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Securus Technologies is used daily in our prison to solve and prevent crime

As a corrections officer for the past 16 years I have worked directly with Securus Technologies. We use their product and services on a daily basis, whether its managing detainee communications in our facility, or tracking parolees as they reenter society. The prison I work for is just 1 of over 2,600 correctional facilities Securus provides services for. Securus strives to meet the special needs of corrections officers and the law enforcement community. They are constantly developing new technologies to aid in the solving and prevention of crime.


Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, as well as 4 regional offices. I have found their customer service team is extremely responsive to any issues our facility has. Our facility benefits daily from their products whether from gathering Intel as we listen in on inmate conversations, to tracking down corrupt employees. Securus has provided us the tools we need to run our correctional facility in the most efficient way possible, while also keeping safety a priority. Securus Technologies are used in over 45 states, as well as in Mexico, and Canada, and oversee over 1 million inmates. They are a leader in the corrections community for a reason, and there track record speaks for itself.


The state Brazilian advertising with José Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe

Advertising is critical for any serious business. It is the most effective means of marketing your products and services. With the introduction of technology in the advertising sector, advertising is on a rapid change. Traditional means of advertising are becoming obsolete quite fast. Digital marketing is hitting the business world like a storm. Every business, therefore, is required to keep itself updated with latest means of advertising that are more effective. It is time for business to move away from the traditional print media and adopt digital advertising and learn more about Borghi.

Digital media has the capacity to reach a wide audience than print media would ever do. A simple Facebook post could reach more people than an advert on a newspaper with a national circulation. Such is the power of advertising. However, with all these options there is still a lot to be done for the advertising goals to be met. Questions are; which mode of advertising do you apply, how do make the advert, when do you release it? All these are questions that would get resolved easily if a business hires the services of qualified persons or advertising agencies to manage to advertisements on their behalf and more information click here.

In Brazil there is one such company that has accomplished so much in this sector. Mullen Lowe Agency is a popular advertising company in Brazil. It was founded by José Henrique Borghi, a prominent advertising figure in Brazil. José Henrique Borghi has worked for many organizations before settling on his own company. José Henrique Borghi pursued an education in the line of advertising and propaganda. Mullen Lowe started as BorghiErh by José Henrique Borghi and his partner Erh Ray. However, they later split it into two after the firm had recorded substantial growth. After going all alone, José Henrique Borghi agency continued to record to growth, an aspect attributed to José Henrique Borghi’s prowess in the field and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.


Vincent is the Senior Executive Vice president of AXA Advisors in New York City. He attained his higher education at Pace University in the Lubin School of Business, at the University Vincent perused a Bachelor of Science Computer Science.

In his current job at AXA Advisory Vincent Parascandola works as a financial professional. The AXA deals as a broker-dealer and has over 5400 registered representatives in the entire nation.

Vincent joined the AXA Company in the year 2014 and worked in the firm up to date. During his period of the time, he got into the business, and he has been enormously responsible for the development and growth of the enterprise. An impact of over Two hundred and twenty-five financial professional’s opportunities created in the Central New Jersey region.

Among some of the responsibilities improved by him included, an overall sales growth achieved by improving the productivity of the original producers, recruiting and training of new advisers in the firm. He did all these by improvement on producers while the profit margin was significant.

Vincent’s occupation started in AXA in 2008 where he worked as the president at the advantaged group, in the year 2009- 2010 in the same firm, he worked as the director of the northern division. Similarly from the financial period 2010-2012 still in the same company he worked as the president Continental division.

Some of the changes and responsibilities of Vincent Parascandola while at Continental Division observed by his activities in recruiting, development of sales, Human Resource, and compliance. Positive scales were experienced in the marketing during this period LLC in the northern part of the country.

According to Rocket Reach, in the year 2013, Vincent Parascandola was appointed in the AXA as the Chief Sales Officer and the President. Here Vincent worked in the branch offices in the United States at Continental division. Also, Vincent was involved in the part of profitability and production as sales within the region he was assigned in prospered well.

In conclusion, Parascandola can be said to be a spirited person who loves his job and well dedicated to his work; this led to his promotion in his current position in the same organization.

Jason Hope Sees Future for Internet of Things

One of the biggest changes in the world over the past few years has been the continued incorporation of smart devices into our daily lives. Today, many of our daily products are connected through some form of a network. For many people, this includes phones, home automation systems, home appliances, and security systems. According to a new theory called the Internet of Things, this trend will likely continue to develop even more in the future as more and more daily uses are added to a shared network.

One person that Jason believes that Internet of Things will continue to have a major impact on the world and economy is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is an owner and investor in a range of different smart products that are helping to make the world more connected than ever before. He recently gave some insight into more specific ways that the Internet of Things will have an impact on our daily lives.

One area that Jason Hope believes will be impacted by the Internet of Things is the role of government. Today, all levels of government are considered slow and inefficient. In some cases, they are also also considered to be corrupt and wasteful. Fortunately, technology will be able to address many of these concerns. It is believed that a lot of the decision making made by governments could be replaced by machines that are programmed by complex algorithms. This will help to reduce the need for the amount of government employees, which will lower taxes and lead to a reduction in corruption.

The Internet of Things will also have a huge impact on the government’s ability to provide certain public services. Public transportation and local transportation will be impacted considerably by the Internet of Things. In the future, it is believed that most light signal systems will be controlled by a large algorithm. This system will be able to use real-time traffic data to determine the proper sequence of traffic lights. This can help to lead lower amounts of time in traffic and could also result in first responders reaching their destination faster.

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The Milstein meme competition encouraging pro-Israel activism

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and a community leader. He works at Hager Pacific Properties as a Managing Partner. Adam is in charge of the property management and financing among other tasks in the company. He was born in Israel. Adam Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. He is also a father of three.

Adam Milstein holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and economics and an MBA. Adam has had his hand in the real estate world as well. Adam Milstein is also a co-founder in the family foundation, Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation works towards strengthening the Jewish people, Israel and the relationship between the State of Israel and the United States. The foundation uses philanthropic services and charity to achieve its mission.

Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation supports lots of organizations in Israel. Their operation is based on different principles namely: Philanthropic Synergy, Life Path Impact, and Active Philanthropy. Adam Milstein plays a great part in the day to day operation of the foundation.

The Foundation has partnered with a couple of Organizations this year to sponsor the Milstein Meme Competition. They will award cash prizes to the winners of the competition once voting and shortlisting are done. Anyone willing to contest should submit a maximum of 5 memes that show a funny representation of the pro-Israel activism. The competition is set to run from the 5th of August, at 5 am EST, to the 14th of August, midnight EST.

The memes will be voted for on social media first. After public voting is done, there is a panel of 6 students, from college and high school, who will do the final shortlisting. Winners will be announced on the 17th of August, 2017. The winners will be awarded for their creativity on the love of Israel and ability to be funny at the same time. The foundation is working towards igniting the pride of being a Jew in the younger generation. The competition will be a good way for the youth to engage in their culture through pro-Israel activism using funny memes.


Leveling the Quality Education Field With Rocketship Education

Sometimes circumstances in life can make it harder than it should be to find a child a quality education. This especially rings true in lower income areas, where less money tends to be invested in the schools themselves. This leads to the students not receiving the kind of education they deserve which in turn leads to low test scores and worse overall performance in school work.

Every child deserves the chance to bloom in their education, providing the opportunity to excel and move onto higher education and career options that can break their families out of the poverty cycle. This is the goal of Rocketship Education charter schools. Started as a plan by Father Mateo Sheedy to improve education options in the San Jose California area, where he had found none of the children in his parish met the qualifications to attend any top-tier university at the time. After his passing, the idea was brought to fruition by two of his parishioners, John Danner and Preston Smith. Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary was opened to vastly improved academic results. The demand led to more schools opening in the Bay Area. The schools have reached out further to now two in Nashville, TN, and one in Milwaukee, WI and Washington DC.

Rocketship Education believes that by building high-quality schools with a focus on innovation we can eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime. Through techniques like blended learning, which uses techniques from tutors, in class learning, online learning and working closely with peers, personalizes each child’s education to strengthen what works best for each one. The model encourages parents to become advocates for their child’s education, empowering the entire family to help the child get a great education. Using both cutting edge instructional techniques combined with technology, each student is given the chance to grow their education to help ensure they have the same shot at a better future as everyone else. With a high demand for quality education, Rocketship Education will continue to fill its promises and grow even further to reach each student looking for a high-quality education.


UKV is a wine company that boasts of a dedicated team of fine wine consultants from all walks of life. Through their vast wealth of knowledge, they can guide you through the different wine options available in the market thus allowing you to choose the most appropriate champagne or wine for your occasion.

One of the things you will appreciate about this team of experts is their dedicated customer care. Should you desire to talk to a consultant, you simply need to contact them and someone will give you a ring. Where a face to face meeting is necessary, the customer can either walk into their offices or get a house call.

UKV independent wine company that is neither affiliated to nor directly liaising with companies to drive sales. The wine company works with a number of distributors, merchants, wholesalers, and brokers where they source high sought after wine and champagnes. Their primary business is to acquire, supply and sell bonded fine wine and champagne to willing consumers. While their sole interest is providing high-quality wine and champagne for high-end occasions, UKV can also provide trading services for private individuals and trade customers.

Wine investment is not a new phenomenon. Besides supplying wine for consumption, UKV prides itself as a stellar service that allows customers to invest in wine. It also provides brokerage services to those who wish to engage in the sale of investment grade wine regulated by the UK bond. For more info about us: click here.

The company has set itself apart as a pioneer in the industry. It remains a premier choice for any matters concerning the purchase, brokerage or investment in high-end wines.

Functions of Oncortarget Medical Journal and Mikhail Blagosklonny

Impacts Journals first published Oncotaget in 2010. It is peer reviewed on a weekly basis to cover all the issues on oncology. It is also an international and open access medical journal. The two most influential editors in chief of Oncotarget are Andrei V.Gukdov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. The journal is written in English. Oncotarget mainly focuses on the pathological basis in all types of cancers. They also cover issues on therapy and probable treatment to assist in the management of cancer.

The medical journal also focuses on the effects of management programs and ways of administering new therapeutic agents. They publish on how people can live a quality life, experience satisfaction, and adhere to the protocols. They help the general public to explore the evidence on the existing treatment and therapies and explain how they can improve the possible outcomes. They also provide ways in which the patients and healthcare staff define the usage regarding acceptance and ultimate intake. Oncotaget also carries out studies on oncology in order to cover various issues in cell biology, cardiology, neuroscience, metabolism, endocrinology, and all areas in pharmacology. It is also important to note that the popularity of Oncotarget has been gained because of their punctuality, constructive, insightful, multiple peer reviews, and assisting the authors to improve the impact of the research.

It is important to note that each paper is usually published on special demand. It also covers the traditional multidisciplinary journal. The research is published online. The mission of the medical journal is to make the scientific results widely and rapidly available to many people. The mission of Oncortarget is to maximize the impact of issues in research to an excellent and insightful review. Oncortaget has prominent and professional scientists. It also helps the researchers to contribute to the growth of science. The target of the journal is to help the general public to live life without any cases of diseases. Another point to note is that the success of the medical journal is as a result of the extension of the research beyond oncology.

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Holly Wood Stars Take on Kabbalah

Many Holly Wood stars, who are not of Jewish descent, have decided to take on the kabbalah teachings as a way of improving their lives. Despite their positive intentions, the old Jewish leaders have criticized the move, saying the Kabbalah teachings are only meant for Jews who are over 40 years old. Moreover, they claim that the knowledge is meant to be sacred and not shared with the public. Nevertheless, the Kabbalah center founders Berg and Karen believe that the teachings should be shared to enlighten people.

Many Hollywood stars took on the kabbalah direction as an influence of Madonna. Madonna not only took kabbalah classes but also started several such centers with the intention of enrolling more people and spreading the good news. Consequently, she influenced a person like Britney Spears, who says Kabbalah gave her peace when it was rainy in her life. However, Britney dropped the teachings and says that she would pick them on another rainy day and more information click here.

Paris Hilton, another celebrity, says that the teachings helped her cope with the breakup with her boyfriend. She says that she went to the Kabbalah center in LA and confessed to the class. She was then given a coping bracelet, which has so far helped her cope with the situation. Sandra Bernhard, another celebrity, also purported that Kabbalah eliminated 80% of her problems and Kabbalah’s Website.

Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center was established in Jerusalem by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922. Later his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein became his successor. Brandwein then passed the button down to Rav Berg, who is the current director alongside his wife Karen Berg and their two sons Yehuda and Michael. The Kabbalah Center is the largest international learning institution that is meant to disseminate the Kabbalah wisdom. The institute has a vision of giving people the wisdom as well as the tools that help them improve their lives and eliminate chaos from their world.

The center provides physical locations to the users as well as online classes. The curriculum mainly consists of prayer services, lectures, downloads, books, DVDs, and CDs. Kabbalah teachings are mainly drawn from the Torah or Bible and it helps its students to grow spiritually.

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Saving money on Beneful at Walmart

Beneful is well known for its high quality and varied options for dog owners looking to feed their pups. The brand has a stellar safety rating and sell well balanced meals for dogs of all ages and sizes. Walmart, alternatively, is known for selling products cheaply and having incredible variety in their store. Merging Beneful and Walmart is a match made in heaven.

Stopping into a local Walmart shows the sheer variety of Beneful options; from their Chopped Blends variety to a Beneful Gain free option for those dogs sensitive to grain, Walmart carries a full line of Beneful dog foods.

Further with their discounted prices and the ability to use manufacturers coupons and other value deals, the savings from Beneful dog food are even greater. Plan out ahead and search for deals to make your Beneful shopping experience at Walmart both cost effective and productive, and don’t ignore Walmart’s online store for further savings.