Roseann Bennett Wants You To Feel Free To Find Your Worth

Roseann Bennett, co-founder and executive director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a New Jersey based nonprofit mental health agency, owes her success in part to her ability to practice what she preaches. She is a marriage and family therapist with over a decade of experience and has racked up many other accolades along the way while maintaining her own family and happiness, although it has not always been easy she’ll be the first to admit. Every day Bennett is working harder and trying to find more joy and peace in the things she does for her career, as a family woman, and in her daily life for herself. One of the most coveted pieces of advice that she follows and tries to impart upon others is to realize what is and isn’t under your control, and if you’re tempted to change something you cannot, instead work on changing yourself.

Roseann saw the need for an organization like her Center for Assessment and Treatment through her experience in the family and relationship therapy field which unfortunately is not set up to be the most convenient and conscientious for everyone. People that don’t have a lot of money or connections with the community have a difficult time receiving mental and emotional help in many cases and Roseann set out to create a place where they could come and get the assistance they need and deserve. One of her proudest accomplishments is never turning away anyone seeking help. She especially loves empowering women so that they feel supported and secure to do what they really want to do and she tries to give herself the same luxury in life although juggling motherhood and home life with everything she wants with her career can be tough. She makes it work though and disciplines herself to take it easy at times and do things like cook every Sunday and spend weekly time with family and friends despite her busy work schedule. She encourages her patients and employees to participate in activities that promote wellness and is glad to see current trends support this.