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Handy Cleaning Services

Handy Cleaners are one of the cleaning companies that distribute cleaning services as well as products IN New York City. Recently the co-founders of the company the Chief Executive Officer Oisin Hanrahan and the Chief Operating Office Umang Dau were in great fear of how they will provide quality services and products as well as make profits for their company. Handy was in the midst of a change in their organization when one of the co-founders Hanrahan suggested that the company to hire new cleaners as well as pros and do away with the on-line market that Handy operated in more than 28 markets. Umang was not for the idea as he thought that the application process was a bit tedious and most of the applicants would not be able to complete the process. The two partners later agreed to do a testing of the system that begun in January 2015 in Miami and Washington D.C.

The new regime brought some relief to the two founders after the company closed its $50 million C Venture Capital funding in November 2015. The capital paid additional money but also new stress to the partners. Umang and Hanrahan held several meeting discussing the future of their business. The two came to a conclusion and agreed to continue with their new system and work it out towards the profitability of their organization.

Handbook Company was started by two classmates of the Harvard Business School Hanrahan and Umang. The two entrepreneurs saw the oport5unity in the cleaning business and decided to venture into the growing industry. can be described as the Uber of cleaning industry. Handy mainly offers home cleaning services as well as products all over the United States. The cleaning firm has well-trained staff with a vast knowledge in cleaning and other ho9me services. The organization was built with a mission to not only distribute cleaning services but to also build a brand that will take care of their client’s homes. The company has its Headquarters in New York City.