Sean Penn And Why He Decided To Write “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is always doing something to get the attention of movie viewers and of everyone in the film industry. However, he just broadened his audience with his newest work of art, a book. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff isn’t your typical work of fiction because it incorporates many real-life events, and many of the characters even resemble actual people.

For example, Bob Honey resembles his creator, Sean Penn, in quite a few ways.

  • Penn calls Honey “Pappy Pariah.” Pariah means “outcast” or “outsider.” The term “Pappy Pariah” could very well be referring to Penn in that he is estranged from his children.
  • Both Penn and his character, Honey, are divorced.
  • Penn and Honey are humanitarians who often do whatever they can to help when natural disasters strike.
  • The landlord is the character who has much power. Honey feels that this character wields entirely too much power in the same way that Penn feels that America’s president, Donald Trump, may wield too much power.


Although many have wondered if the characters and actions in the book truly reflect Penn’s views about Donald Trump and America, Penn has made it clear that the book is merely a work of fiction and should be seen as such.

After all, the fact that Bob Honey sells septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses doesn’t mean that Sean Penn has ever done the same thing. When asked why he decided to write a book at all, Penn didn’t hesitate to provide his reason: it would be a work of his own. Writing a book is different from working on a film, says Penn, because the movie industry requires that you collaborate with others.

The author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff says that writing gives a person more freedom than working on a film does because through the efforts of collaboration, the movie may turn out to be a disappointment. When writing a book, you can incorporate all of your ideas, and the finished product will turn out to be just what you wanted it to be. Penn says that he has another book in the works and doesn’t plan on returning to the film industry any time soon.