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Dr. Cameron Clokie Retires From Academics To Serve At Induce Biologics Inc.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a renowned entrepreneur and surgeon who reside in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Cameron has dedicated his entire professional life in finding new ways that can bring a positive impact in the oral and maxillofacial fields.

He is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in this field, and he has made numerous discoveries and contributions that have changed the way doctors in the field work. Dr. Cameron Clokie is a well-known individual who is looked upon by professionals from all over the world. He has served in this area for the last three decades. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Dr. Cameron Clokie graduated in 1985 with a degree in Dental Surgery. After his undergraduate degree, Cameron Clokie enrolled at McGill University where he earned his Ph.D. Clokie specialized in bone regeneration and dental implants. His tremendous expertise in this field explains why patients from all over the world sought out for his services.

Dr. Cameron has published numerous papers in the field of dental surgery, and he has also conducted lectures around the world teaching on oral healthcare, oral and maxillofacial surgery amongst other dental issues.

During his career, Dr. Cameron has served in the academic dentistry and also in the private practice. At one point in his career, Cameron served as the head of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. Dr. Cameron has also served as a professor at the great University of Toronto until he retired from academics in early 2017. Dr. Cameron has served as a board member for several institutions including private institutions and also in various scientific advisory boards.

 Cameron Clokie successes in his career include securing the approval of various international and the United States patents. As an expert in maxillofacial surgery, Dr, Cameron has devised ways to coax broken or missing bones to re-grow. He has helped several patients who have had their jaw broken or those who have lost their jaws to cancer.

Currently, Dr. Cameron serves as the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. It is a regenerative medicine firm that focuses on innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. Dr. Cameron’s experience coupled with his excellent business acumen has made him a great leader to Induce Biologics Inc.

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The Global CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal

In March 2015, Lori Senecal undertook the role of global CEO of MDC Partners Agency CP+B. During this time, it was a new role within the agency. Before that, she had the role of the President and CEO of the company, a position she continued to hold as the global CEO. She has been fruitful in ensuring that the organization can become a global agency, all this has been achieved by making the company nimble and flexible like most entrepreneurial start-ups.

Back in October 2015, a few months after she got the role, she managed to land American Airlines. She was able to snag away the account from their competitor TM advertising with whom the Airlines had worked with for almost 25 years. She has continued to assist in developing the agency and ensuring that they can also gain some leadership team which will have the role of coming up with the company’s future strategies.

In a report by Adweek, since the company has ten offices, the leadership team is assisting in ensuring that all of these offices are taken care of to the liking of the management. Danielle Aldrich is amongst the members of the leadership team, and she has been elevated to being the president of CP+B Boulder and Los Angeles, which joins to form CP+B West. This elevation of the regional leaders has brought about seamless sharing of resources across the offices, thus bringing about more creativity and talent. More so, they have been able to uncover most of the toughest business challenges.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal has been able to build her career as the president and CEO of CP+B; furthermore, her new role as the global CEO has catapulted her to better levels in which she has brought about change to the company.

She is a leader and focused on impacting change within a company. Lori has been able to assist the agency to be among the Creativity Innovators of the Year. Through all this, she has been able to build her career. Before being the President of the agency, she served as a CEO and Global Chairman of KBS.

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Capital Group Thriving will others Drown

American icon and investment guru Warren Buffett has made a $1 million dollar gamble, saying he could make better investment returns than a bunch of hedge fund managers by only investing in a S&P 500 passive index fund. The gamble is supposed to pay off for Warren Buffett this year. Warren Buffett says he will donate the winning to charity. Warren Buffett believes that many expensive funds that end up costing investors. Both Tim Armour and Warren Buffett believe low cost and simple investments should be bought and held for a long period of time.


Warren Buffett has become vocal when it comes to “bottom-up” investing which reviews companies and works to build a strong portfolio, which has worked for Warren Buffett for many years. Warren Buffett is encouraging Americans to save more as they near retirement and to invest and stay invested. Warren Buffett penned a letter to shareholders, saying the “active versus passive” debate does not help investors. Buffett has also said that mutual funds offer poor long-run returns because of excessive trading and costly management fees and what Tim Armour knows.


Warren Buffett believes in long-term investment returns that are achieved by having low costs. Tim Armour does not support passive index returns being the key to a prosperous retirement. Warren Buffett has found two ways to identify strong investors, and they are low expensive and high manager ownership.


Timothy Armour is currently the chairman and chief executive officer at The Capital Group. Tim Armour also serves as chairman of the Capital Group Management Company. Tim Armour has been with Capital Group for more than 30 years. Tim Armour started out at Capital Group as par of The Associates Program and later became an equity investment analyst at Capital Group, where he covered global telecommunications and American service companies and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


Tim Armour resides in Los Angeles, California. Timothy Armour received a bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury College. Timothy Armour has made a number of appearances on CNBC and MSNBC. Armour has been featured in several financial magazines including Bloomberg and the Financial Times. Tim Armour continues to advise people on investing in the market and more information click here.


The Tempus Initiative and Other Works from Eric Lefkosky

All the medical practitioners that are working in the 21st century dream that this is the time they will manage to beat cancer once and for all. To try and make this dream a reality, there are many steps that they have put in place including the inclusion of technology in cancer research. The Tempus Initiative, which is the brainchild of Eric Lefkosky, is an attempt to make sure that through the use of technology, the quality of care that is given to people that suffer from cancer.

Eric has always been a stronger believer in the fact that the best way to deal with cancer and any of the other progressive illnesses was through genetic sequencing. He believes that when technology is used to track the progress of cancer patients, it will be possible to tell how they will react to certain treatments and to even predict complications even before they occur and look for solutions to them.

He started his journey towards becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is when he was in college. When he was studying law at the University of Michigan, he started a company that was meant to supply upholstery and named it Brandon Apparel. They had gotten the capital they needed to create the business from their close family and friends and more information click here.

The second business that he started came to be known as Innerworkings. It was known as Innerworkings and provided procurement to SMEs. The company held its first IPO in 2012 after growing successfully. At the time when he was still growing this business, he got the idea to start a third business, which he did and named it Echo Global Statistics. The company has its stocks listed on NASDAQ .

Tempus initiative

These are applications that are used by the Doctors and other medical practitioners

together with their patients. Using the applications, the Doctors are able to know the treatments that will work and eliminate those that will not work as they should. When it comes to philanthropy, Lefkosky is a member of the board of the Chicago children’s hospital.

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Finding A Great Dentist And Stopping By MB2 Dental’s Picasso Branch

One of the most important strategies for your help is to find the assistance of a professional dental clinic that is skilled, professional and the best in their local area. When this is the metric that you are moving toward for your dental care, it is important to do your research and figure out which dental clinics offer the best care, while also explaining every matter of oral health to you. To this end, read below and use the tips in this article to guide you toward finding a great dental clinic.



#1: consult your dental insurance for recommendations


Since you pay for dental care annually, be sure that you lean on your insurance provider for everything that they provide. In this regard, they should be able to give you some recommendations on the best dental professionals in your are. This also kills two birds with one stone,because it allows you to not only know which dental professionals are credible, which except be coverage that you pay fo. Let this be your first step when fighting a great dentist


#2:speak to the dentist personally to get a feel for a way that we operate


There something about doing business face-to-face that web research can replicate. You will be able to speak to the doctor and know exactly what they can do for you, as we also assuage any apprehension that you have. This is most definitely an important part of hiring a dentist and will serve you well.


#3: stick to your appointments


It is very critical that you not only find the right dentist, but remain a diligent patient as well. In order to do this, you need to make sure that you stick to your appointments and honor them. This way, you will forge a great relationship with your dentist as they provide with primary care.


MB 2 Dental


If you need a great dentist, MB2 Dental is a great clinic to keep in mind. This clinic is excellent in everything that they can do for you and they have most recently expanded their practice. Most recently, they have opened up a Picasso branch which will act as an affiliate in spreading high quality, personable dental care in the local area. You will be glad that you stopped by to hire these dental professionals, due to the fact that they are skilled at every piece of service they offer and are able to assist you with any work that you need.


So any time that you are looking for high quality dental care that will serve you accordingly, you can be sure that you get that with the help of MB2 Dental. They are the dental practice that will take your healthcare to new heights and will be glad to serve you. Take it upon yourself to reach out to one of the dental professionals in the local area and make sure to stop by the Picasso branch if it is close to you. The dentist will be happy to serve you in any way that you require.


The Financial and Musical Journey of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is an affluent investor who attributes his success in the industry to over 20 years’ experience and a good educational background. Mr. Audi holds a degree in business administration from Pontifical Catholic University and an MBA from Sao Paulo University. He has worked in locally and internationally recognized firm where he has garnered management skills such as strategic financial planning, project management and planning, team leadership, entrepreneurship, equity management, investor relations, business planning and forecasting.

Cassio Audi has worked in investment management at JP Morgan Chase, Rossi Residencial, Dow Chemical and GVMI. Afterward, Audi assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer for Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc. All through the ranks as a managing director, human resources manager, finance director, senior analyst and as the CEO, he showed one common thing. That is, he is an outstanding investment manager particularly in bonds, shares, securities, real estate, pension funds, insurance, educational institutions and in managing the private investment.

His contribution in shaping the economy of Brazil is without a doubt one of his great achievements. For instance, during the 2007-2008 economic crisis that was experienced globally, Brazil found Cassio Audi’s professional business advice valid in salvaging the situation. Apparently, Brazil is ranked top ten of the best economies in the world, and Cassio’s has contributed greatly to this. In the capacity of an investment manager, he has a pool of knowledge capable of revamping a business, increasing profit margins and stimulating financial growth. He makes investment seem easy.

Between 1985 and 1989, Cassio Audi was an active participant of the Brazilian heavy metal youth band known as Viper. The band produced albums such as The Killera Sword, Soldiers of Sunrise and Theatre of Fate and at this time, Cassio was still attached to the group. The fallout between Cassio and the other band members occurred during the release of the documentary, 20 Years for The Night.

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Jason Hope Becomes Major Donor for the SENS Foundation

Jason Hope, Arizona’s most famous internet entrepreneur, has recently made a gigantic donation to The SENS Foundation. Donating over half-a-million dollars, Jason Hope’s donation will provide adequate funding for full-time researchers. The money will be used primarily for atherosclerosis research as well as some other fields involved in the aging process.

Hope has long been a keen student of medical research. Since the time he was very young, Hope has stayed abreast of all the latest trends in medical research and the directions in which new medical technologies are leading. It is for this reason that Hope became aware that the current medical consensus regarding many diseases related to the aging process is that they are intimately tied to the same molecular processes which lead to atherosclerosis and learn more about Jason.

Atherosclerosis is one of the main causes of coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke in the United States. These three illnesses make up the most lethal triad of diseases in the country today. They’re responsible for millions of deaths a year and have long been a key point of focus for medical research.

Through his donation, Hope believes that he will have directly contributed to the increasing knowledge of the body of medical experts on the topic of atherosclerosis. But Hope also believes that, through understanding the molecular processes which underpin the disease process involved in atherosclertic disease, medical science will be able to someday advance to the point where it is possible to stave off or even eliminate the diseases of aging.

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The Many Varieities of Beneful Wet Dog Food

When I shop for pet food, I want to choose what is best for my dog. She is not just my pet, but a member of my family, my best friend, running partner, and confidant. So I always pick up several cans of Beneful Moist Dog wet Food for her. With over twenty varieties she will never get tired of any one, and Beneful adds new ones often.

I know some people say dogs don’t have the same sense of taste as people do. But I know my dog has her preferences. For example, when I open a container of the Tuscan Style Medley with beef, carrots, rice and spinach, Funny dances a jig. In fact, it almost looks good enough for me to eat. Another of her favorites is Savory Rice and Lamb Stew. That recipe also has peas and carrots in it. Other recipes have chicken, turkey, and salmon in them.

I also like that I can find coupons on the Beneful website. I use the extra savings to buy Funny Beneful treats and some toys to play with. Along with moist dog foods and treats, the company also has a full selection of dry kibble. I like to keep a bowl full of dry dog food all the time. I feed my pet a serving of moist food at night for a dinner treat.

Purina PetCare Company is the maker of Beneful. The long tradition of the company goes into every serving. With the over one hundred years of research into pet and animal nutrition, I can be sure that my dog gets what she needs to be healthy and well nourished. Every bag or can of Beneful contains real meats, no fillers like some brands. The vegetables and grains are also fresh. Plus, every ingredient must pass exacting quality control standards.

Commercial Real Estate

When many people think of real estate, they envision beautiful houses in a residential area. Although this is a part of what real estate is, commercial real estate is an even bigger piece of the overall pie. Few people even think about building or investing in commercial real estate because the capital requirements are so high. Over the years, a lot of people have decided to make a difference in the lives of other people through this area. Omar Boraie is the type of person who is always going to develop commercial real estate in a number of areas. If you are ready to take your business to a new level, this is a great area to concentrate on.

Omar Boraie

There are a lot of people who have spent years in the real estate business. Omar Boraie has worked hard to add value to others in a number of areas. Not only does he want to help other people with their finances, but he wants to build up his local area as much as possible. According to NJBiz, there are many people moving to the New Jersey area, and the proper buildings are essential to maintaining the current rate of growth. Over the years, he has proven to truly care about the value that he is adding to people in his local community through his work.

Commercial Financing

In a report by Patch, another major issue that a lot of people go through is how to find commercial financing. With all of the changes that are going on in the world of business, this is one of the most important things that you can do in your life and career. Omar Boraie is the type of person who is always looking for ways to make more money in business. Getting a proper commercial financing plan for your current situation is the best way to add value to others. Over time, this is one of the best ways that you can start to make a positive difference for other people. Omar Boraie is an expert in real estate development and will continue to work hard in the future.

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Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor Firm that provides financial planning in a personal and comprehensive manner to individuals, families, and business owners of means. Founded by Richard Blair, the firm offers methods of helping people grow and preserve their assets in these times of challenging monetary fluctuations.


Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., has always been involved with and interested in education. His grandmother, mother, and his wife were all teachers. From an early age, Richard saw how effective teaching was able to help people learn new things and profit from them by putting the new principles into practice.


From this experience, Richard surmised that he could help people with their financial needs by applying the same principles. When people learn about a subject, they can make better choices that are informed and backed by hard knowledge and facts.


In 1993, Richard founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. for the purpose of providing this sort of specialized knowledge to clients to be used in the planning and organization of their assets so that they could be preserved, grown, and maintained for retirement.


Consequently, Wealth Solutions, Inc. has been able to provide many people the financial security and protection that they needed to plan and have enough in the way of assets when they retire. People live in a world of financial chao, and if they don’t plan their future, they may have no future from a financial standpoint.


This is what Richard Blair saw early on when people came to him in frustration when the stock market had its ups and downs, leaving go guideposts for the present, let alone for the present. Utilizing safe and well-tested methods for asset accumulation and tax-favored strategies, Richard was able to teach people how to set aside their funds so that they would be safe from market ups and downs on a tax-favored basis.


The strategy that Richard uses with his clients to offer them the best strategies involve wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. With these three strategies in place, a solid footing under girds any plan that is made, as each part of the plan complements the other parts.


The essence of the three “legs of the stool” are such that they are ways of handling one’s assets at different times of one’s life in ways that complement the lifestyle that we are all going through at that time. This allows people to be able to be certain that they have enough money at retirement to live the financial life that they wish.