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A Look into Oncotarget Online Journal

Oncotarget is a traditional medical journal established in 2010. It deals in publishing papers online covering all the areas of oncology and beyond. This eliminates borders between specialties and links various biomedical science fields. It accepts papers on topics related to Metabolism, Cardiology, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, all areas of Pharmacology among others. Oncotarget is affiliated with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and adheres to its principles.They do publication of their issues or papers on a weekly basis, which is a move that aims at catering for the rising importance, volume, impact, and quality of their issues and papers. They can, however, print paper or an issue on a special case. It offers free access to those papers.

Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blasklonny of Roswell Park Center Institute are the chief editors of this medical journal. The journal’s punctuality, insightfulness, being constructive and multiple peer review has contributed to its growth. It greatly helps authors in increasing the impact of their research.

The journal offers fast way of distributing valuable information relating to scientific matters through inclusion of papers that are accepted to final copy of paginated issues. The papers are in their permanent structure released to PubMed. Making scientific results widely accessible and in a fast way is their prime mission. Oncotarget will increase the effect of various researches done through insightful review process. It also allows sharing of extraordinary discoveries in a faster way. This journal supports applying the basics of clinical science in fighting diseases.

Their primary goal is having a life free of diseases. Oncotarget is privileged to have prominent scientists on board who assist a researcher in contributing to the growth of science.The effect of Management programs and new medical agents and standards on the patient’s perspectives is another focus for this journal. Such concentrations include life quality, fulfillment, and adherence.

It investigates evidence behind new and previous therapies about boosting results. This journal has gained popularity among scientists carrying out cancer research because of its high impact factor of 5.168, with the highest it has ever reached being 6.636. It is also the holds the record of the highest impact factor among other journals from MEDLINE.