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The Jackpot of easy purchases- PSI- Pay

Aside from Google Wallet, Android Pay and Apple Pay, PSI-Pay is leading the way as the hottest new way to make contactless purchases. Contactless payments have been on the market for over 10 years and counting. Allowing consumers a much easier and convenient way to make digital virtual purchases. It is sure to dominate the market. Established in 2007, PSI-Pay is leading the way with networks in over 44 currencies across 173 countries. PSI- Pay is FCA licensed under the European Union money regulations. This will allow companies and consumers to cover transactions all over the UK and abroad. Recently PSI-Pay linked with leading innovator company Kerv. UK millennials along with the over 60 crowds are mostly attracted to the contactless payments. Using them in coffee shops, sandwich chains and even public transportation. Even the churches in UK have adapted to the new trend. Setting up collection terminals. The process is said to be a more streamlined way to make purchases and transactions. The UK is in line to be a cashless society like Sweden already is.


Together PSI-Pay and Kerv will push the contactless payment rings on the market for sale. The rings will be available in 12 different sizes a variety of colors, and will be available for both male and female. The payment rings will be able to withstand water and scratches. As exciting as contactless payments may sound, some consumers and or business may be worried of payments or transactions not fully secured at checkout, and cannot fully protect consumers or businesses. While in some cases this is true, Kerv and PSI Pay have taken the needed steps to secure transactions with the contactless ring. You are able to turn the ring on and off after and before each transaction. There is also a banking app available that you can download on your smart phone to check recent transactions. You are also limited to certain purchases and transactions. Depending on your bank and country. Kerv new contactless rings will allow you to be able to make larger transactions and or purchases. EcoPayz also an affiliate of PSI-Pay is a online payment service. This service is secure, and will allow users to send receive or spend money internationally.


In 2009, PSI-Pay enrolled as a Principle Member of MasterCard. This enabled the company to set up contactless PayPass programs, debit and prepaid cards to organizations and individuals around the world. They also provided virtual cards. The company was able to offer the Master card services throughout the EU. PSI-Pay wants to get the word out regarding alternative banking by any means necessary. By associated payment card programs, and distribution to name a few, all while providing quality service.