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Abelow Starts GoFundMe To Aid Strays

Prominent New York lawyer Ross Abelow has recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for homeless animals. The goal of the campaign is to earn $5,000 to donate to New York City animal shelters to help with support of the animals. The campaign began on January 13, 2016 when the city suffered record cold temperatures, putting stray animals at risk for death from the extreme temperatures.

The campaign is hoping to meet, or better yet, exceed it’s financial goal and donate funds to help cover animal care like medical needs, vaccines, blankets, food, and more. Most local area shelters have been unable to continue to take in animals because they lack the funding to provide necessities.

With the help of the community and funding, it is hoped that not only can the animals in these shelters be better cared for, but that each location can take in more animals and save more strays from succumbing to the elements and lack of medical treatment on the streets.

Abelow is heading the campaign as part of his community involvement. He is known as one of the top lawyers at Abelow & Cassandro LLP where he focuses on commercial litigation, family, and entertainment law. His main focus is reviewing wills and legal career contracts for people in his area. He is also an active writer for both legal blogs and his own personal blog. He is incredibly active on social media sites like Mashable and Facebook, and this networking could very well help in raising funds for a social media campaign.

Abelow received his degrees from both State University of New York at Albany, B.A. and Brooklyn Law School, J.D. He is currently registered to practice in the State of New York. He has been registered and practiced law since 1990.