The Fruits of The Academy of Art University

The recent blockbuster hit, “Avengers: Infinity War”, has been a worldwide success. The Huffington Post reported an article about the newest addition to The Avengers franchise in which they revealed the head of animation for the movie, Jan Philip Cramer. Mr. Cramer is a graduate of the prestigious school, “The Academy of Art University”. In this post, Jan Philip communicated how honored and excited he was to work on the blockbuster film. To him, this job meant that a childhood dream being fulfilled. However, Mr. Cramer is no stranger to working with Marvel. He has also worked with many of Marvels’ other motion picture, including: The Amazing Spiderman: Homecoming, and Deadpool. He also earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy in 2004 and proceeded to earn the Emerging Artist Alumni Award from the Academy. He later went on to join the Academy of Motion Picture and Arts Sciences in 2017. His exemplary involvement in the film industry has led many to fully appreciate the fruits of the many years of hard work.

Cramers’ Alma Matter

The Academy of Art University has been around since 1929 as a school for advertising art and continues to produce some of the most talented and well-educated artists. The prestigious school was originally led by a painter and magazine editor named Richard S. Stephens. The responsibility of leading the school was later passed on to Richards’ son, Richard A. Stephen in 1951. The Stephens kept it in the family by later replacing Richard A. with his daughter, Elisa Stephens in 1992.

The Academys’ Talents

The long standing and successful University not only teaches its students about marketing art, but also educates them on whatever artistic passion they posses. Their education programs have quite a variety of artistic education which include design, entertainment, fine art, and liberal arts. It is clear that the primary focus of The Academy of Arts University is primarily focused on the development of the artistic passions that its students have.

Present Day Prowess

This University of art has not only assisted in molding some of the creative minds, but also manages to keep up with the times. It constantly keeps state of the art facilities updated with state-of-the-art technology to give this generations modern artist the resources to fulfill their potential.