Malcolm CasSelle: Revolutionizing In-Game Tokens

Malcolm CasSelle was once a visionary who wanted to introduce change to the gaming industry. The young entrepreneur is currently changing the way that game tokens are being used inside the games played by millions around the world. Known for founding the Worldwide Asset Exchange, or most commonly known as WAX, he helps to create the stage where gamers could meet and do trades. WAX has become the leading platform to do virtual trades, and players are saying that they feel more secured transacting within the WAX platform. Using tokens while negotiating inside the games, Malcolm CasSelle believes that it would enable the players to feel more secure, and it would also limit the number of fraudulent trades that have plagued the world of online gaming ever since. He is also looking at establishing a cryptocurrency that can be used by the players both in-game and in the real world, and he stated that he would be able to use it entirely because of the existence of blockchain technology.

Malcolm CasSelle believes that the innovation he introduced would change the economy of the world. With the rising number of global trades happening around the world, he is confident that more people will be using the WAX platform for their transactions. The frequent usage of the WAX platform would signal the investors that his product is working, and he could also ask for more funding to improve the platform for the gamers. Another thing that he likes about the WAX platform is that fraudsters can be tracked down, thanks to the blockchain technology implemented within the game.

Malcolm CasSelle explained that with the current system in place it would be hard for scammers to victimize people online, because of the number of security measures that they need to pass before committing the crime. Aside from the blockchain technology that limits the number of fraudulent transactions within the game, guild masters are also appointing their head of security to ensure that players would have a great time within the virtual world, and no scammers would be able to spoil their fun and ruin their day.