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Exploring The Benefits Of Comparative Law To Developing Modern Governance Systems


Since the ancient times, communities have been using governance methods to deal with their problems. Every challenge that is presented before a community calls for creative and useful processes that can not only deal with the problem, but also guarantee peace and stability in the future. This is what laws are meant to offer and the reason every government wants to have a perfect constitution is to ensure their progress is not derailed. A constitution is a set of laws that define actions and offer direction on various matters.


Developing a constitution is a process that takes time and resources to accomplish. Experts have to ensure the suggestions they bring to the table are polished enough to guarantee perfect laws and to deal with pressing challenges the society faces from time to time. Considering the importance of a constitution and how it can be used to support growth, many experts opt for comparative law so they can have laws that are focused and designed to provide a lasting solution to the problems the community encounters.  Hop over this page.


Comparative law is a specialty in law that has been around since the early 18th century, when European scholars toured several places across Europe with the aim of getting information about the laws that were used by different communities. In this pursuit, they were able to come across various types of laws and systems they could borrow to install in their regions. Today, comparative law is a vital part of the constitutional development process and has been supporting the development of laws that are modern and designed to cater for the needs of the community.  Based on


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a law professor recognized internationally for his support for comparative law and methods of governance that are focused on delivering positive results and offering insight into the growth of better systems of governance. He has been working on research projects that seek to bring solutions to the world to ensure conflicts are resolved seamlessly and the community affected offered lasting solutions.


Through research, Sujit Choudhry helped many countries to conduct peaceful transition processes after elections and he has remained a vital consultant on matters constitutional development. Several countries among them Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa benefitted from his support as a comparative law consultant and expert. He provided guidelines and information that allowed these nations to progress seamlessly and to install working systems.

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