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George Soros Prepares For The Battle Ahead

Everything Is At Stake
The losses that progressives faced in 2016 have put much the progress made in this decade at risk. In America, the victory of Donald Trump and the successful retention of Congress has given Republicans control over the federal government for the time being. In Europe, the Brexit campaign on Investopedia has succeeded and right leaning conservative politicians are gaining momentum. The Left is going to have a battle ahead and George Soros plans to do everything he can to support them.

How Things Got To This Point
Like many others Soros wonders exactly how things got to the point that they are now. He believes the blame lies solely on the modern outlook of globalization. So many people feel that globalization has not benefited them and is actually causing harm to them. These voters according to Politico are doing everything they can to fight back and figures like Donald Trump give a voice to their grievances. For the Left to recover the Left is going t have to find a way to redistribute wealth into the hands of the working class.

What Soros Plans To Do
At the center of George Soros’ plan is to gather the Left together and find a way to stand up to Donald Trump. Trump has run on an agenda that explicitly fights against globalization. George Soros is a strong supporter of free trade and naturally he wants to do everything he can to fight against it. Unfortunately for Soros conservatives have firm control over the federal government of the United States. There is likely little that the Left can do in the short term to fight Donald Trump or anything on his agenda. However, long term plans might give hope.

The Hope Of Recovery
While things don’t seem very good for the Left Soros is hopeful that things can be turned around. He does believe that dark times are ahead of progressives as mentioned by Trump and other right wing politicians of the West are going to have the ability to serious change the way things operate in politics. If the Left can endure they may have chance to take back power.

About George Soros
George Soros is a philanthropist with a strong focus on efforts to improve global commerce. He has seen the benefits of this for himself and he wants to do everything that he can to encourage it. As a hedge fund manager George Soros has managed to make himself one of the wealthiest people on planet Earth. His fortune as of 2016 was worth more than $25 billion. Beyond his efforts to make the world a better place he is known for his accurate market predictions and solid investment advice.

Thor Halvorssen Turns the Tables at Fox News

Thor Halvorssen is an enigma. A Fox News commentator wanted to use Halvorssen to deliver a hatchet job on the campaign of Bernie Sanders and his followers. Halvorssen is a human rights advocate, born in Venezuela to a connected family, and when Hugo Chavez, a socialist, was president his father was imprisoned as a political prisoner and his mother was shot while peacefully protesting against Chavez’s socialist government. The younger Halvorssen has criticized Chavez’s regime, and has spoken harshly about the socialist revolutionary, Che Guevera, as well. Fox News thought they had found the hatchet, now it was time for the attack job on Bernie. Halvorssen, well dressed in coat and tie and meticulously groomed, made his appearance on the show and seemed confident, polished, a handsome 40 year old philanthropist about to destroy the career of a socialist leaning politician, Bernie Sanders. But a big surprise was in store for the interviewer when Halvorssen said that socialism can effectively co-exist in a democratic country. Thor Halvorssen should know as he spends part of the year in socialist Norway. He went on to criticize politicians who accept money from dictators, and made Hillary Clinton the brunt of his attack, which is, always, good news for Fox News. He then totally confused the interviewer by stating that he had given the Sander’s campaign the largest campaign contribution allowable by law. This was not the hatchet job that the interviewer was expecting. Kudos to the free thinking Halvorssen, who up until this Fox interview had seemed an enigma to many Americans. The interviewer, who had horribly failed at her hatchet job, cut the interview short, and the viewers were deprived of hearing any more of the views of this intelligent, no longer enigmatic philanthropist. See the entire interview here: