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Rocketship Education: A Stellar Educational Program

Designing quality education programs is a trying endeavor. Many charter schools have experimented with different methods but it seems that Rocketship Education has found the key. This pioneering charter school program was established in 2006. The nonprofit has grown to manage 20 schools spread among 3 different states as well as the District of Columbia. They are motivated by a power belief in the ability of every child to excel. Their mission is to eliminate the achievement gap in Lowe income communities within our life time. Such a daunting task requires the development of a program that has stability and simplicity on its side. The secret to student’s success is simpler than many dared imagining. Rocketship Education has found a way to tap into parent power. This term refers to the dramatic role parents can play in their child’s education. With involved parents prioritizing and advocating their child’s success children are better able to learn and build the foundation essential to a successful life. Rocketship education begins involving parents by making instructors required to meet with them at least once in their homes. Many parents feel that this personal touch shows a dedication on the part of the instructor to remain accessible. It also facilitated an understanding between parents, instructors, and students. This relationship is essential for supporting the child’s studies as well as teaching parents how they can best help their child succeed. Rocketship Education also takes on a more direct role with the community. When flooding hit San Jose students and their families were threatened with prolonged instability. Their problems seemed to only begin as the flood waters receded. Many struggled with purchasing replacements for the most basic of necessities. Additionally, they were threatened with prolonged homelessness as they struggled to find the funds for deposits on replacement housing or insurance deposits. The school knowing how this disaster could rob students of the peace of mind required to learn comfortably began to act. They quickly raised over $60,000 through a partnership formed with local charities. These funds were essential to helping families get back on their feet and students back to learning.

Boraie To Bring Apartment Complex To Atlantic City

Boraie has made a name for itself as the most prominent housing developer in New Jersey. The state has gone through some recent changes but the work of Boraie has allowed it to keep up with the need for housing. Recently, Boraie introduced a new 250 housing unit complex of Atlantic City. That brought with it something that many people believed the city was missing but desperately needed. Fortunately, it seems that Boraie knows how to give the city what it needs when it needs it. The pace of growth in Atlantic City accelerating and giving people new visions for its image.

According to WSJ, the most important thing anybody can do when planning a city is bring in developers who understand the housing needs of the city. It isn’t surprising that Boraie was brought in to take care of the issues uniquely seen in Atlantic City. This is a city filled with old and worn down buildings in need of replacement. It isn’t an easy thing to do but it’s absolutely essential to seeing the city reach its full potential. That’s why Boraie is focused on doing everything necessary to build up Atlantic City into something completely new that people will fall in love with. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Other cities have also benefited from the work of Omar Boraie. They have helped restore New Brunswick to its former self through their smart planning. This success is going to eventually flip just about every city in New Jersey and give the city an entirely new way of thinking about itself. People want to be proud of their city and this is how you create a city the residents want to talk about. Eventually, other businesses are going to develop around the new housing and revive the city from its slump with an entirely new sense of vigor.

The future of Boraie is going to be an exciting one with promises everywhere. The only thing that needs to be done now is to give its efforts to provide new housing a serious kick start. If their work at Atlantic City manages to work, we’re certain to see an entirely new future ahead of Atlantic City and probably other cities in New Jersey. They certainly want to revive themselves and the people best equipped to let that happen are on the case. Things don’t happen overnight but with time and effort everything is going to pay off at some point.

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How Rocketship Education Rose To Success In America

Rocketship Education is one of the most popular, sought-after public schools in America. Thanks to its leadership team, its innovation, and good decision-making abilities, Rocketship has quickly become one of the best K-5 schools in the nation, having been founded just ten years ago, in 2007.

Giving Back To Commmunities

Schools should support local communities, as they often serve local families’ children. Earlier this year, Rocketship Education raised a respectable $62,000 for disaster relief across the nation. It gave back to families in the San Francisco Bay Area that had recently experienced fires that destroyed their homes, leaving money-earners homeless, with no means of earning for their families.

Interviews With The Help Of Parents

Ever since the advent of Rocketship Education, administrators have asked parents to play a role in interviews. Panel-style interviews, including as many as seven parents per interview session, were conducted with the help of parents. It’s true that parents tend to know more about the needs of students – their own children – then school administrators do, making their input highly valuable.

Be Caring To Students’ Family Members

Outside of raising donations for students’ families, Rocketship Education has also given back to the community by providing arrest-free zones for students having parents that immigrated to the United States illegally, without formal permission. Few schools offer this liberty, meaning the proverbial world to parents, and, by extension, their children.

What Is Rocketship Education?

Rocketship Education has eighteen schools across the United States of America, ranging anywhere from one to ten years of tenure per location.

The schools were created by a handful of executives experienced in the field of education, including founder Preston Smith. Smith had taught elementary school in the San Jose area for several years prior to moving onto Rocketship Education.

Public charter institutions like Rocketship Education are able to get funding from a variety of sources, including individual investors and private groups of them. RSED, as it’s shortened to, offers top-notch educational experiences to low-income families across the nation, one of the few to do such.

Neurocore: Brain Performance and Enhancement Centers

Neurocore Brain Performance is centers that believe in the extraordinary power of a brain. They are well trained and dedicated to teaching the brain to perform in the best way possible. They focus their training programs on data-driven assessments. The programs focus on enhancing concentration and boosting smooth sleeping to eradicate sleep disorders to both children and adults. They also help in stress management which has become a health threat to many people across the nation. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore has several centers in Florida and Michigan. It was founded in the year 2004 and has gradually grown to become a top-notch neuroscience medical solution organization.

At Neurocore, they use highly advanced technologies to carry out an extensive brain performance evaluation to diagnose and address symptoms based on the results, create a reliable customized programs to train the brain to fight and eliminate the symptoms.

The brain diagnosis program applies qEEG technology which focuses on brain waves analysis to carry out an in-depth assessment of the breathing pattern and heartbeat among another test that maps out the brain activity. This becomes the focal and guiding path where accurate responses and reinforcements make the brain to function optimally and efficiently. The neurofeedback sessions are designed to target the core problems affecting the brain and gradually work them out to provide a long-lasting solution.


The qEEG advanced technology has sensors that are attached to your brain to analyze and record the activities of the brain electrical responsiveness. After careful analysis of what exactly ails the brain, different approaches are used to evaluation and healing profile. These methods include;

Electroencephalogram {EEG}. This method uses a cap an electronic cap with sensors to measure the frequency of the brain at nineteen different points which are used to give a vivid picture of what is going on the brain. The information is then analyzed to show how effective is the brain functioning. A medical specialist then uses the information to pinpoint unwarranted symptoms and challenges.

The second method is the HVR (Heart Rate Variability). The test focuses on the breathing and heart rates as both are in one way or another intertwined. Brain health is dependant on how good the respiratory and cardiovascular systems work harmoniously and hence the test is crucial.

Another approach is the IVA Test. It is a computerizes test that evaluates impulsivity, attention, and sensory to identifies attention disorder. Read more at about Neurocore.

Must Know Facts About Greg Secker


Leadership and management in finance encompass the ability of a party to be able to oversee the other teams and parties. In literal contexts, it is expected that the leaders’ in questions are usually selected by the juniors or to provide the required guidance to them on financial matters. Greg Secker in a recent interview demonstrated the importance of good management and the role of leader in making critical decisions in financial institutions., According to the English Businessman, leaders are expected to be guided by the communitarian expectations of those whom he/she leads. Choice of leaders is entirely dependent on the values, reputation, behavior, leadership agenda and power shown by the candidate. The international speaker demonstrates how the leadership segment in different financial organizations play a leading role and in most cases is attributed to the success of the organization financially.

In his interview, he defines general leadership as the instinct of having the ability to develop or transform an existing mission or vision into practicability for the benefit of the society. It is the ability to express overrated courage, shrewdness and human virtues and savvy reputation in all human related activities. He states that in financial firms, leadership is entirely dependent on human virtues like intelligence; therefore, financial decisions in most organizations requires leaders to demonstrate intelligence in making unanimous decisions that are subject and attributed to success. For successful international trading, the philanthropist describes that the ability to understand the attached demerits of decisions is entirely dependent on intelligence capacity of the leader in charge. According to Greg Secker, management is the state of being in charge of a certain group of individuals. Usually, they are charged with the responsibility of being the administrators of a group, subgroup or an organization. In most cases, a manager is usually responsible for setting the goals, visions, and missions of an organization. Managers are crucial in day to day running of a financial organization. Success of any financial organization is entirely dependent on the management qualities of the persons charged in that segment.

In a nutshell, Greg Secker states that the managers and leaders have a role in coordinating, organizing and forecasting the possible success of the group’s trading goals based on individual’s qualifications.

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Personalization

The use of sentient AI and eCommerce developers is on the rise, and for good reason. With sentient AI it is becoming simpler than ever to get to know customers whether you have just recently launched your eCommerce shop or if you have been in business for years. Understanding the benefits of eCommerce personalization through sentient AI is not only a way to attract new customers, but it also builds an even stronger and more trusting relationship with past shoppers and loyal subscribers of your brand.

Share Relevant Products and Services to Individual Customers

Having the option to automatically display and share relevant products and services to individual customers browsing your website is highly recommended when looking to keep consumers back for more. The more personalized you are able to make their recommendations, the more an individual is likely to feel “heard” and understood by your brand. Sentient AI takes the guesswork out of which recommended products it should show for each of your customers based on browsing history and previous purchases (or carts).

Offer Discounts to New or Loyal Customers

Using sentient AI is another way to offer discounts to both new and loyal customers of yours. If you have a returning customer who has purchased from your company in the past, sentient AI is capable of showcasing additional discounts that may not be available to new browsers or the general public. By providing loyal customers or new users with discounts, keep them interested in your brand, improve your brand’s reputation, and increase return visitors and conversion rates.

Provide Deals to Repeat and Frequent Shoppers

Offering deals and coupons to repeat customers or shoppers who frequent your website often is another way to stand out from the competition. Having your sentient AI system say “thank you” to users who have shopped with you before shows that your brand appreciates loyalty and encourages individuals to shop with you again. In addition to using eCommerce personalization on your official website, it is also possible to reach past shoppers via custom email campaigns you automatically send.

Implementing sentient AI with your eCommerce website allows you to focus on other aspects of growing your business and online presence, rather than manually changing and updating recommendations or tracking data. With sentient AI, personalizing your customers’ eCommerce experience is a way to stand out from the crowd and truly allow your brand to shine in any industry you represent.

Securus Technologies Helping Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies is a company that provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions for corrections, public safety, investigations and monitoring institutions. Recently, Securus published a number of facility customer comments talking about using secures technology to solve and curb crimes which also include inmate-inmate crimes with most of them coming from officials.


Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies said that averagely once a week the company develops a unique product or service that will benefit law enforcement and corrections officials as it simplifies their work to prevent crimes. Richard added that the company receives thousands of letters and emails primarily about the help the company offers to keep the society safe. Securus Technologies works tirelessly to provide the community with security mechanisms and because building safety is part of its DNA.


Some of the selected facility customer comments included, one was about an official who was letting Securus know of the assistance offered when they used the information from the phone calls to attain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member who was then arrested. Another comment was an official also who monitored calls that contained information about inmate alcohol use and drugs selling in the institution. The conversation also included threats, suspicious discussions regarding money being transferred and a past occurrence of shots being fired. This information would not have been figured out, thanks to Securus Technologies.


client had written an appreciation comment in that for over ten years their correction facility has been relying on technology solutions offered by Securus which has been encouraging in improving public safety. Investigations have been simplified for officials with Securus Technologies. I think Securus will help reduce crimes in the society significantly because it not only provides services for investigation but also influences the community to avoid crimes. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is serving over 3,450 facilities towards guaranteeing safety.


Equities First Holdings UK

At Equities First Holdings UK, they are eager to provide the financial solutions for businesses or individuals to grow. Since 2002, the global company has provided strategic ways for people who face economic crises, to obtain the cash they need. The low-rate stock-based or margin loans, are an easy and simple way to reach the financial level that your are trying to achieve.

Equities First Holdings UK, has non stringent loans, that are easy to pay and supply the equity that you desire. It’s a financial company where borrowers can take pride in gaining capital and personal or company growth, and read full article.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Perspective on the Cost of Health Care

A large population of the Americans spent more on health care in 2013 than in 1996. That was caused by higher charges for health care. The biggest drivers of the increased cost of health care were population and aging. Change in the prevalence of disease would result in a decrease in annual expenditure while the change in health care service frequency seemed to have no impact. Prices are responsible for the increased spending.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the serial entrepreneur behind the development of Tempus, InnerWokings, Lightbank, Mediaocean, and Echo Global Logistics. He began his career as a carpet vendor shortly after graduating with a Law degree from the University of Michigan. Later on, he teamed up with Brad Keywell to acquire an apparel company, Brandon Apparel, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1999, the pair created an early Internet company, Starbelly that would specialize in promotional products. Over time, Sterbelly experienced exponential growth and was acquired by Halo Industries in 2000. Upon the acquisition, Eric Lefkofsky joined Halo Industries as the Chief Operating Officer.

In 2005, the duo founded a media-buy technology company, MediaBank that specializes in buying, planning, and analysis software. In 2007, MediaBank acquired a leading media planning and procurement platform, Datatech. In February 2012, MediaBank merged with Donovan Data Systems to form Mediaocean at an estimated cost of $1.5 billion.


Eric Lefkofsky and his wife, Elizabeth, are passionate about charitable causes. They are the co-founders of the Lefkofsky Foundation, which is a charitable trust. It supports educational, generous, and scientific causes around the world. It has focused on children and has funded over 50 charitable organizations to date. Eric also serves on the boards of the Museum of Scientific and Industry, Children’s Memorial Hospital, and a Trustee of Chicago-based performing arts institute, Steppenwolf Theatre Company. After founding InnerWorkings, Eric Lefkofsky began a teaching career at DePaul University’s School of Business. He also taught a course in disruptive business models in the Northen University Kellogg School of Management. Eric Lefkofsky currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Chicago University Booth School of Business where he teaches entrepreneurship and technology-based courses.


Lifeline Screening Prevents Prevalence Of Diseases With Their Services

Lifeline Screening has helped many people prevent the prevalence of life-threatening diseases. Patients have signed up for this medical procedure by going for interviews at the clinics owned by Lifeline Screening. Before undergoing any screenings, patients fill information regarding their health status in papers that are filed by the consultants. During this exercise, they get to estimate the amount of money that the screenings would cost.

According to, Lifeline Screening has a set of rules that must be adhered to. The rules instruct their patients to dress in a certain way to the advantage of the specialists that handle them. They are instructed not to wear any makeup and go without food for at least 12 hours prior to the screenings. It is also mandatory that they wear loose fitting shoes and clothes. Shoes should be comfortable and most preferably open shoes and sandals. Women are advised not to wear jewelery and watches. Generally all patients should not wear any perfumes or colognes while going for their screenings. The type of clothing should expose their arms and necks for the ease of performing the tests.

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After being checked at the information desks, the patients are then directed to the screening rooms where various tests are performed. Tests such as blood screening, bone density screening, fat screening, carotid artery screening and examination of other peripheral arteries form the basis of the screenings. These tests help in determining the rate of blood flow to single out the chances involved in contracting cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure. Blood screenings and examinations also help in detecting fat level in the body. This also provides an opportunity to test the bilirubin levels in the blood.

After all the tests have been done, patients are taken out of the screening rooms into the waiting area. Lifeline Screening has an efficient technological laboratory where the results are analyzed within a short period of time. Patients are cancelled to be positive about the results that they receive. If results for some diseases come out positive, the patients get enrolled for medical treatment and support groups that offer guidance and counseling. Diseases that provide negative results give the patients a chance to live better and improve their lifestyles. Lifeline Screening benefits customers with excellent decisions about their health.

Lifeline Screening has gained so much popularity due to the services it provides. The patients they have served have also appreciated the health benefits that the company has presented them with.

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