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GreenSky Credit Introduces Alternative Approaches to Credit Financing

One of the main aspects that have led to the great success of GreenSky Credit is the ease of embracing new technology. The organization is one of the few companies in the finance industry that have embraced technology in their operations to enhance efficiency. What distinguishes GreenSky Credit from the other organizations is the purpose for which it has adopted the technological advances. Most of the organizations introduce technology in their operations to ensure that their staff members are not loaded with work. In others, the management teams have the intention to cut cost, and hence they opt technological advancement so that they can reduce the number of employees that they need to hire to do a certain level of work.

Main approach:

However, GreenSky Credit has a customer-oriented approach to technology improvements. The main objective of the organization, under the management of David Zalik who is the CEO of the company, is to enhance the convenience at which the customers receive their services. For instance, being a lending firm, GreenSky Credit has developed a platform that is geared towards ensuring that the customers receive their credit services efficiently and smoothly. This platform has been designed in such a manner that the clients who need credit assistance are not required to travel to the company’s premises to borrow funds. Sitting in their homes and logging into the company’s website is enough to initiate and complete the application of the loan, and in the next minute expect the funds to trickle into their bank accounts.

Alternative approaches:

The approach which GreenSky Credit is using to lend the borrowers is also different from the ordinary lending firms. Being a large and stable organization, GreenSky lends the small lending companies which in turn lends their customers at a rate that will guarantee a significant percentage commission to the company. In this way, GreenSky can reduce its exposure to credit risk by transferring it to the small creditors and the lenders. Another approach used by GreenSky Credit is by the use of merchants and contractors as middlemen. This way, customers of these middlemen can access their services on credit while GreenSky acts as their guarantor. This comes with a commission to the company.



A Focus on Adam Milstein and His Philanthropic Causes

Adam Milstein happens to be one of the prominent and most influential people in the U.S. He is greatly instrumental in pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish not-for-profit initiatives. In 2007, he was a partner in the foundation of Israeli American Council based in Los Angeles. Today, he sits as the national Chair to the board of this organization. The Israeli American Council has tremendously achieved great milestones under Adam’s leadership. It has extended its growth to about 12 other regional councils all across the USA.

Together with his wife Gila, Adam Milstein contributes to a wide range of philanthropic activities. Among them is the establishment of Milstein Family Foundation. The organization seeks to help Americans of the Jewish descent to learn more about their origin. It also teaches them how to closely connect with Israel by ensuring that they remain affiliated to the State of Israel. This is for the sake of the present and sustainable future Jewish generations. Moreover, Gila Milstein established the Stand By Me organization which dedicates its services to help the Israeli Americans suffering from cancer.

Besides the material support, Adam Milstein and his wife are actively involved in fieldwork to ensure that all projects are successful. Through their non-profit causes with different organizations, they gain more knowledge and expertise around the nonprofit industry operations. As such, it is easy noting that most non-profit businesses have challenges in establishing sustainable sources of funding.

Through the Donor Forum, Adam Milstein effectively helps the pro-Israel non-profit organizations secure funding more efficiently. The Forum offers the organization a platform to pitch their objectives during a 15-minutes presentation, usually over lunch. Since donors can personally engage with the leaders of various organizations, the funding process is significantly enhanced. It will even be better to see other people use the Donor Forum developed by Milstein in the future developments. Besides, he has pioneered other great events and means of solving problems all his life.

Adam Milstein owns an MBA from one of the reputable universities in USA. He commenced his career path as a sales person in the real estate industry. Through hard work and dedication, he moved up the ranks to the position of a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam later shifted his career focus to the man he is today by giving back to the community.

Whitney Wolfe Is A Powerful Women Figure In The Tech Industry

Whitney Wolfe isn’t even thirty years old yet and she has already achieved a great deal of success as an entrepreneur, co-founding Tinder and starting up her very own dating app, Bumble. Whitney’s accomplishments in the technology industry have been recognized all over the country, affording her many opportunities and awards for her innovations and daring attitude. Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble and its affiliates and continues to steer Bumble as CEO.

Whitney Wolfe has used her impeccable business skills to run Bumble and turn it into one of the leading dating applications on the market. Coming from Tinder, Whitney has a ton of experience working in the tech industry as an expert in the fine details behind dating apps. Whitney used this information to create a woman tailored experience through Bumble. Despite the experience she had at Tinder, Whitney Wolfe did not let it hold her back from dominating in the business world.


Whitney has been on a long journey for success ever since she was a kid, always staying motivated. This is largely because she grew up in a well-to-do family that was high up on the totem pole in their respective industries. Whitney focused on business for her career and attending the Southern Methodist University where she grew up. This is the extent of Whitney’s education and the rest of her experience and skills have come from working on the job. Whitney’s time at Tinder as co-founder has shown her the bigger aspects of technology development and dating apps.

Over the years that Whitney has been climbing the business ladder, she has been recognized for her talents and determination to be a leading business woman, despite how difficult it actually is still today. In 2016, was featured as the 30 under 30 on Business Insider. She has been featured on Forbes for her accomplishments for several years in a row.

End Citizens United Claim Ted Cruz Continues To Defeat Himself

The End Citizens United PAC has gone from struggling to attract Democrats to its cause of election campaign finance reform to becoming a mainstay of the party. In just three years, End Citizens United has become one of the most important election resources for Democrats across the U.S. including those attempting to unseat some of the stalwarts of the Republican Party. As the 2018 Midterms campaigning season began around Thanksgiving 2017, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller placed Republican Senator Ted Cruz on her list of targeted seats for the 2018 election season. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Former Presidential candidate Cruz began his career running a grassroots campaign led by the Republican Tea Party but has now become known for his willingness to work for special interest groups. Cruz has remained a target for Democrats amid polls showing Cruz has a 49 percent disapproval rating in his home state of Texas.

The Democrat challenging Cruz is Beto O’Rourke, a former Texas Congressional Representative who has accepted the pledge from End Citizens United stating he will not work with special interest groups. O’Rourke is one of over 70 Democrats who has accepted the pledge prior to a Midterm election season many expected to be tightly contested. Campaign finance rules should be a major issue with Republicans continuing their attacks on the remaining regulations administered by the Federal Election Commission.


Upon announcing his candidacy for the Texas Senate seat held by Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke was seen as an undisputed underdog for victory. Early polls gave Cruz an 18-point lead which has been cut to just five points in a recent poll for the University of Texas. End Citizens United have commissioned their own poll which shows the lead of Ted Cruz turns into a small advantage for O’Rourke when his stance on campaign financing is revealed. The Democrat is working without the aid of polling experts on a campaign which has already taken him to every county in Texas months before the 2018 Midterms take place. View the group’s profile on

NY Wine Dinner Charity Event Is Hosted By Jeremy Goldstein

New York attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein owns his own law practice, and he is an ardent supporter of the Fountain House. He recently hosted a wine dinner to help further the cause of this charitable organization. The event was held in New York City in May of 2018.


The delicious food served at this gala dinner was complemented by several of the finest wines of the Chateau Latour label. His hope was to raise funds and to raise awareness of the positive actions taken by the Fountain House in its ongoing quest to help those that suffer from mental illness. The organization is dedicated to improving the health and the lives of the individuals that are afflicted with mental illness, as well as their families.


The organization was founded in 1944 is a collaboration of six people who were strangers until they met at the Rockland State Hospital. The hospital is located in Orangeburg, New York. At the time, the six people were all at the hospital being treated for issues with mental illness. For over 70 years, the work of the organization has helped in the recovery of many people. It has helped them to better cope with their illness, and it has enabled many individuals to resume their normal activities. Thanks to Jeremy Goldstein, as well as his co hosts Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, the wine dinner was a huge success.


Jeremy’s law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, works with corporate clients on such matters as employee compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and other corporate governance matters. Jeremy founded the firm, and he is currently a Partner in the firm. He has many years of experience, and he has been instrumental in the successful completion of many mergers and acquisitions over the last 10 years. Jeremy Goldstein and his firm specialize in providing legal advice on matters pertaining to employee compensation packages. He works with many company leaders and their top management personnel to structure and formulate the compensation packages of executive level employees.


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Graeme Holm offering his financial input to people with the help of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm who is the MPA Top 100 broker together with Rebecca Walker who is his partner took six months so that to come up with a business plan that was innovative, in the project the one thing that is included in the Australian mortgage market is all the problems. During the research what was concluded by the two is that the families in Australian lacked support, ongoing services, and guidance. In the cases that they researched on Graeme Holm, thought that the families did not get a fair deal from the financial institutions. That’s what lead Holm to decide that he was going to change the situation by making good use of Infinity Group Australia, using the personal concept that he had in finance.

The services that someone should expect from Infinity Group Australia are things like debt reduction, property investment, retirement strategies and wealth creation. There are different from other institutes in that they will ensure that the clients will get the support that they need, guide them all through and make sure that in their finances they will have nothing but success. The result that clients have received the once that have made good use of Infinity Group Australia is that in 12 months they were able to eliminate an average of $41,000. By the use of Infinity Group Australia, the clients did not take the 12 months to pay back the home loans it only took them three months. The services that Infinity Group Australia will offer the customers will be different from start to finish from that of a traditional broker. The will look deep into a customer’s life so that to provide the services like they will check the household’s expenses and then come up with a list that will have what the family needs and wants.

Graeme Holm offers his services to Infinity Group Australia as the director of the company; they have different branches that are located in Brisbane, Cronulla, Port Macquarie and Bella Vista. For the past 17 years, Holm has been offering his services in the financial sector, spending ten years of his career life at Big Four. In his time at the company that’s when he noticed that for many people they lived on a paycheck to paycheck and the only loan payment that they would be able to make was just minimal. With the help of the passion he had in the finance world and desire of being able to offer the Australian family with the best, he decided that he would start something and he came up with infinity Group Australian.

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