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Rocketship Education: A Stellar Educational Program

Designing quality education programs is a trying endeavor. Many charter schools have experimented with different methods but it seems that Rocketship Education has found the key. This pioneering charter school program was established in 2006. The nonprofit has grown to manage 20 schools spread among 3 different states as well as the District of Columbia. They are motivated by a power belief in the ability of every child to excel. Their mission is to eliminate the achievement gap in Lowe income communities within our life time. Such a daunting task requires the development of a program that has stability and simplicity on its side. The secret to student’s success is simpler than many dared imagining. Rocketship Education has found a way to tap into parent power. This term refers to the dramatic role parents can play in their child’s education. With involved parents prioritizing and advocating their child’s success children are better able to learn and build the foundation essential to a successful life. Rocketship education begins involving parents by making instructors required to meet with them at least once in their homes. Many parents feel that this personal touch shows a dedication on the part of the instructor to remain accessible. It also facilitated an understanding between parents, instructors, and students. This relationship is essential for supporting the child’s studies as well as teaching parents how they can best help their child succeed. Rocketship Education also takes on a more direct role with the community. When flooding hit San Jose students and their families were threatened with prolonged instability. Their problems seemed to only begin as the flood waters receded. Many struggled with purchasing replacements for the most basic of necessities. Additionally, they were threatened with prolonged homelessness as they struggled to find the funds for deposits on replacement housing or insurance deposits. The school knowing how this disaster could rob students of the peace of mind required to learn comfortably began to act. They quickly raised over $60,000 through a partnership formed with local charities. These funds were essential to helping families get back on their feet and students back to learning.

How Rocketship Education Rose To Success In America

Rocketship Education is one of the most popular, sought-after public schools in America. Thanks to its leadership team, its innovation, and good decision-making abilities, Rocketship has quickly become one of the best K-5 schools in the nation, having been founded just ten years ago, in 2007.

Giving Back To Commmunities

Schools should support local communities, as they often serve local families’ children. Earlier this year, Rocketship Education raised a respectable $62,000 for disaster relief across the nation. It gave back to families in the San Francisco Bay Area that had recently experienced fires that destroyed their homes, leaving money-earners homeless, with no means of earning for their families.

Interviews With The Help Of Parents

Ever since the advent of Rocketship Education, administrators have asked parents to play a role in interviews. Panel-style interviews, including as many as seven parents per interview session, were conducted with the help of parents. It’s true that parents tend to know more about the needs of students – their own children – then school administrators do, making their input highly valuable.

Be Caring To Students’ Family Members

Outside of raising donations for students’ families, Rocketship Education has also given back to the community by providing arrest-free zones for students having parents that immigrated to the United States illegally, without formal permission. Few schools offer this liberty, meaning the proverbial world to parents, and, by extension, their children.

What Is Rocketship Education?

Rocketship Education has eighteen schools across the United States of America, ranging anywhere from one to ten years of tenure per location.

The schools were created by a handful of executives experienced in the field of education, including founder Preston Smith. Smith had taught elementary school in the San Jose area for several years prior to moving onto Rocketship Education.

Public charter institutions like Rocketship Education are able to get funding from a variety of sources, including individual investors and private groups of them. RSED, as it’s shortened to, offers top-notch educational experiences to low-income families across the nation, one of the few to do such.