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The inspiring Journey to Greatness of Entrepreneur Brian Bonar

Currently living in the U.S., entrepreneur Brian Bonar is one of the recognized financial experts. He has stamped his authority in the financial services sector. His unprecedented expertise and experience stem from his decades of holding management posts in top financial institutions and companies.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has keen interests in helping other ambitious financial executives to make strides in the ever-expanding and competitive finance sector. He holds senior executive positions at both Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept.

Awards and recognitions

Since Brian Bonar became an esteemed leader in the financial world, he has been adding prestigious accolades in his cabinet almost every year. For instance, in 2010, he appeared on the Who’s Who annual list by Cambridge and won the Executive of the Year in Finance Accolade.

The selection committee meets annually to select two women and two men for the Executive of the Year Award, based on academic credentials, leadership abilities, achievements, and professional accomplishments.

How did Bonar promote the growth of Dalrada Financial Group?

Brian Bonar has combined his wealth of experience in operations leadership and knowledge in financial principles to drive Dalrada Financial Group to its current position in the financial sector. He has guided Dalrada into a respected financial firm in the arena of finance.

He has guided a large pool of clients in protecting their assets and efficiently managing their finances. The drastic expansion of the firm and its ceaseless commitment to offering business with leading-edge aftermarket products expresses the passion and personal discipline that Bonar has demonstrated in his entire career.

What is Dalrada Financial Group?

Dalrada Financial Group is a respected market leader when it comes to providing employee programs to distinct businesses globally. The objective of this financial service powerhouse is to optimize business efficiency. The firm has enjoyed unprecedented profits from customizing services, ranging from business process outsourcing, insurance, to finance, which solves the challenges that clients face.

Academic Qualifications of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been keen on improving his problem-solving skills. He has strived to dive deeper into the academic world. Bonar did his first undergraduate degree at the Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde. Then, he moved to the UK and enrolled at Stafford University where he did his postgraduate and completed his doctorate studies.

Career at Dalrada Financial Group

Brian Bonar had a successful career at Dalrada. He acted as the VP in charge of marketing and sales for few months, before rising to the executive vice president position. Between 1995 and 1997, Bonar was making critical investment and growth decisions as the director of Dalrada.

In 1998, he assumed the CEO position of Dalrada. A year later, the firm appointed Bonar as the chair of its executive board.