How Ara Chackerian Thinks Wilderness Areas Should Be Protected

Ara Chackerian is a big fan of wilderness areas. He believes they should be protected as one of our most precious resources. He teaches others how to care for wilderness areas and believes the careful use of the forest can protect wildlife and human life so that everyone can benefit from these types of areas. He says each wilderness area presents unique challenges which require local solutions through careful planning and comprehensive resource management.

As someone that cares deeply about wilderness areas and their protection, he thinks that an informed public is more apt to take care of their area forests. There are a number of states, such as Michigan, which uses the money collected from hunting permits and licensing to support programs to inform the public about the importance of the wild areas in their state.




Technology and new information also support forests. Over they decades forest managers have learned how to balance using wilderness areas as a resource, such as cutting down trees, while minimizing the impact on the overall forest and the life that depends on it. Nature thins forests through forest fires. Nowadays, forestry experts like Ara Chackarian can rely on tools and scientific methods to do the same, such as removing diseased trees and using techniques to encourage wildlife. You can visit their website



Ara Chackerian is a graduate of Florida State University and a resident of the Bay Area. While he works in a number of fields, such as forestry, he is also heavily involved in the healthcare industry. He invests in startup healthcare firms which seek to provide far better care to people than could have been done in the past. One example of this is TMS Health Solutions which offers comprehensive behavioral therapy to its patients at multiple locations in the Bay Area. You can visit their Facebook page.


He also seeks to help healthcare providers offer better services. Since January 2012, Ara Chackarian has been on the board for Mint Medical Education. This organization offers online ultrasound courses and helps to train medical professionals such as OBGyn. They also offer free stroke screenings and other services to patients in the Northern California region.



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