NY Wine Dinner Charity Event Is Hosted By Jeremy Goldstein

New York attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein owns his own law practice, and he is an ardent supporter of the Fountain House. He recently hosted a wine dinner to help further the cause of this charitable organization. The event was held in New York City in May of 2018.


The delicious food served at this gala dinner was complemented by several of the finest wines of the Chateau Latour label. His hope was to raise funds and to raise awareness of the positive actions taken by the Fountain House in its ongoing quest to help those that suffer from mental illness. The organization is dedicated to improving the health and the lives of the individuals that are afflicted with mental illness, as well as their families.


The organization was founded in 1944 is a collaboration of six people who were strangers until they met at the Rockland State Hospital. The hospital is located in Orangeburg, New York. At the time, the six people were all at the hospital being treated for issues with mental illness. For over 70 years, the work of the organization has helped in the recovery of many people. It has helped them to better cope with their illness, and it has enabled many individuals to resume their normal activities. Thanks to Jeremy Goldstein, as well as his co hosts Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, the wine dinner was a huge success.


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