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A Focus on Adam Milstein and His Philanthropic Causes

Adam Milstein happens to be one of the prominent and most influential people in the U.S. He is greatly instrumental in pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish not-for-profit initiatives. In 2007, he was a partner in the foundation of Israeli American Council based in Los Angeles. Today, he sits as the national Chair to the board of this organization. The Israeli American Council has tremendously achieved great milestones under Adam’s leadership. It has extended its growth to about 12 other regional councils all across the USA.

Together with his wife Gila, Adam Milstein contributes to a wide range of philanthropic activities. Among them is the establishment of Milstein Family Foundation. The organization seeks to help Americans of the Jewish descent to learn more about their origin. It also teaches them how to closely connect with Israel by ensuring that they remain affiliated to the State of Israel. This is for the sake of the present and sustainable future Jewish generations. Moreover, Gila Milstein established the Stand By Me organization which dedicates its services to help the Israeli Americans suffering from cancer.

Besides the material support, Adam Milstein and his wife are actively involved in fieldwork to ensure that all projects are successful. Through their non-profit causes with different organizations, they gain more knowledge and expertise around the nonprofit industry operations. As such, it is easy noting that most non-profit businesses have challenges in establishing sustainable sources of funding.

Through the Donor Forum, Adam Milstein effectively helps the pro-Israel non-profit organizations secure funding more efficiently. The Forum offers the organization a platform to pitch their objectives during a 15-minutes presentation, usually over lunch. Since donors can personally engage with the leaders of various organizations, the funding process is significantly enhanced. It will even be better to see other people use the Donor Forum developed by Milstein in the future developments. Besides, he has pioneered other great events and means of solving problems all his life.

Adam Milstein owns an MBA from one of the reputable universities in USA. He commenced his career path as a sales person in the real estate industry. Through hard work and dedication, he moved up the ranks to the position of a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam later shifted his career focus to the man he is today by giving back to the community.

Vinod Gupta – A Self-Made Millionaire And Entrepreneur

Vinod Gupta is a man that is self-made and very successful at what he does. He was born in 1946, in India. He is an entrepreneur and a businessman, who received a bank loan of $100, and turned it into a mega company called InfoGROUP. Gupta sold the company for $680 million. Vinod Gupta has a keen sense of business and recognized there was a weak point between the business-to-business distribution market. With this insight and list-collecting, the company steadily became successful. Before selling the company, now known as InfoGROUP, Vino Gupta was its Chief Executive Officer. He bought many companies and ultimately created an enterprise within the technology sector. Everest Group, Vinod Gupta current investment company, implements financial backing for a database technology jump start or startups. His company gains business that is struggling with the idea of fostering success by using data technology.

Former President Bill Clinton praised Vinod Gupta for providing employment opportunities to people who are underemployed. This endeavor to create employment for underprivileged people bring great joy to Gupta. Massive resources have been devoted by Gupta to his many charitable foundations, which includes many schools in India.

Gupta’s many ventures include the establishment a school named Vinod Gupta School of Management in India. This school received high rankings beginning in 2015.

According to Vinod Gupta, after receiving his degree from the University of Nebraska, he began working at a local business called Commodore Corporation. This company was in the business of manufacturing mobile homes. As a Marketing Research Analyst for this company, he was assigned the job of putting together a list of mobile homes within the United States of America. He came to the realization that there was no list. By having a list, companies could save time and benefit from having this information readily available to them. After this, he began to receive a magnitude of orders for the list he had compiled. This is when Vino Gupta realized there was a great need for business-to-business communication or information. Vinod Gupta used this need for information to establish an American Business Information company.

Roseann Bennett Wants You To Feel Free To Find Your Worth

Roseann Bennett, co-founder and executive director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a New Jersey based nonprofit mental health agency, owes her success in part to her ability to practice what she preaches. She is a marriage and family therapist with over a decade of experience and has racked up many other accolades along the way while maintaining her own family and happiness, although it has not always been easy she’ll be the first to admit. Every day Bennett is working harder and trying to find more joy and peace in the things she does for her career, as a family woman, and in her daily life for herself. One of the most coveted pieces of advice that she follows and tries to impart upon others is to realize what is and isn’t under your control, and if you’re tempted to change something you cannot, instead work on changing yourself.

Roseann saw the need for an organization like her Center for Assessment and Treatment through her experience in the family and relationship therapy field which unfortunately is not set up to be the most convenient and conscientious for everyone. People that don’t have a lot of money or connections with the community have a difficult time receiving mental and emotional help in many cases and Roseann set out to create a place where they could come and get the assistance they need and deserve. One of her proudest accomplishments is never turning away anyone seeking help. She especially loves empowering women so that they feel supported and secure to do what they really want to do and she tries to give herself the same luxury in life although juggling motherhood and home life with everything she wants with her career can be tough. She makes it work though and disciplines herself to take it easy at times and do things like cook every Sunday and spend weekly time with family and friends despite her busy work schedule. She encourages her patients and employees to participate in activities that promote wellness and is glad to see current trends support this.

Great Achievements: Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a great company that is well known in the production and processing of quality meat and food. Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of the company. The company is rapidly growing and expanding to other countries so that it can serve its potential and new clients efficiently. There are lots of achievements that the OSI Group has attained that have resulted to earning of awards through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

There are numerous companies and organizations that Sheldon Lavin have served in his career life which includes northeast Bank and Sheba Foundation to mention a few and all have been successful. It is remarkable that the success and contribution of Lavin have made it possible for the firms that he has been working with for years have been able to achieve their goals with a lot of easiness. Moreover, Lavin provides mentorship services to young entrepreneurs so that they can be able to make their investments well and become successful. He desires to see all those that surround him becoming successful, and through that, he plays his role where necessary.

The achievements of Sheldon Lavin at OSI Company serving as the chairman and CEO led him to be awarded The Global Visionary Award since his success and achievements were evident and could be noticed. The award is due to his ability to make the OSI Group a leading meat industry and food company in the industry; also, creating employment opportunities to numerous people globally. Through his leadership, OSI Group has acquired Baho Foods, Flagship Europe which has impacted the company in a more significant way since it has gained global market.

The acquisition has helped the company to expand its services to other countries since they can reach more customers and explore new markets in other countries. Besides, OSI Group has the competitive advantage in the market, and that threaten other companies since they can’t win OSI Group.

Additionally, Sheldon loves philanthropic works where he makes donations and support to various charitable organizations so that they can be able to provide services appropriately. Some of the philanthropic organizations that he offers support include United Negra College Funds, Jewish United Funds as well as Girls and Boys Clubs. Also, there is a board of trustee where he serves in Ronald McDonald House Charities. In that board, he is the CEO and chairman and provides essential and reliable leadership.


Dr. Shafik Sachedina Spearheads Healthcare Provision At Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina is a revered healthcare professional residing in the United Kingdom. Born in Tanzania, he fled to the United Kingdom and joined Guy’s Hospital Medical School for Dental Surgery. He passed with honors and qualified to serve as a dental surgeon alongside established his practice thereafter.

Background Information
Currently, Sachedina is a healthcare entrepreneur and highly upholds the value of the business in the healthcare industry. Moreover, he is the head cheerleader of Jamati Institutions and has focused his energy on developing viable programs for the members of the institution. With these programs, members of the institution are better placed to learn the value of upholding their culture and roots.

Chairing the Aga Khan
Other roles Sachedina has played in his capacity as a leader includes serving at the Aga Khan as the head cheerleader in charge of voluntary services. He also serves as the head of voluntary services at Ismaili Council. At Jamati Institution, he coordinates all social activities including conferences and social programs made to educate Israelis residing in the United Kingdom on their cultures and the importance of upholding their culture.

Roles in Leadership
Moreover, he is a member of AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network), an organization that serves its people in more than thirty countries. In his capacity as a board member, Sachedina controls the development programs through community projects. He also controls the majority of decision making within the organization.

Sussex Healthcare
Besides working for the stated organizations, Sachedina has massively invested in Sussex Healthcare. For starters, he is the co-founder. He also seats on the board and has extensively guided members in decision making. Other than that, Sachedina is well known for advocating for better healthcare systems in the nursing home. With his guidance, the hospital has earned stellar reputation because of its dedication to serving clients in the best ways possible. Alongside implementing innovative strategies to support the elderly in the nursing homes, Sachedina is revered for working with like-minded individuals to improve patient’s lives.

More on Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is a private healthcare institution for the elderly. The hospital has branches in the city and is staffed with qualified healthcare providers. Other than that, it has state-of-the-art machines to handle patient’s healthcare problems including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia as well as physical challenges. With the help of trained medical personnel, Sussex Healthcare has managed to be at the forefront of providing residential care to patients.

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Jordan Lindsey is an Expert Algo Trader at JCL Capital

Jordan Lindsey is an entrepreneur and an expert algo trader. He is the founder of JCL Capital in San Francisco. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, and he has seen it grow immensely since the company began in 2005.

He is a systems designer, a founder, and a programmer. Jordan created a cryptocurrency to trade on the Forex market, and his creative endeavors are changing the way investors can trade. He knew as a boy that he wanted to make a difference, and to be the person who would change the world with his creations. He was competitive in sports, and he was always thinking up ways to create new businesses. The entrepreneurial imagination of the young boy eventually grew into the successful endeavors of the man.

Jordan has traveled a great deal. He has been abroad many times, and he lived abroad in several location, including Mexico, as a volunteer in Bosnia, and in Argentina. He moved from New York to San Francisco as a young man. He realized that San Francisco suited him well. There, people shared their ideas and dreams, and he felt encouraged and enthusiastic about his career. Jordan Lindsey was learning more and more about Forex trading, algorithms, and bitcoins. Jordan created the Bitcoin Growth Bot, which is the first fully transparent crypto trading bot. He mostly self taught himself through his own research and experiments. By way of formal education, he attended Mount Angel Seminary and also Saint Joseph’s College. Jordan met his wife while he was living in Bosnia. They were both volunteers at the time.

Jordan Lindsey is a successful Forex trader and investor. He began JCL Capital as a startup company. His timing was very much on target with the times, as the popularity of Forex trading has been continuously rising. More and more investors have been attracted to the foreign exchange markets. Jordan and the company have achieved tremendous notoriety for his forward thinking, innovative inventions. They are anticipated to continue to play a role in future growth, and the constant influx of new investors.

The Illustrious Career of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman’s name can often be found in news headlines and articles. People follow his blog and listen to his advice. This isn’t surprising, though, as he has become a force in the business world after a long and successful career (Crunchbase).


Wakeman understood his path from a young age, and he attended the University of Scranton, earning a Bachelors of Science in Economics and Finance ( From Scranton, he pursued a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. With those years of academic education under his belt, he entered into the business world.


After his education, he began a twenty-year career at GE Capital that had him moving up the corporate ladder, attaining higher and higher positions. He lived and worked in six different regions of the world, becoming an international traveler. Eventually, Glen Wakeman found himself as the CEO of GE Money Latin America. As the CEO, he managed a nine-country operation and 17,000 employees. He was successful in his leadership, and under his management, they produced assets of more than 12 billion dollars.


While Glen Wakeman was still at GE Capital, he went and founded Nova Four. This company was a business accelerator that offered support services and funding opportunities for new businesses. His long career at GE Capital, and his successful leadership at GE Money Latin America, cemented his role as an industry leader. His work at Nova Four would be the beginning of him becoming known as a mentor to entrepreneurs.


This reputation for mentorship would be enhanced when Glen Wakeman co-founded and became CEO, of LaunchPad Holdings. Similar to Nova Four, LaunchPad Holdings has the similar goal of helping startups and entrepreneurs. They offer education programs, software, and general advice for clients. In his position as a mentor, he created a methodology that could assess and improve what he considered to be five key elements of business. These five elements are leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


Glen Wakeman has had a long and successful career. He has led multiple businesses to great success and has developed a great reputation.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor Firm that provides financial planning in a personal and comprehensive manner to individuals, families, and business owners of means. Founded by Richard Blair, the firm offers methods of helping people grow and preserve their assets in these times of challenging monetary fluctuations.


Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., has always been involved with and interested in education. His grandmother, mother, and his wife were all teachers. From an early age, Richard saw how effective teaching was able to help people learn new things and profit from them by putting the new principles into practice.


From this experience, Richard surmised that he could help people with their financial needs by applying the same principles. When people learn about a subject, they can make better choices that are informed and backed by hard knowledge and facts.


In 1993, Richard founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. for the purpose of providing this sort of specialized knowledge to clients to be used in the planning and organization of their assets so that they could be preserved, grown, and maintained for retirement.


Consequently, Wealth Solutions, Inc. has been able to provide many people the financial security and protection that they needed to plan and have enough in the way of assets when they retire. People live in a world of financial chao, and if they don’t plan their future, they may have no future from a financial standpoint.


This is what Richard Blair saw early on when people came to him in frustration when the stock market had its ups and downs, leaving go guideposts for the present, let alone for the present. Utilizing safe and well-tested methods for asset accumulation and tax-favored strategies, Richard was able to teach people how to set aside their funds so that they would be safe from market ups and downs on a tax-favored basis.


The strategy that Richard uses with his clients to offer them the best strategies involve wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. With these three strategies in place, a solid footing under girds any plan that is made, as each part of the plan complements the other parts.


The essence of the three “legs of the stool” are such that they are ways of handling one’s assets at different times of one’s life in ways that complement the lifestyle that we are all going through at that time. This allows people to be able to be certain that they have enough money at retirement to live the financial life that they wish.




Jim Tananbaum and His Capital Expertise

There were many ways that Jim Tananbaum was able to help people throughout the career that he has had with Foresite Capital. He has worked with different healthcare companies and has made sure that they are getting the capital services that they need to make sure that they are doing everything that they can with their business. When it comes to the options that Jim Tananbaum has created for his business and with the different people who he has chosen to do business with, he has worked primarily with the healthcare industry. Technology and retail companies are booming and have a lot of different opportunities with other venture capital companies but the healthcare industry is also booming and is not getting the venture capital help that it needs from other companies. Because of this, Jim Tananbaum has done what he can to make his company the premier opportunity for healthcare companies within the industry that they are in.

Jim didn’t always want to work with healthcare companies. In fact, he knew that working in technology could really pay off and the majority of the other businesses that he started and successfully ran were in those industries. He also wanted to see what he would be able to do with healthcare. Despite the fact that his technology companies were successful, he knew that the healthcare industry had a need for people to be able to get more out of the experiences that they had. He wanted them to know that his venture capital company was there for them and what Jim knows.

From the beginning, Jim Tananbaum was always smart. He knew what companies wanted and needed. Because of this, he was able to show them that there was more to doing business than just being able to try new things and get more out of the processes that they had. He started at Harvard and ended up owning more than one of his own businesses. Like Foresite Capital, the majority of his businesses have been very successful and have been able to help many people with the problems that they have concerning capital opportunities and read full article.

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Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. This company is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco Incorporated. While serving as the CEO of the company, Petrello has also served as the company President since 1992.

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Anthony has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries as well. Before he became involved with the company known as Nabors Industries, Petrello was working for a law firm called Baker & McKenzie from 1979-1991 where he served as its Managing Partner. During the years 1986-1991 he held this position. Nowadays, Mr. Petrello is the current Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries since 2012.

When Anthony first began working at Nabors Industries, he served as the Chief Operating Officer in which he would provide the daily management of the company. During his stint at this position, he would help manage the staff of the company as well as help provide strategies on how to get more customers and also improve operations. Since he performed quite well at this position, he would eventually get promoted to the Chief Executive Officer. At this position, he would begin to lead the entire company and devise the overall direction of the organization in terms of business operations. He would continue to hold this position for the next few years.

After serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Petrello would move up to become the Chairman of the Board which gave him an increased level of responsibility and leadership for the company. At his position, he continues to provide insight and overall direction on how the company should be run. He passes on his feedback to the current management team so that they can implement a lot of policies that will likely benefit the organization. With his guidance and expertise, Petrello has helped Nabors Industries continue to be one of the top companies in its respective industry.

Over the years Anthony Petrello has established himself as a leading executive. He has helped successfully run one of largest energy companies in the United States. During his career he has held a number of top management positions which allowed him to demonstrate his leadership abilities. When holding various high level management positions, Anthony would help provide Nabors Industries with lots of insight on how to make the company provide better products, better service and also on how to increase its profits. With this experience, he has been able to help Nabors Industries solidify its reputation as one of the premier energy companies in the world.