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OSI Industries from a humble beginning

OSI Industries is a world leading food provider that has grown rapidly due to unique and perfect customer relation, timely realization and implementation of development opportunities and technological inventions. The company was started as a butcher shop by an immigrant from Germany who saw an opportunity to provide his race with meat which later became a food processing industry. Otto Kolschowsky took note of the increased population and flourishing city and found himself a strategic point to put up his butcher shop at an entry point for new immigrants. As more people kept coming in, the demand for his products increased which saw the butcher shop become expanded into a wholesale shop. The business got to a point where it was renamed to Otto & Sons making it a family business which would continually stabilize irrespective of its size. OSI Industries underwent a lot of changes before becoming known worldwide. For it to make it and survive in the food industry, the Otto brothers found it necessary to find partners especially with the demand of their products. Therefore, they got into their first partnership with another family business; the McDonalds and they were to supply the latter’s fresh ground beef.

The changes that had transpired for over 75 years is what facilitated the change of name from Otto & Sons to OSI Industries in the year 1975. Having embraced technology in running the business, it became more popular in the market as it transitioned from a butcher shop to a food processing industry. With time, it started expanding from where it was incepted which saw an expansion in the market and demand for more variety of their products. Expanding to other states was not easy for OSI Industries and therefore they had to seek external intervention which saw Sheldon Lavin become the chairman and CEO of the company in the 1980s. With his experience and expertise, Lavin contributed massively to the growth of the company to the extent of appearing in the Forbes list as one of the largest private companies and ranked number 58 with a sale of $6.1 billion. Having come from a humble beginning, OSI Industries has made a huge stride towards achieving their current position, and they have done a recommendable job to maintain it irrespective of the challenges involved. Being regarded as a global leading food provider is owned with pride by Sheldon Lavin who later took over ownership of the company.

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