Paul Mampilly:Cracking the Cryptocurrency Warning Signs

Greed can be overpowering. No one wants to miss that next great opportunity. What happens when the drive to make millions consume us? Sound investment logic goes out the door.

Paul Mampilly, former hedge fund manager and financial genius describes the current cryptocurrency action as frenzied buying. Bitcoin and other online currencies exhibit distinct similarities to the 1999 bubble. Paul believes a crash is imminent.

Shrewd Investors, getting in early to cryptocurrencies made a fortune. The Uninformed connected emotionally to these fast-rising assets became casualties. Reason and sound fundamental practice abandoned.

Friends of Mampilly criticized his investment choice for not taking part in this once in a lifetime opportunity. Skilled investors like Mampilly make choices based on extensive hours of research. A Thorough understanding of the value and nature of the asset comes first. Paul Mampilly would never jump into assets with no discernible value base. Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies by the public at large, determine the price.

Paul Mampilly lived through the nineties froth, astutely selling his shares before the carnage began. Admitting he watched as stocks kept going up. Then the crash arrived. Friends were not so lucky, holding on while hoping there was a reversal on the horizon. Some people made billions. Countless others lost all they had. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly believes the fundamental structure of blockchain technology shows immense promise. Paul expects bitcoin and other online currencies will occupy the same roles as gold and other precious metals. He believes millennials will come to relinquish the physical aspect of money ownership, in favor of fast-moving digital currency.

Paul Mampilly sees the crash coming. His advice is to start withdrawing assets. The major warning sign for the upcoming implosion is immense public interest, driving prices to unsustainable levels. Mampilly advises looking at the underlying values to make investment decisions.

The mystical online currency and its foundational technologies give everyone reason to be optimistic. Paul Mampilly believes cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the borrowing and lending transactions the world over. The future is here, the crash is imminent. Visit the website to learn more.