing it as an elite company that is able to go far beyond what normal companies can develop in to. When asked about the honored positions, Senior Vice President of Securus Operations, Danny de Hoya, stated that he owes the working relationship between the Better Business Bureau and Securus for assisting them in reaching their goals to be a customer loyal business front.


Securus technologies has provided its customers with reliable services and products for years, focusing primarily on the incarcerated individuals found within the United States penal system as their main target for a customer base. These inmates are currently residing within a very isolated area, making it difficult for them to communicate openly with their loved ones and family members and leaving them with the massive burden of having to travel long distances for visitation rights. In order to try and bypass these issues Securus has developed a free to download application for both Android and Apple devices that acts as a video chat program that they can use to speak with one another no matter what their location may be.


The products that Securus provides sets it apart from other information technology companies as a reliable and dedicated groups of professionals who are loyal to their customers and want to provide the best for them. In order to meet these demands they have gone through insurmountable odds, and have produced not only excellent products but incredibly happy and satisfied customers as a result.