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Designer Shoe Lines Like Paul Evans Cut Costs by Cutting out the Middleman

How do you make a $500 pair of shoes for $100? According to a recent Bloomberg article on designer men’s italian shoes, the secret is to follow the recent trend of cutting out the middleman. The Paul Evans shoe line was mentioned in the article for being one of these handcrafted and designed shoemakers that are able to sell their shoes for less due to cutting out unnecessary steps and people.

Bloomberg reported that Paul Evans shoes are manufactured in the same fine Italian factories as Ferragamo and other high-end shoe companies. However, Paul Evans shoes sell for considerably less than those lines.

The owners, Ben Earley and Evan Fript, set out to create a shoe line that would be just as high end in quality and workmanship as shoes that cost $1000 while, at the same time, not being anywhere near as expensive. It seems they’ve succeeded in that goal. The owners actually traveled to Italy themselves to meet with shoemakers who have been crafting shoes for generations and to tour factories. They found the perfect factory in Naples, Italy.

Cutting out the middleman mainly means that they sell their shoes directly to the customer from their website. A department store has to mark up prices due to wholesale costs. That need is cut out when you are selling directly to the customer and results in a significantly less expensive shoe.

The shoes are a beautifully modern take on classic styles. Made with the finest leather and crafted by true artisans, their shoes are often compared to other luxury brands such as the Paris-based Berluti. However, price-wise, their shoes are more in keeping with the Allen Edmonds line of shoes.

Paul Evans has been quickly growing and they have big plans for the future including opening their own traditional stores.