William Saito- Succeeding in Business through Technology

It is factual that technology has significant input in business. Irrespective of the size of the enterprise, technology is tangible and will help you siphon money while focusing on the demands of your clients. While this is true, it also takes a smart business professional to incorporate technology in business. William Saito is a preferable example; a Japanese entrepreneur who has shaped his career around major technological gadgets alongside the development of his business empire. Even though he has come this far and made a name for himself in the industry of tech and business, Saito had pretty humble beginnings as a toddler. In fact, he focused on establishing his career with the aim of defying all challenges that he came across.

His Early Life

Growing up in Walnut, William Saito developed some passion for the tech business at a tender age. This was majorly appended to the fact that it was the era of computers and everyone aspired to participate. Saito was not left behind as his science teacher discovered that he was rather too sharp for his class. Therefore, he recommended that Saito should acquire a personal computer to develop his skills in arithmetic alongside science. That marked the onset of his career.

Describing William Saito

Saito is a successful entrepreneur and former political as well as a strategic advisor for the Japanese government. Moreover, he served as a cybersecurity expert for his government. Over the years of his service, he managed to garner vast experience as a member of the tech world. In fact, at the tender age of ten years old, he landed his first programming internship because he was a computer guru. Later on, he joined college and was in a position to establish his tech firm. The company made it to the list of leading I/O Software, becoming an instrumental software company for authentication of tools like fingerprint recognition. At the same time, his firm earned some trust from Sony Company, thereby partnering to start an instrumental project. When he turned 34 in 2000, Saito sold his firm to Microsoft.

The Person and his Success

Over the years, Saito worked in different firms not only as a cybersecurity official but also a mentor for entrepreneurs. Consequently, he released a book titled An Unprogrammed Life. In this book, he recounts his adventures as a young entrepreneur trying to figure life out. He goes on to describe his life skills and experiences in the tech world with the hope of encouraging entrepreneurs to be resilient about acquiring their dreams.