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FreedomPop, Giving You More Bang for Your Buck

FreedomPop is a new and innovative way to communicate with friends and family. Providing an affordable phone service, FreedomPop is said to be the most cost efficient phone service available on the market today.

FreedomPop is most well known for their free phones and plans. The free service plans consist of 500 text messages, 200 voice minutes, and 500 MB of data. Another plan FreedomPop offers is their $5 wifi plan. This phone plan allows for users to connect to wifi anywhere in order to use their phone service. What is even better is FreedomPops unlimited plan. For $19.99 per month, you get unlimited talk, text, and data. Using Sprint’s network, this is an absolutely amazing deal as you are sure to get coverage almost everywhere you go.

Having the latest device is all the hype in today’s technologically advanced world. FreedomPop provides a range of the best phones, mobile data devices, and even home internet. If you have your own Sprint device or an unlocked phone, you are able to bring your device to be used with FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is perfect for anyone on a budget that wants a quality phone service. Their free plan is an amazing offer, but the prices of their other plans are even better. Being compared with other companies, FreedomPop definitely delivers at a price friendlier option and is sure to be a competitor in the future.

Knowing someone with FreedomPop or even someone with Sprint can be beneficial in determining whether or not you want to make the switch. Knowing what kind of coverage you will get in your area can make or break any phone deal so getting that information well in advance can save a lot of time and money. Another resource that you can use is Sprints network guide which is posted on the Sprint website.

Earlier this year, FreedomPop announced that they are expanding their coverage areas globally. As with other phone carriers, the idea of expanding network outside of the USA has become huge within the last year. FreedomPop has expanded out to the United Kingdom and has announced that by the end of the year, they plan to have coverage in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The Best and Most Innovative Technological Company

Securus Technologies is a company that is specialized in providing both civil justice as well as criminal technology solutions for important aspects in life such as public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring, among many other aspects. In recent news courtesy of PR Newswire, Securus Technologies has been reported to offer the most advanced analytical tools in this industry. Securus has earned this title right after the company upgraded and redesigned the solutions products to become of one of the greatest web-based technologies. The new upgrade to the offered system makes it both faster and easier to use. This company has not only enhanced the overall interface of the technology, but has also eliminated the unnecessary system actions that now includes record loading search functions. The overall result means that Securus Technologies has now increased the overall performance and has improved the overall user experience.
Securus Technologies [see review:] is specifically a Dallas-based company that has served over 3,000 agencies that deal with public safety, law enforcement, as well as corrections. To be more specific, this company is committed to serve and to protect over 1,200,000 inmates all across the United States. Securus Technologies has demonstrated their commitment to serve through the company’s emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management in addition to several other top-quality services provided. Overall, this company has now made the world a safer and better place to live. Securus, above all is dedicated to connecting the inmates across North America to the loved ones at home. At Securus it is the belief that the crimes of the inmate should not also directly punish the loved one.

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 in Dallas, Texas as a company that is firmly dedicated to offering technological efficiency as well as solutions to make the world a better place. With all the good that this company has been accomplishing, every year it is estimated by PR Newswire that there is around $19 million that is reinvested into the company. To make sure that this company offers the best possible services, this company even has field members who are placed near each and every location to wear the facilities are. With over 30 years of experience in connecting families together, Securus Technologies has vowed to continue to uphold the company’s values of integrity, leadership, as well as excellence. The company hopes to continue to expand even more over the next few years.

Darius Fisher Discusses Effective Employee Retention

Businesses should not let their employees jump ship. Employees leaving for a competitor is a problem. Employees who quit without another job lined up because they hate their working conditions reflects an even worse scenario. Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, wrote an interesting article for Forbes about employee retention and turnover. The article provides both advice and warnings to managers who do not take the duty of keeping employees from quitting seriously.

Losing employees goes hand-in-hand with losing money. There are costs associated with hiring and training employees. This is to say nothing of the down time associated with vacancies in the office. Darius Fisher provides some basic advice for reducing the chances of employees departing.

Fisher suggests office managers should do everything from schedule “fun day” events to paying for employees’ lunches once a week to throwing birthday parties for workers. Little things do have big effects. They help employees feel special which, in turn, makes them want to stay put in a job.

Darius Fisher put an enormous amount of time and energy into making sure Status Labs is a great place for employees to work. Everything from allowing employees to bring pets to work with them to increasing the compensation options have instituted to ensure employees feel thrilled about the time they spend working for the company. This, in turn, increases the desire on the part of the employees to work their hardest for the clients the company represents. While Fisher’s copywriting background does fuel much of his business success, so does his human resources acumen.

Status Labs focuses on reputation management and digital marketing, two disciplines Fisher has great experience with. Fisher’s work for the company is consistently acclaimed. He has been asked to speak at prestigious industry events and is frequently the subject of interviews with top websites.

Fisher’s experience in running the company has led him to understand certain facts about employee retention. He is a huge proponent of effective internal communications and recognizing good work and extra effort. Following his tips would make good sense. Follow Darius on Facebook to keep up with more of his news and events.

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See If Wen Products Are Best For You

Chaz Dean is the creator of WEN conditioning cleanse. Wen offers individuals a hair cleanse that will leave their hair feeling soft and silky. According to Dean’s Guthy-Renker profile, he is a man that worked in photography for many years, and through the industry he grew to love hair. Dean decided that he was going to create his own hair care products. Dean began to mix different natural ingredients, and he was able to come up with Wen cleansing conditioner. He wanted to make hair care products that were free of parabens and sulfates. He also made Wen a product that not only cleanses hair, but also a product that keeps hair conditioned.
Emily McClure from the The Bustle decided to do a test on Wen products to see if they would have good results on her thin hair. McClure tried the sephora fig version of Conditioning cleanser for about a week, and she was really surprised by the results. McClure was skeptical about the amount of product that she had to use on her hair. She felt like it was going to weigh her hair down a lot, but in the end it did not. On the first trial day of the product McClure was surprised by the fact that her hair was thin and bouncy. lkmlsd

McClure got many compliments on her hair, and that made her feel like the product really was working. McClure was not sure about the product all of the time, because her hair did not always give her the same results. McClure decided that she was going to continue to use the hair care products that she already had, but since she was so impressed by the results of the Wen conditioning cleanser, she will also keep Wen in her shower for future use. Wen products are good for hair that is fine, but each individuals should decide on what hair care products are best for them.
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FreedomPop Creates Newest Innovation in Cell Service

FreedomPop, though unknown, is about to become the next big name in Mobile Virtual Network Operators as venturebeat reports on its latest innovation.

Initially a service that offered SIM cards affording free basic mobile plans, FreedomPop is taking the world by storm with their latest creation WhatsApp. Founded back in 2011 this company made its mark through giving away mobile plans that included free talk time, text messaging and even the ever coveted data. Now FreedomPop’s newest app gives users zero-rated access, meaning through WhatsApp you can talk and text regardless of your remaining data and is completely free to use. It is expected to launch in Spain within the next few months, and while it will be limited specifically to that area, FreedomPop is optimistic that its popularity will soon spread.

Despite controversy arising from Europe and India, WhatsApp expects their launch to go well, and hopes to disrupt the local markets in other areas. Like most text and talk apps around the world WhatsApp’s appeal is that you simply open your app and have free talk time or texting regardless of your plan. It currently holds the place of most popular texting app in Spain, and FreedomPop by making this app zero-rated hopes to gain traction throughout other areas of Europe. The true selling point for FreedomPop is the fact that it offers free roaming in over 30 countries including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France and Italy.

With the goal to change mobile service as we know it firmly set in their minds, there is no telling what heights FreedomPop will achieve next. For now, millions wait as the impending launch date draws near, and millions more eagerly hope for its launch in their own country. For more information feel free to visit the original article in the link below.

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Getting Started in Fashion with JustFab

Women are said to be the more fashionable gender. However, not every woman is into fashion. Even for those that are into it, it could be a little challenging if they are past a certain size. Fortunately, there are clothing companies that are opening up a plus sized line so that women who are a little larger than the sizes carried in most stores can look into fashion for themselves. Women who are a little bigger can also look through some of the available styles of stores like JustFab and other stylish places. They no longer have to look at their smaller counterparts with envy.

One article that was released on The Curvy Fashionista has described the new line of clothing being released by JustFab which is called JustFab Plus. Now, larger women can shop at JustFab and try on the styles that they are interested in so that they could experience the thrill of putting together a stylish outfit. One thing that could be said about JustFab is that it caters to different sizes and different body types so that no one is going to feel left out of Fashion. They can try out all of the latest trends as well as put together a look that they are satisfied with.
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With plus sized fashion, larger people can also take advantage of some of the styles that they always wanted to try. Not only will they feel better about themselves because of the clothes on that they have bought, but they will also more likely be looked at differently because of the image that they present to their peers and other people that see them. Appearance does play a large role in how one is perceived. Clothing is a large part of appearance for a lot of people. Plus-sized women can also experience the art of fashion with JustFab Plus.

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A 7-day Trial of Wen Cleansing Conditioner

The WEN cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean promises stronger, shinier, healthier hair, not only by repairing the damage caused by traditional lathering shampoos, but by replacing a typical regiment of daily abrasive sulfates with a gentle five-in-one cleanser. The ever popular television ads show women with glamorous movie-star hair after only a single use of this softer, spectacular product.’s Emily McClure, fashion-beauty blogger and salon stylist, puts the Wen cleansing conditioner to the test in her own 7-day trial.
You can read her full article and view her week in photos here.

Just as the infomercials and reviews assured, results were apparent upon the first use. By Day 1, McClure enjoyed hair that appeared “more shiny and bouncy”. She likewise noticed that strands of hair were not falling out as she showered, further adding to Wen’s claim of not stripping and damaging hair the way typical lathering suds often do. Following each use of the cleansing conditioner, her hair remained noticeably healthy with a luster that is visible throughout her facebook photos.

In the end McClure notes, somewhat vexedly, that Chaz Dean’s Wen is better suited for those that shower and style their hair in the morning. She herself prefers to wash her hair in the evening, but noticed early on that her hair would be oily by the following day. The effects of this conditioner/detangler/shampoo are dazzling, but tend to wear off fairly quickly. All in all, while Wen will not be replacing her daily shampoo, she is happy to keep a bottle handy. When the time for beautiful, runway-worthy locks is required, she will just set the alarm clock just a tad earlier than usual. For more info, see


The Finest Foods in the Area Might Come as a Surprise

Fine dining has been featured quite heavily in the news. The modern culture has been experiencing a dramatic culture clash in the past decade or so. Fast food culture had been one of the predominant forces in the world as a whole. But over time it’s become quite apparent just how unhealthy that can be. People have noticed, and been eager for news to inform their choices in meals. But this trend isn’t just limited to people. A recent story in the Daily Herald offers up some hope for dog owners who want to extend things to their furry friends.
The story focuses on a new twitter trend in healthy dog foods. One of the most notable aspects of this is the fact that it’s not just about providing fresh ingredients in the dog food. This is obviously an important part of any kind of healthy eating. But the story showcased the fact that these new types of high quality dog food are as much about taste as they are about quality of the food. Part of the article features a dog food executive who happily takes a bite of his chicken and turkey blend. His exclamation of how it tastes just like thanksgiving really sets the tone of what’s to follow.

But this view of dog food isn’t something that’s new to the world. There’s been a few examples of dog food which has upheld a higher standard since the very beginning. One of the most prominent examples is a high quality dog food brand called Beneful. They’ve long held to a philosophy which insists on only the finest ingredients. It’s something that anyone who’s bought the dog food before can attest to. Most dog food tends to look fairly similar to every other brand. But has always had a very unique look. And the reason for it is plain to see.

Beneful’s dry dog food ( uses ingredients so fresh that it’s always obvious what’s going into it. When one looks on the package and sees the flavor, it’s easy to see where it comes from. The chicken flavored food will taste that way because there’s chunks of real chicken in it. The beef flavor comes from real beef. And most of the flavors also have lots of healthy and juicy vegetables as well. It’s food that’d be healthy and delicious no matter what the audience.  It’s products are available nationwide on Wal-Mart groceries. But dogs are always happy to find that it’s intended to go onto their plate.

The World Of White Shark Media

In 2011 when White Shark Media began their operation, there were a lot of complains and equal amounts of accolades about how the company did business. The company knew it had to make some changes, if they want to keep their clients and attract more. They also knew as a new business they had to work extremely hard if it was to be a success and keep all complains to a minimal. The complain for the most part has made the company much stronger, after they decide to correct some things.

When customers said that they had lost touch with their Adword Campaign, this really troubled them. In order to correct this,they made sure that the customer knew about the campaign before hand, this way they will know where to go before it began and see how it was performing. Some customers weren’t satisfied with the response that they received and getting hold of someone to talk too was almost impossible. According Glass Door, White Shark Media knew this had to be corrected immediately.

In order to correct this they introduced GoToMeeting. This is an on line conversation. Here the client and the Search Engine Marketer(SEM) can look over a report on a shared screen, that was sent to the client for the last thirty day, to see their performance. This one move had their client signing their praises. It really went over well with the clients that they had from the beginning.To read more, visit: http//

This was just a few of the complains that have been taken of. Now with all of them addressed White Shark Media seems like they have adjust just fine. People from all over are recommending them to others. Places like New Mexico, California, Arizona, Florida and lots more, are really shouting their praises. Business such as Real estates, Driving schools and E-Commerce are saying that their base has exploded. Some are saying White Shark Media is the only way to go if a company wants consistency and growth

Andrew Lolk is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) of White Shark Media. He is the on who is responsible for developing the company’s brand. He is proficient in AdWords. Lolk also wrote the e-book on “The proven AdWords Strategy. White Shark Media has offices in the United States, Central America and Denmark. Their main focus is to make their clients businesses as profitable. One can see that White Shark Media is company that stand far apart when it comes to pleasing their clients.

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George Soros: Successful Businessman, Philanthropist, and Survivor

George Soros is a successful businessman who was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He was born to a non-observant Jewish family on Bloomberg who had changed their original last name to Soros from Schwartz. The Soros family were living in Budapest when Nazi Germany invaded in 1944. George Soros was 13-years-old when the occupation took place. He survived the occupation and managed to flee to England in 1947. Once he was established in London, Mr. Soros became a student at the prestigious London School of Economics. He earned his Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951 and his Master’s in philosophy in 1954 from the London School of Economics.

After graduating on, Soros eventually landed in the United States. In 1970, he founded Soros Fund Management of which he also became the chairman for. Soros Fund Management is an investment firm and hedge fund that has grown to become one of the most profitable firms in the industry. Since the founding of the company, the fund has generated over $40 billion. In 1992, Soros and his partner Stan Druckenmiller were able to short the British pound. Mr. George Soros made such a profit from it that he became known as “the man who broke the Bank of England”.

In addition to being a survivor and an extremely successful businessman, Mr. Soros is a generous philanthropist. His philanthropy work began in 1979 when he began to fund black students to attend Cape Town University during the turbulent times of the apartheid in South Africa. Mr. Soros created a network, called the Open Society Foundations (OSF), that give financial support to civil society organizations around the globe. The type of organizations that the OSF looks to support includes those who want an independent media, who are looking to advance their country’s education system, justice system, or public health care system. Mr. Soros has personally given away $11 billion of his personal money so far in his lifetime towards his philanthropic interests.