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What Robert Deignan’s Company ATS Digital Services Is Like

Not long ago, ATS Digital Services achieved certification from AppEsteem for running a call center that met the verification company’s parameters. ATS Digital Services CEO Robert Deignan has been pleased with this achievement because it’s added legitimacy in an industry that’s had many shady businesses attempt to make bigger profits off of customers by using non-verified apps. AppEsteem audits company apps with the input of government regulators, law enforcement, security firms, software company groups like Microsoft and other parties. ATS became the first call center company to become listed with AppEsteem to go along with their other main certifications.

Robert Deignan has a strong background in networking and advanced IT support. He received his bachelor’s degree in business management from Purdue University in the late 1990s and decided to go into his own web-based business startups. The first company he helped start according to his LinkedIn page, was in 1998. Deignan joined iS3 Inc., a computer security and virus protection system company in 2002 and worked with their technical team for 9 years. He officially started ATS Digital Services in 2011 and has served a wide variety of customers.

Robert Deignan has turned ATS Digital Services into a quality company that has simple yet effective ways of keeping computers running at peak performance. They service both individual customers as well as businesses, and they can be reached both over the phone or through their website. Their support staff have been highly reviewed by customers online for making the service process easy to understand. Their services cover a wide range of issues from software malfunctions and malware removal to making hardware and software upgrades. While much of their work can be done through remote desktop services, they do offer in-person repairs for local customers and have a few additional support features for extra fees. Deignan has helped the company gain certifications from Cisco, CompTIA, CHSE and Microsoft. Outside of running his security systems company, Deignan also takes part in fishing competitions including the Palm Beach Sailfish Derby where he was on a team that won the 79th annual competition award.

Jordan Lindsey is an Expert Algo Trader at JCL Capital

Jordan Lindsey is an entrepreneur and an expert algo trader. He is the founder of JCL Capital in San Francisco. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, and he has seen it grow immensely since the company began in 2005.

He is a systems designer, a founder, and a programmer. Jordan created a cryptocurrency to trade on the Forex market, and his creative endeavors are changing the way investors can trade. He knew as a boy that he wanted to make a difference, and to be the person who would change the world with his creations. He was competitive in sports, and he was always thinking up ways to create new businesses. The entrepreneurial imagination of the young boy eventually grew into the successful endeavors of the man.

Jordan has traveled a great deal. He has been abroad many times, and he lived abroad in several location, including Mexico, as a volunteer in Bosnia, and in Argentina. He moved from New York to San Francisco as a young man. He realized that San Francisco suited him well. There, people shared their ideas and dreams, and he felt encouraged and enthusiastic about his career. Jordan Lindsey was learning more and more about Forex trading, algorithms, and bitcoins. Jordan created the Bitcoin Growth Bot, which is the first fully transparent crypto trading bot. He mostly self taught himself through his own research and experiments. By way of formal education, he attended Mount Angel Seminary and also Saint Joseph’s College. Jordan met his wife while he was living in Bosnia. They were both volunteers at the time.

Jordan Lindsey is a successful Forex trader and investor. He began JCL Capital as a startup company. His timing was very much on target with the times, as the popularity of Forex trading has been continuously rising. More and more investors have been attracted to the foreign exchange markets. Jordan and the company have achieved tremendous notoriety for his forward thinking, innovative inventions. They are anticipated to continue to play a role in future growth, and the constant influx of new investors.

In the music genre that Clay Hutson works, using his technical expertise is just part of the job as a business owner, sound engineer, and manager.

Clay Hutson is the individual who is in the business of making sure live music groups and solo acts will make a successful go of it onstage. Clay Hutson is good in his knack for monitor engineering, live sound engineering, and production managing. Clay is currently the tour manager for the pop music singer, Halsey. Halsey, who was born, Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, is the epitome of the contemporary sphere of pop music.


Hutson and the tour’s headlining act, Halsey, have some general similarities in the way that they use social media to build a word-of-mouth following by using Twitter and Facebook to do it. However, for Clay Hutson, he remarked that referrals are a significant aspect of his business. Hutson also noted in an interview that he makes sure that there is valid information about him on LinkedIn and also his website. By continually connecting with individuals, he indicates that this is a way to build a public image and continue accruing new business.


As a business owner who is well versed in sound engineering for live concerts, Hutson has had an opportunity to work with many music groups and other stakeholders in the live music tour scene. Some of the many musical acts that Clay has paired up with on music tours included Prince, Guns N’ Roses, Pink, and Kid Rock.


Hutson notes that he gets enjoyment by coordinating with rock bands when they tour. In addition to working with pop singing talent, Halsey, Clay Hutson was also interviewed about some of the exciting facets involved in automation. He was working with some very complicated equipment during OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. Hutson provided some interesting insights into what it takes to work with these live rock music acts.


Hutson believes in working — is an essential part of his life. Clay Hutson once quipped that by showing people that he has a great work ethic, it help drum up new business connection and future work for him.


Even though Clay Hutson’s business story has been quite successful, he has had some issues at times. Once, he had got in some legal problems with a client that set him back more than 150 thousand dollars. But, Hutson noted that he worked past the situation and moved ahead. The constant ups and downs on the road as a touring crew member are just a standard part of a concert manager’s work. Learn more:

How The Products From IDLife Help People Attain Their Health And Fitness Goals

IDLife began as an idea designed to change-up the way people approached fitness and health. This company is based on the efforts put forth by its founder and CEO, Logan Stout. Not only does Mr. Stout have an extensive history within the field of sports, he has also established himself as a strategic and knowledgeable business person.

The development of IDLife produced two aspects to the company. In addition to offering people customized plans and supplements to aid in their overall state of well-being, this company also offers people opportunities to become associate partners in the business.

The process used by IDLife to customize an individual’s nutritional plan is based on scientific findings. Since no two bodies have the same nutritional needs, this plan is better able to aid in whatever health aspects need to be addressed. Some of the categories covered on the health assessment questionnaire include any medical conditions or medications currently being taken by the individual. An individual completes the basic lifestyle and health assessment form in order to receive their personalized analysis and recommendations for supplements.

As a company that offers business opportunities to associate members, IDLife provides people with a sense of satisfaction in doing a job that improves the lives of others. It also provides people with the opportunity to generate an unlimited amount of income. The team behind IDLife provides associate members with all of the information and products needed to get their own business started. There are no educational or skill requirements needed in order to become an IDLife representative. It could also be started with very little money, as a home-based business online.

Among some of the conditions the products carried by IDLife are able to address are weight management, joint health and mental clarity. Their specially formulated supplements can help people attain the goals they want to achieve. The IDLife Appetite Chews help people lose weight by decreasing their appetite. Made with natural citrus extracts, these chews can also aid in weight loss by increasing an individual’s metabolism. Available in a pack of 15, these chews come in the delicious flavor of chocolate.

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About Barbara Stokes, Her Green Structure Homes and their Collaboration with FEMA

Barbara Stokes has been the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama for close to 10 years now. Under her esteem leadership, this company has dramatically grown businesswise and also in its community outreach programs. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

About Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is a fierce businesswoman who has had quite a successful business career. Her career blossomed about ten years ago when she landed the top job at Green Structure Homes of Alabama. She holds a Biomedical Engineering Degree from Mercer University where she graduated in 2001. Technical Communication, Structures and Properties of Materials, Manufacturing, and Management, and Thermodynamics where her other fields of educational interest while at Mercer. Barbara Stokes previously worked in renowned corporations like Boeing and Pisces before joining GSH of Alabama. Her philanthropic efforts in disaster relief are also famous.

About Green Structure House (GSH) of Alabama

GSH of Alabama is a one of a kind real estate company that deals in steel homes and industry leading modular wood frames. This company prides itself as the first of its kind to offer affordable energy efficient and environmentally friendly housing solutions. GSH of Alabama home solutions require less workforce and building time to complete a house. These housing solutions are strong and durable and have been tested and proven to have structural integrity that can withstand hurricanes of up to 130 mph. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The collaboration with FEMA

Under Barbara Stokes leadership, GSH of Alabama went into a collaborative agreement with the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to rehouse the victims of natural disasters around the Alabama region. In addition to that, Barbara Stokes and her GSH team offer to help the victims of these natural disasters get back on their feet. The easiness of putting up GSH homes makes it easier for the affected families to have a roof over their heads within no time. GSH handles the designing, delivering and erection of these hurricane resistant homes.

Apart from disaster relief efforts, Green Structure Homes of Alabama works closely with the military and relevant players in the private sector on disaster preparation and management. They conduct structural and construction inspections on buildings around the region on their disaster preparation and management. GSH of Alabama goes as far as providing well-engineered solutions to those that seem unprepared or under-prepared.

The contributions of Barbara Stokes and her Green Home Structures to the Alabama region are enormous. Hope Stokes and GSH of Alabama keep walking this path of success for years to come.


The Chainsmokers is an American production and DJ consisting of two members Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Alex Pall was born on 16th may 1985 from a housewife mother and an art dealer father. He grew up in New York, Westchester County. He graduated from the University of New York where he pursued business and art history. Andrew Taggart was born on 31st December 1989 his mother was a teacher, and his father was a businessman selling prosthetics. Taggart is a graduate of Syracuse University. He was raised in Freeport in Maine. At the Age of 15 when he was in Argentina, he was revolved onto EDM where he was presented to the music of daft punk and David Guetta. The Chainsmokers were reformed as an EDM DJ two in 2012 in the administration of Adam Alpert in the New York City. Pall was familiarized to Taggart by Alpert while he was DJing. They made remixes of indie bands. In 2012 together with Priyanka Chopra an Indian actress and a recording artist they collaborated and produced the single ‘Erase’ and ‘The Rookie’ in early 2013.The two EDM- pop hit the ground in 2014 with their new song Selfie. This track was best 20 solitaries in various states. In 2015 they emerged into top ten with their song ‘Roses’ which rendered them persistent for years. At the fifty-ninth awards ceremony, the Chainsmokers won the best dance recording Grammy Accolade from their first top five single, Don’t Let Me Down. They are the champions of 2 American Music Honor and 5 Heart Radio Music Medal after the production of their 1st number 1 single named Closer.

In January 2017 Paris another international single was released, and on 30th January the track was specialized gold in Canada and the United States. The Chainsmokers understands their fans well, and they know what to give them. They have carried their fans collected with them. This is evident in their new single Sick Boy. This is considered the 1st check of the following stage of their career. As per Taggart they always release a song nearly every month but for the Sick boy took them a long time.

Choosing The Perfect Bank For Your Needs

Are you looking for the right bank for your personal or business banking needs? Want to choose one of the most reliable banks in the country? Finding a reputable financial institution for your banking needs shouldn’t be difficult.

With so many banks offering a variety of financial products and services many people have a difficult time deciding on the best one for their needs. It is extremely important to know how to choose the right financial institution for your needs.

Anyone who is on the lookout for the right bank to put their hard-earned money, should consider factors such as reputation and experience. Nexbank is a highly regarded bank and has been around for a long time. This renowned bank caters to a wide variety of customers in the Dallas, Texas area and is one of the most reputable financial institutions in the country.

The professionals at Nexbank are well trained and have access to top notch resources, which enable them to render excellent service and products to their customers. Each of these professionals has many years of experience in money management and financial matters and is fully committed to ensuring the highest quality service to clients and customers.

Some people prefer to conduct their transactions online. Nexbank offers online banking and all of their features can be accessed at any time you want and from anywhere. Also, their personal and business bank accounts have reasonable fees and affordable service charges. Nexbamk strives to make it easy and convenient for customers to do their banking, while incurring fewer charges and fees.

Another consideration for many people when deciding on a bank is availability and accessibility. People who travel a great deal, will want a financial institution with many branches and easy access to ATM locations. If you are pressed for time, you will want to choose a bank which offers extended hours.

To ensure you are dealing with a reliable bank, you’ll need to choose one that has a proven track record of providing outstanding features and services. Nexbank is a leading financial institution and comes highly recommended.

The Lawyer Turned Money Man, Co-founder Of Fortress Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a 62-year-old self-made billionaire of the Fortress Investment Group where he is one of the partners owning 53 million shares. His net worth is $1.8 billion according to Forbes. He went to Boston University where he got a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. The lawyer that later turned into a financier started working at Thatcher Profit and Wood then at BlackRock Financial and UBS. He then founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 where he is the chief operating officer and is tasked with overseeing structured finance and legal matters. He and his partners Michael Novogratz, Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger and Wesley Eden, worked their way up to became billionaires. He ranked position 557 on Forbes billionaire list at the year 2007. The former Lehman brothers partner Wesley Eden and Robert Kauffman. Randal Nardone is currently the Interim Chief Executive Officer. Despite him being a lawyer he became great with finances and managing the business.

The fortress investment employees have a lot of positive remarks to say about them working in the company. They say their bosses are friendly and very understanding. They say that the environment is conducive to each employee.

Randal Nardone also has several roles besides his career at the Fortress. He is the president of NCS 1 LLC. Randal Nardone is also the president and chairman of Springfield financial holdings LLC, and the Vice President and secretary of Newcastle investment Holding LLC, the Chief Operating Officer portfolio manager and secretary of RIC Co-investment Fund LP. He served as Chief Operating Officer and Secretary of IMPAC Commercial Holdings. He is the Managing Director at UBS from 1997 to 1998. He was also the director of Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd, the Director of Aircastle Limited since 2004 and Seacube container leasing Limited 2007-2008.

Japan’s Softbank group corporation made a deal with the Fortress Investment Group LLC of $3.3 billion. Before the sale, trading at the fortress stopped before the announcement. The stock trading was lower selling at $7.85 per share compared to the year 2007 where they were 58% higher. Softbank will also pay $8.08 per share for the Fortress which is 39% premium. This will not change anything as the firm will run as usual, and its headquarters will still be in New York. Randal Nardone thinks this is an excellent move that will move the company to a higher level.

Randal Nardone info: