Jeff Herman is Keen on Representing Victims of Sexual Abuse

Children are the future of the world. With that said, they must be protected from malicious activities and people. One such case is sexual abuse, and it has claimed the lives and mental health of many children across the world. Over the years, sexual crime cases have plummeted and largely contributed to the rise in numbers of attorneys who are responsible for handling such cases. Nevertheless, Jeff Herman has rightfully earned his position as a qualified attorney who represents victims of sexual abuse. Other than that, he has been vocal about different ways through which parents and guardians can protect their children from sexual abuse perpetrators. Here is a list of some of the tips Herman shared;

Be Transparent About Sexual Predators

Sex is not the most comfortable topic to discuss with your children. In fact, some people would still term it as a taboo. However, to enhance children’s safety in and out of your presence, you will have to give the talk and highlight the significant signs of identifying sex offenders and perpetrators in every way. By highlighting such instances, your children will be in a position to understand the value of grasping first signals while avoiding sexual predators at the same time.

Be Persistence, Resilient and Confident about the Discussion

Children are too vulnerable, and sex is critically sensitive in every way. Consequently, it is critical for you to highlight sexual abuse cases in a more persistent manner. For instance, when you initiate the talk, remember to keep on reiterating it as they grow. That way, they will be more aware of the impending dangers ahead of sexual abuse cases.

The Outline of Leadership and Contribution

Initially, Jeff Herman was a practicing lawyer who represented commercial clients in large, medium and small businesses. However, during one of his usual client visits, he met a woman whose son had been abused sexually. There and then, he decided to change his line of practice and represent the young man. Since then, Jeff has been instrumental in defending the voiceless victims who have experienced sexual abuse in one way or the other.