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Celebrities and Their Admiration for Kabbalah

Spirituality and religion go hand in hand most of the time. Many people search high and low for something to change their lives and give them peace. This thing usually helps people go through life and it helps them face the days, weeks, months and years. There is one thing many esteemed people seemed to be fascinated with. Kabbalah is a Jewish mysticism that celebrities from all genres are gravitating towards. Followers of Kabbalah are can usually be seen wearing a red string bracelet. These red string bracelets signify their belief and loyalty to the mysticism. The pop singer Madonna has been seen wearing a red string bracelet. As of recent, Madonna is one of the biggest celebrities that has put Kabbalah on the public stage. While Madonna is one of the celebrities that has put light on Kabbalah in recent times, there are other celebrities that have taken an interest to it. Silver screen legends Sammy Davis Jr. , Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe have shown admiration for Kabbalah.

Socialite Paris Hilton and actress Sandra Bernard have also been seen wearing the famous red string bracelets and going to the Kabbalah Centre. Paris Hilton states that when she is having issues with her life, she visits the Kabbalah Centre for clarity. She says that the Jewish mysticism has helped bring peace to her life.

The Kabbalah Centre is a big part of the Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles, California. The Kabbalah Centre in California holds various classes and seminars. They also hold online classes of Kabbalistic teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Philip Berg, along with his wife. The teachers at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles are diverse and the students are equally diverse, coming from many countries all over the world.

The inspiring Journey to Greatness of Entrepreneur Brian Bonar

Currently living in the U.S., entrepreneur Brian Bonar is one of the recognized financial experts. He has stamped his authority in the financial services sector. His unprecedented expertise and experience stem from his decades of holding management posts in top financial institutions and companies.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has keen interests in helping other ambitious financial executives to make strides in the ever-expanding and competitive finance sector. He holds senior executive positions at both Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept.

Awards and recognitions

Since Brian Bonar became an esteemed leader in the financial world, he has been adding prestigious accolades in his cabinet almost every year. For instance, in 2010, he appeared on the Who’s Who annual list by Cambridge and won the Executive of the Year in Finance Accolade.

The selection committee meets annually to select two women and two men for the Executive of the Year Award, based on academic credentials, leadership abilities, achievements, and professional accomplishments.

How did Bonar promote the growth of Dalrada Financial Group?

Brian Bonar has combined his wealth of experience in operations leadership and knowledge in financial principles to drive Dalrada Financial Group to its current position in the financial sector. He has guided Dalrada into a respected financial firm in the arena of finance.

He has guided a large pool of clients in protecting their assets and efficiently managing their finances. The drastic expansion of the firm and its ceaseless commitment to offering business with leading-edge aftermarket products expresses the passion and personal discipline that Bonar has demonstrated in his entire career.

What is Dalrada Financial Group?

Dalrada Financial Group is a respected market leader when it comes to providing employee programs to distinct businesses globally. The objective of this financial service powerhouse is to optimize business efficiency. The firm has enjoyed unprecedented profits from customizing services, ranging from business process outsourcing, insurance, to finance, which solves the challenges that clients face.

Academic Qualifications of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been keen on improving his problem-solving skills. He has strived to dive deeper into the academic world. Bonar did his first undergraduate degree at the Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde. Then, he moved to the UK and enrolled at Stafford University where he did his postgraduate and completed his doctorate studies.

Career at Dalrada Financial Group

Brian Bonar had a successful career at Dalrada. He acted as the VP in charge of marketing and sales for few months, before rising to the executive vice president position. Between 1995 and 1997, Bonar was making critical investment and growth decisions as the director of Dalrada.

In 1998, he assumed the CEO position of Dalrada. A year later, the firm appointed Bonar as the chair of its executive board.

In Pursuit of Greatness

AffHave you ever heard of a financial institution by the name of NexBank? Well, if you’re not from around the Dallas, Texas Area then you probably might not be “in the know,” but NexBank is the perfect example of organic growth in a demanding environment. Formely known as Heritage Bank, NexBank has evolved into a full blown powerhouse that specializes in mortgage, investment, and commercial services. Not only does it offer top notch services for individuals, it offers top notch services for larger corporation, middle market companies, real estate investors, institutional clients, as well as valuable services for other banking centers.

Though being a regional style bank, NexBank offer many of the same service as it’s much larger counterparts. These counterparts are known as national banking institutions, which includes Capital One, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, SunTrust Bank, and many more. There aren’t too many regional banks that can compete at this level, but NexBank defies all odds. Did you know that this premier institution has an estimated $4.6 Billion in assets? That’s right! Since 2015, this is a 71% growth rate, which outperforms most of the competitions. Check out the facts below:

  • Total deposits have exceeds $3 Billion
  • $2.83 Billion in loan support
  • 2016 net income exceeds $83 Million

Each and every financial category skyrocketed upward from the previous year. NexBank’s ability to grow and evolve comes from strategic planning and John Holt has all bases covered. Holt is the CEO and President here and his winning way of thinking has boosted the banks performance. Holt has provided services as a guest panelist at the “Texas Bankers Association” Conference in New Orleans and he has been a part of Dallas’ Affordable Home Loan Program of 2016 where NexBank offered up to $50 Million in loan support. This article only scratches the surface of what this dynamic duo has accomplished, but stay tuned because there is a lot more in store.


Bruce Levenson and Former Hawk’s Ownership Group Sues Insurer

Bruce Levenson, and the other members of the former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise filed a lawsuit against an insurance company. The lawsuit is now pending against the New Hampshire Insurance Company.

The lawsuit raises an allegation regarding breach of contract. Levenson and the rest of the ownership group contend the insurance company breached a contract by failing to pay for the settlement of certain claims. The settlement involved claims made by the Hawk’s former general manager, Danny Perry.

The litigation is confined to the former ownership group and does not involve current ownership of the Hawks. Levenson is in the position of controlling partner of the former Hawk’s ownership group.

Levenson and his crew contend the insurance policy required the insurer to pay for some or all of the money expended in the buyout Danny Perry’s contract with the franchise. The lawsuit also contends that the insurance companies engaged in bad faith settlement practices in regard to the Perry buy out matter.

The former ownership group is seeking a court order requiring payment of the full amount possible under policy terms. The lawsuit also seeks a 50 percent penalty payment from the insurer. The 50 percent penalty is based on the maximum payout possible under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. The group headed by Levenson also seeks an court order requiring the insurance company to reimburse its attorney fees and costs in this case.

Levenson has a career that extends beyond his work with the Atlanta Hawks. He, and a business partner, founded United Communications Group. That company was established in the 1970s.

Levenson is an initial board member of a venture called TechTarget. Levenson also was an adviser for a company called BIA Digital Partners. BIA is classified as a private equity firm. See,

Levenson is active in an assortment of philanthropic activities. These activities include organizations like the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., and the Hoop Dreams Foundation.


David Giertz on Social Security Investments

David Giertz explains that advisers must discuss Social Security with their clients.A survey on of retired people and people ten years from retirement through the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute found that most people reported their advisers don’t speak to them about Social Security. The survey also found most people reporting that they would switch advisers if they did not thoroughly discuss Social Security plans with them.

Giertz explains why some advisers might avoid the topic. He says there are over 2,700 rules in the Social Security handbook, and that it’s all very complex unless you have a lot of experience with that specific topic on Facebook. He also states that people who start using Social Security too early can lose out on as much as $300,000 over twenty-five years, being a loss of $12,000 a year, which would of course come to a $1,000 loss a month.

David Giertz is a financial adviser with over thirty years of solid experience. Mr. Giertz understands and teaches other people the best way to utilize their Social Security, and teaches them how to form an efficient retirement plan. He attended the University of Miami School of Business to obtain his Master of Business Administration degree. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Millikin University in Illinois. He now serves on the Board of Trustees with Millikin University.

Mr. David Giertz has been the Senior Vice President at Nationwide Financial Distribution and sales since April 2013. David also serves in various other offices at Nationwide, such as Vice President of sales. Giertz is responsible for creating the strategy of wholesale distribution of private retirement plans. He also formed similar plans for life insurance.

Learn more about David Giertz:

George Soros Prepares For The Battle Ahead

Everything Is At Stake
The losses that progressives faced in 2016 have put much the progress made in this decade at risk. In America, the victory of Donald Trump and the successful retention of Congress has given Republicans control over the federal government for the time being. In Europe, the Brexit campaign on Investopedia has succeeded and right leaning conservative politicians are gaining momentum. The Left is going to have a battle ahead and George Soros plans to do everything he can to support them.

How Things Got To This Point
Like many others Soros wonders exactly how things got to the point that they are now. He believes the blame lies solely on the modern outlook of globalization. So many people feel that globalization has not benefited them and is actually causing harm to them. These voters according to Politico are doing everything they can to fight back and figures like Donald Trump give a voice to their grievances. For the Left to recover the Left is going t have to find a way to redistribute wealth into the hands of the working class.

What Soros Plans To Do
At the center of George Soros’ plan is to gather the Left together and find a way to stand up to Donald Trump. Trump has run on an agenda that explicitly fights against globalization. George Soros is a strong supporter of free trade and naturally he wants to do everything he can to fight against it. Unfortunately for Soros conservatives have firm control over the federal government of the United States. There is likely little that the Left can do in the short term to fight Donald Trump or anything on his agenda. However, long term plans might give hope.

The Hope Of Recovery
While things don’t seem very good for the Left Soros is hopeful that things can be turned around. He does believe that dark times are ahead of progressives as mentioned by Trump and other right wing politicians of the West are going to have the ability to serious change the way things operate in politics. If the Left can endure they may have chance to take back power.

About George Soros
George Soros is a philanthropist with a strong focus on efforts to improve global commerce. He has seen the benefits of this for himself and he wants to do everything that he can to encourage it. As a hedge fund manager George Soros has managed to make himself one of the wealthiest people on planet Earth. His fortune as of 2016 was worth more than $25 billion. Beyond his efforts to make the world a better place he is known for his accurate market predictions and solid investment advice.

Equities First Holdings Develops Transaction with Australian Company – Environmental Clean Technologies Limited

Equities First Holdings, (EFH), a supplier of option shareholder financing, and its subsidiary in Australian, Equities First Holdings (Australia) – EFH/A expressed the pleasure for the EFH to have started the transaction with the Environmental Clean Technologies ( ECT) to offer finances that would be utilized in the establishment of key projects in India.

With the ticker symbol ASX: ESI, ECT is listed with the Australian Stock Exchange. The Melbourne-based organization that spends significant time in designing R&D and commercializing the iron-making technologies and driving edge coal beneficiation and leading-edge coal beneficiation. The funds given to ECT from EFH will be utilized to assist in funding the $30 million innovative & development facility in India.

“ECT is a technological organization with a strong administration group set up, and a well-laid-out arrangement for future achievement,” Al Christy, Jr., the president & CEO at Equities First Holdings, said. “EFH is glad to have the capacity to give the funding that is important to help ECT meets its monetary objectives and proceed with the work of figuring out the code of minerals technologies and emerging energy.” The Equities First Holdings in Australia is situated in Sydney and works with satellite workplaces in Melbourne and Perth. The organization has an Australian Financial Services License with the reference number: 387079.

Glenn Fozard, the Chairman of ECT remarked, “ECT perceives that EFH is the worldwide pioneer in securities based loaning and having them required to help finance their Indian venture is fundamental to keeping the results on-track & on-time. The Australian EFH group has demonstrated integrity and professionalism and have been an extraordinary support in establishing the transaction.” From 2002, Equities First Holdings – EFH has been offering its customers with option financing by loaning capital whereby the publicly traded stock is utilized as security in ensuring clients cater for their personal and profession needs.


Exploring The Benefits Of Comparative Law To Developing Modern Governance Systems


Since the ancient times, communities have been using governance methods to deal with their problems. Every challenge that is presented before a community calls for creative and useful processes that can not only deal with the problem, but also guarantee peace and stability in the future. This is what laws are meant to offer and the reason every government wants to have a perfect constitution is to ensure their progress is not derailed. A constitution is a set of laws that define actions and offer direction on various matters.


Developing a constitution is a process that takes time and resources to accomplish. Experts have to ensure the suggestions they bring to the table are polished enough to guarantee perfect laws and to deal with pressing challenges the society faces from time to time. Considering the importance of a constitution and how it can be used to support growth, many experts opt for comparative law so they can have laws that are focused and designed to provide a lasting solution to the problems the community encounters.  Hop over this page.


Comparative law is a specialty in law that has been around since the early 18th century, when European scholars toured several places across Europe with the aim of getting information about the laws that were used by different communities. In this pursuit, they were able to come across various types of laws and systems they could borrow to install in their regions. Today, comparative law is a vital part of the constitutional development process and has been supporting the development of laws that are modern and designed to cater for the needs of the community.  Based on


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a law professor recognized internationally for his support for comparative law and methods of governance that are focused on delivering positive results and offering insight into the growth of better systems of governance. He has been working on research projects that seek to bring solutions to the world to ensure conflicts are resolved seamlessly and the community affected offered lasting solutions.


Through research, Sujit Choudhry helped many countries to conduct peaceful transition processes after elections and he has remained a vital consultant on matters constitutional development. Several countries among them Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa benefitted from his support as a comparative law consultant and expert. He provided guidelines and information that allowed these nations to progress seamlessly and to install working systems.

Check for more info.

White Shark Media Achieving a Competitive Advantage

White Shark Media is an Adwords company management that has to build a niche and established itself in the online business. They have even gone further to partner with Google Adwords being one among the only twenty-nine selected agencies. That is not something easy for marketing companies because Google handpicks its partners and that may not be something easy. They do a lot of scrutinizes to come up with institutions that are competent like the White Shark Media.


White Shark Media is a company that is reliable by the small business companies because it offers an evaluation that has no risks that are involved. They have a way of working, and that is why they first carry out a thorough research and knows the weaknesses and the strengths of your company. From there, they will help you in setting your Google Adwords campaign. They will guide you slowly to ensure that you achieve all that you wanted by starting your business.


They have provided that their services are affordable by the average companies, but the cost will depend on many things. It will also rely on the needs of your business, and your needs are what will enable them to help you in the management of your Adwords campaign. They are good when it comes to communicating through emails with their staff that is qualified and certified.


By now they have offered their services to many mid-sized companies, and most of them have given their testimonials of their services. If you go through the internet, you will come across many of them who have received these services, and they have great things about the company. One customer says that her business was able to succeed because of the huge help that he got from this company. The current state of things shows the firm will continue mentoring many small businesses to achieve great success.


Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. This company is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco Incorporated. While serving as the CEO of the company, Petrello has also served as the company President since 1992.

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Anthony has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries as well. Before he became involved with the company known as Nabors Industries, Petrello was working for a law firm called Baker & McKenzie from 1979-1991 where he served as its Managing Partner. During the years 1986-1991 he held this position. Nowadays, Mr. Petrello is the current Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries since 2012.

When Anthony first began working at Nabors Industries, he served as the Chief Operating Officer in which he would provide the daily management of the company. During his stint at this position, he would help manage the staff of the company as well as help provide strategies on how to get more customers and also improve operations. Since he performed quite well at this position, he would eventually get promoted to the Chief Executive Officer. At this position, he would begin to lead the entire company and devise the overall direction of the organization in terms of business operations. He would continue to hold this position for the next few years.

After serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Petrello would move up to become the Chairman of the Board which gave him an increased level of responsibility and leadership for the company. At his position, he continues to provide insight and overall direction on how the company should be run. He passes on his feedback to the current management team so that they can implement a lot of policies that will likely benefit the organization. With his guidance and expertise, Petrello has helped Nabors Industries continue to be one of the top companies in its respective industry.

Over the years Anthony Petrello has established himself as a leading executive. He has helped successfully run one of largest energy companies in the United States. During his career he has held a number of top management positions which allowed him to demonstrate his leadership abilities. When holding various high level management positions, Anthony would help provide Nabors Industries with lots of insight on how to make the company provide better products, better service and also on how to increase its profits. With this experience, he has been able to help Nabors Industries solidify its reputation as one of the premier energy companies in the world.