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Lifeline Screening Prevents Prevalence Of Diseases With Their Services

Lifeline Screening has helped many people prevent the prevalence of life-threatening diseases. Patients have signed up for this medical procedure by going for interviews at the clinics owned by Lifeline Screening. Before undergoing any screenings, patients fill information regarding their health status in papers that are filed by the consultants. During this exercise, they get to estimate the amount of money that the screenings would cost.

According to, Lifeline Screening has a set of rules that must be adhered to. The rules instruct their patients to dress in a certain way to the advantage of the specialists that handle them. They are instructed not to wear any makeup and go without food for at least 12 hours prior to the screenings. It is also mandatory that they wear loose fitting shoes and clothes. Shoes should be comfortable and most preferably open shoes and sandals. Women are advised not to wear jewelery and watches. Generally all patients should not wear any perfumes or colognes while going for their screenings. The type of clothing should expose their arms and necks for the ease of performing the tests.

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After being checked at the information desks, the patients are then directed to the screening rooms where various tests are performed. Tests such as blood screening, bone density screening, fat screening, carotid artery screening and examination of other peripheral arteries form the basis of the screenings. These tests help in determining the rate of blood flow to single out the chances involved in contracting cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. Blood screenings and examinations also help in detecting fat level in the body. This also provides an opportunity to test the bilirubin levels in the blood.

After all the tests have been done, patients are taken out of the screening rooms into the waiting area. Lifeline Screening has an efficient technological laboratory where the results are analyzed within a short period of time. Patients are cancelled to be positive about the results that they receive. If results for some diseases come out positive, the patients get enrolled for medical treatment and support groups that offer guidance and counseling. Diseases that provide negative results give the patients a chance to live better and improve their lifestyles. Lifeline Screening benefits customers with excellent decisions about their health.

Lifeline Screening has gained so much popularity due to the services it provides. The patients they have served have also appreciated the health benefits that the company has presented them with.

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