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A 7-day Trial of Wen Cleansing Conditioner

The WEN cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean promises stronger, shinier, healthier hair, not only by repairing the damage caused by traditional lathering shampoos, but by replacing a typical regiment of daily abrasive sulfates with a gentle five-in-one cleanser. The ever popular television ads show women with glamorous movie-star hair after only a single use of this softer, spectacular product.’s Emily McClure, fashion-beauty blogger and salon stylist, puts the Wen cleansing conditioner to the test in her own 7-day trial.
You can read her full article and view her week in photos here.

Just as the infomercials and reviews assured, results were apparent upon the first use. By Day 1, McClure enjoyed hair that appeared “more shiny and bouncy”. She likewise noticed that strands of hair were not falling out as she showered, further adding to Wen’s claim of not stripping and damaging hair the way typical lathering suds often do. Following each use of the cleansing conditioner, her hair remained noticeably healthy with a luster that is visible throughout her facebook photos.

In the end McClure notes, somewhat vexedly, that Chaz Dean’s Wen is better suited for those that shower and style their hair in the morning. She herself prefers to wash her hair in the evening, but noticed early on that her hair would be oily by the following day. The effects of this conditioner/detangler/shampoo are dazzling, but tend to wear off fairly quickly. All in all, while Wen will not be replacing her daily shampoo, she is happy to keep a bottle handy. When the time for beautiful, runway-worthy locks is required, she will just set the alarm clock just a tad earlier than usual. For more info, see