Steven Hicks Interview with Inspirery

As the founder and the Prominent Southridge Capital, Steven Hicks has made a legacy due to his success in financial management. He was recently contacted by inspirery for an interview regarding his career and achievements. He was asked to discuss what makes him successful. Steve Kicks noted that he has a wide range of skills that he has to apply to achieve his goals as an entrepreneur since the industry is highly competitive. However, he stated that the most important thing is to stay focused and be organized. Steve added that it is critically valuable for him to have a list of task that he is set to accomplish on a daily basis. He also affirmed that he usually focuses on the proceeding of cash that comes from their portfolios to make sure that they are growing their investments with time.


Steve Hicks was then asked to discuss a failure that he has ever experienced in his career. He noted that they had another firm before Southridge  that they had invested a lot of money in, but it ended up failing regardless of their effort towards recovering it and their money. The company was called Petals, and it exposed them to an incredible financial hit. He also stated that the only solution that they had after experiencing such a significant loss was to increase the liquidity of that company with whatever that they had left after their initial investment. This was the only option that they could implement to get out of that hitch, and they finally made it. You can checkout to see more.


The other question was to explain how he came up with the idea of Southridge Capital. Hicks started by stating that is a gamble based on luck and circumstances. He developed this idea while he was serving in a Hedge Fund firm that was found in New York. He continued and pointed out that it got to a point when his boss, principal partner declared that he is planning to go back to Australia. This declaration gave them approximately a year to clear and organize everything to prepare the company for shut down. The idea of Southridge Capital came into his mind while he was still under his boss payroll. For more details you can visit their twitter account.