In the music genre that Clay Hutson works, using his technical expertise is just part of the job as a business owner, sound engineer, and manager.

Clay Hutson is the individual who is in the business of making sure live music groups and solo acts will make a successful go of it onstage. Clay Hutson is good in his knack for monitor engineering, live sound engineering, and production managing. Clay is currently the tour manager for the pop music singer, Halsey. Halsey, who was born, Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, is the epitome of the contemporary sphere of pop music.


Hutson and the tour’s headlining act, Halsey, have some general similarities in the way that they use social media to build a word-of-mouth following by using Twitter and Facebook to do it. However, for Clay Hutson, he remarked that referrals are a significant aspect of his business. Hutson also noted in an interview that he makes sure that there is valid information about him on LinkedIn and also his website. By continually connecting with individuals, he indicates that this is a way to build a public image and continue accruing new business.


As a business owner who is well versed in sound engineering for live concerts, Hutson has had an opportunity to work with many music groups and other stakeholders in the live music tour scene. Some of the many musical acts that Clay has paired up with on music tours included Prince, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and Kid Rock.


Hutson notes that he gets enjoyment by coordinating with rock bands when they tour. In addition to working with pop singing talent, Halsey, Clay Hutson was also interviewed about some of the exciting facets involved in automation. He was working with some very complicated equipment during OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. Hutson provided some interesting insights into what it takes to work with these live rock music acts.


Hutson believes in working — is an essential part of his life. Clay Hutson once quipped that by showing people that he has a great work ethic, it help drum up new business connection and future work for him.


Even though Clay Hutson’s business story has been quite successful, he has had some issues at times. Once, he had got in some legal problems with a client that set him back more than 150 thousand dollars. But, Hutson noted that he worked past the situation and moved ahead. The constant ups and downs on the road as a touring crew member are just a standard part of a concert manager’s work. Learn more: