NGP VAN: The role of technology in political campaigns

The role of technology in carrying out the campaigns of the current century is not something that can be ignored. With technological innovations happening now and then, the number of people who are using technology has increased. With the growth in technology, we have also seen an increase in the number of people using the internet. Many people today have smartphones which they use to go online. Many users of social media platforms are known to use the phones more than other personal devices. With the growth in technology, it also becomes important for people who would like to use technology as a means of reaching out to the people to so.

Political organization has seen the growth in technology as an opportunity for them to change the approach applied in campaigns. Through various digital platforms, it is possible to get the campaign message to the grassroots. The Democrats have been using this technology for a number of years now. During the 2008 campaigns for President Obama, they hired the services of NGP VAN to help the party locate the areas where they had the biggest following. By using the big data information, NGP VAN was able to help them track supporters of the party who they targeted in their campaigns. Once a party has identified the supporters, the next thing is to convince them to vote.



During the elections of 2008, there was another thing that helped President Obama to win. The use of digital platforms was highly applied in the campaigns. Social media sites had just been introduced and were gaining dominance at the time. These were platforms which mostly consisted of the young people. NGP VAN helped the Democrats to reach to these people who formed a huge block of his supporters back them. Another thing done by NGP VAN was establishing a web platform for supporters of President Obama. The platform is estimated to have brought in over 14.5 million voters on the Election Day.

One thing with technology is that you cannot keep using one thing over and over again. Things keep on changing as so does the technologies applied. You cannot keep on using the same strategy hoping that you will get the same results. NGP VAN is always on top of its duties, looking for innovations which will drive the campaigns of political parties in the right manner. NGP VAN offices are located in Washington DC.