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Duda Melzer And His Leadership At RBS Group

There are quite a few people who will come to RBS Group to purchase their telecommunications products, and this article explains how the company helps people in Brazil use better technology. Someone who wishes to use RBS Group will find that Duda Melzer has his own vision for the company, and they will see change in the offerings the company gives. Check out Odiario to know more.

#1: The Size Of The Company

The company has grown quite a lot over the years because they have kept the company in their family. They know that they may trust that the company will built many times over if it is managed well, and there are many more people who need RBS Group now than they did in the past. Someone who wishes to shop with this company or find a job will discover what they need pretty quickly.

#2: The Company Mission

There is a growing middle class in Brazil that needs the services of RBS Group, and they will use the company to get what they need for themselves and their own businesses. This is an important part of the company because it helps them expand, and it shows that the Brazilian market is growing more than any other. Someone who has real concerns about how they will find their technology products will be pleased to use RBS Group to get everything they need.

Duda Melzer wishes to ensure that all the people of Brazil may purchase the services they need when they need them. They may contact the company at any time to start an account, and they will find that they may use their phone and Internet to change their lives. Everything they do will be much faster and more accessible because of the work that Duda Melzer has done as the new CEO of RBS Group. Visit

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Responding to Negative Reviews

Businesses need to create a professional and positive image for their customers. The customers need to view the company as a reputable place to get quality products or services in a timely fashion. There are management firms like founded specifically to help other companies and people to control their online reputations. In a world that revolves around online interactions, these reputation management firms bring businesses and customers together to create a needed image of positive professionalism.

Businesses are not the only ones that use these reputation management firms. There are many organizations, and people that are consistently in the public eye, that rely on these firms to manage their reputations in the online world. Politicians, for example, will have teams of people in a firm readily available to help put out fires and keep their client’s image intact. Tools are made available to clients that allow them to track mentions of their name or brand online, but an individual could do these searches themselves if the company is on a tight budget.

Negative reputation sources, such as a scathing review by a disgruntled customer or bad ‘insider’ information from an employee that had been fired, need to be handled immaterially. The company should respond to the customer’s review and assure them that this experience was a mishap. The company is willing and capable of making up for those negative experiences. This will show both the customer, and other potential customers, that the company cares. They want the best experience for the customer when dealing with their product or service.

Of course, reactive management is not the only way to keep an image positive in the online world. The organization will need to be proactive with social media to create an online brand that fits well with their product while being interactive with their customer base. This can be done by posting updates about new products, improvements being made, and uplifting stories about a customer’s experience with the product. Customers that come across their social media will be more inclined to enjoy their time shopping if they know the company values them as people.


Darius Fisher Discusses Effective Employee Retention

Businesses should not let their employees jump ship. Employees leaving for a competitor is a problem. Employees who quit without another job lined up because they hate their working conditions reflects an even worse scenario. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, wrote an interesting article for Forbes about employee retention and turnover. The article provides both advice and warnings to managers who do not take the duty of keeping employees from quitting seriously.

Losing employees goes hand-in-hand with losing money. There are costs associated with hiring and training employees. This is to say nothing of the down time associated with vacancies in the office. Darius Fisher provides some basic advice for reducing the chances of employees departing.

Fisher suggests office managers should do everything from schedule “fun day” events to paying for employees’ lunches once a week to throwing birthday parties for workers. Little things do have big effects. They help employees feel special which, in turn, makes them want to stay put in a job.

Darius Fisher put an enormous amount of time and energy into making sure Status Labs is a great place for employees to work. Everything from allowing employees to bring pets to work with them to increasing the compensation options have instituted to ensure employees feel thrilled about the time they spend working for the company. This, in turn, increases the desire on the part of the employees to work their hardest for the clients the company represents. While Fisher’s copywriting background does fuel much of his business success, so does his human resources acumen.

Status Labs focuses on reputation management and digital marketing, two disciplines Fisher has great experience with. Fisher’s work for the company is consistently acclaimed. He has been asked to speak at prestigious industry events and is frequently the subject of interviews with top websites.

Fisher’s experience in running the company has led him to understand certain facts about employee retention. He is a huge proponent of effective internal communications and recognizing good work and extra effort. Following his tips would make good sense. Follow Darius on Facebook to keep up with more of his news and events.

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