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The Finest Foods in the Area Might Come as a Surprise

Fine dining has been featured quite heavily in the news. The modern culture has been experiencing a dramatic culture clash in the past decade or so. Fast food culture had been one of the predominant forces in the world as a whole. But over time it’s become quite apparent just how unhealthy that can be. People have noticed, and been eager for news to inform their choices in meals. But this trend isn’t just limited to people. A recent story in the Daily Herald offers up some hope for dog owners who want to extend things to their furry friends.
The story focuses on a new twitter trend in healthy dog foods. One of the most notable aspects of this is the fact that it’s not just about providing fresh ingredients in the dog food. This is obviously an important part of any kind of healthy eating. But the story showcased the fact that these new types of high quality dog food are as much about taste as they are about quality of the food. Part of the article features a dog food executive who happily takes a bite of his chicken and turkey blend. His exclamation of how it tastes just like thanksgiving really sets the tone of what’s to follow.

But this view of dog food isn’t something that’s new to the world. There’s been a few examples of dog food which has upheld a higher standard since the very beginning. One of the most prominent examples is a high quality dog food brand called Beneful. They’ve long held to a philosophy which insists on only the finest ingredients. It’s something that anyone who’s bought the dog food before can attest to. Most dog food tends to look fairly similar to every other brand. But has always had a very unique look. And the reason for it is plain to see.

Beneful’s dry dog food ( uses ingredients so fresh that it’s always obvious what’s going into it. When one looks on the package and sees the flavor, it’s easy to see where it comes from. The chicken flavored food will taste that way because there’s chunks of real chicken in it. The beef flavor comes from real beef. And most of the flavors also have lots of healthy and juicy vegetables as well. It’s food that’d be healthy and delicious no matter what the audience.  It’s products are available nationwide on Wal-Mart groceries. But dogs are always happy to find that it’s intended to go onto their plate.