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Graeme Holm offering his financial input to people with the help of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm who is the MPA Top 100 broker together with Rebecca Walker who is his partner took six months so that to come up with a business plan that was innovative, in the project the one thing that is included in the Australian mortgage market is all the problems. During the research what was concluded by the two is that the families in Australian lacked support, ongoing services, and guidance. In the cases that they researched on Graeme Holm, thought that the families did not get a fair deal from the financial institutions. That’s what lead Holm to decide that he was going to change the situation by making good use of Infinity Group Australia, using the personal concept that he had in finance.

The services that someone should expect from Infinity Group Australia are things like debt reduction, property investment, retirement strategies and wealth creation. There are different from other institutes in that they will ensure that the clients will get the support that they need, guide them all through and make sure that in their finances they will have nothing but success. The result that clients have received the once that have made good use of Infinity Group Australia is that in 12 months they were able to eliminate an average of $41,000. By the use of Infinity Group Australia, the clients did not take the 12 months to pay back the home loans it only took them three months. The services that Infinity Group Australia will offer the customers will be different from start to finish from that of a traditional broker. The will look deep into a customer’s life so that to provide the services like they will check the household’s expenses and then come up with a list that will have what the family needs and wants.

Graeme Holm offers his services to Infinity Group Australia as the director of the company; they have different branches that are located in Brisbane, Cronulla, Port Macquarie and Bella Vista. For the past 17 years, Holm has been offering his services in the financial sector, spending ten years of his career life at Big Four. In his time at the company that’s when he noticed that for many people they lived on a paycheck to paycheck and the only loan payment that they would be able to make was just minimal. With the help of the passion he had in the finance world and desire of being able to offer the Australian family with the best, he decided that he would start something and he came up with infinity Group Australian.

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Why Discipline Is Important for Financial Fitness

Looking to achieve financial freedom? The first step towards achieving your financial fitness goals is educating yourself. Think about physical fitness. You would need to educate yourself about different diet plans and exercise workouts, or else you would not have any basis for creating any kind of plan. The same goes for financial fitness. If you want to achieve it, you have to learn the basics of budgeting. You have to learn about why you need to set up an emergency savings account and what the recommended amount of savings is. You have to learn about investing for retirement and so on. The best way to learn about all these things is to have a dedicated coach to help you out. A dedicated coach will be able to teach you the exact things that you need to know without having to bore yourself with information overload.


If you want to achieve your goals, you have to start treating financial fitness in the same way that you would treat physical fitness. This starts with making sure that you have a workout buddy. Again, the best workout buddy is not one of your friends who may not keep you accountable. The best workout buddy is a coach who is trained and knows exactly how to keep you accountable.


You also have to learn the art of discipline and delayed gratification. When you go to the gym, you do not immediately lose fifty pounds. However, if you go to the gym every day for a year, you may lose a lot more than fifty pounds. The same goes for financial fitness. If you put aside a little money from your paycheck each week for retirement, you may not see a big difference after the first week or two. If, however, you put aside money for retirement every week for a few years, after a few years you will have a large sum of money in your account. Add to that the concept of compound interest and you get a recipe for success.


The Infinity Group Australia reviews that can be found online are great examples of how a coach can guide you towards financial success. Many people who were in the dumps financially were able to get out of their situations by talking with a coach from Infinity Group Australia. They have a proven process for getting you out of debt, improving your financial situation, teaching you how to budget, creating wealth, and helping you prepare for retirement. The truth is that their plans are tailored to each person’s individual situation so you don’t have to worry about the plan not being right for you or not being good for your situation. Learn more: