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Talkspace has been paving the way for easily accessible counseling since the political climate shift in 2016. Mostly millennial’s and the democratic party have discovered and benefited from the Talkspace platform which provides therapy from professional mental health specialists for conditions such as stress or anxiety.

Many of the recent users are from an LGBT or minority background which Talkspace has reported seeing an increase in as well as people who are worried about new changes to health care and tax rates.

Talkspace was launched in 2012. It has been the fastest growing online based therapy platform since it’s inception and continues to grow exponentially as the world changes around it’s users. People can pay small weekly subscription prices and have unlimited access to a therapist that matches their ideal needs. This pricing plan is cheaper than out of pocket costs for local therapists and is one of Talkspace’s biggest draws. A unique thing Talkspace does, because it is so affordable, is eliminate the need for insurance acceptance. This keeps the platform as accessible as ever and opens it up to people who would otherwise not be able to get the therapy they may need.

Talkspace is available on almost all platforms and is there when you need it. Android, Apple and desktop are all included in Talkspaces’s network of supported devices, making it easier to initiate a session even when you are on the go.

If your interested in speaking to someone who can help, take the Talkspace assessment to evaluate your unique needs and get matched with a therapist that is right for you. The process is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and there is bound to be a therapist out there as unique as you are who will never judge you.

Highland Capital Is A Reputable Investment Firm

So you’ve decided to get started in the investing field. And you want to have access to a broad array of investing or financial planning resources, including research analysts and market and economic experts who can help you make informed investment or wealth building recommendations based on your expectations or needs.

Whether you’re just a newbie, have some experience in investing, or have vast knowledge of the industry, this means you’ve taken steps to improve your financial future. If you want to know how you can invest wisely and manage your money so that it can produce huge returns for you, it’s imperative to choose a reliable investment advisory firm. Read this article at

Learning the basics of investing or wealth building is like learning a foreign language. It takes time to understand the concept. No matter the investment vehicle you’re discussing, it’s may feel you’re in uncharted waters. But once you have mastered the field and certain investing basics, you will have a better understanding of what works and why it works.

Highland Capital is a top rated investment advisory firm and has been around for years. Highland Capital has a team of knowledgeable professionals. Each of the financial advisors and investment specialists at Highland Capital has many years of experience rendering services to clients.

Highland Capital caters to both business and individual clients and is well known for delivering on their promise. If you truly want to receive top-notch financial planning or money management service, it is extremely important to enlist the services of Highland Capital.

The professionals at Highland Capital are fully committed to providing the highest quality service to clients and come highly recommended in the industry. They can provide a vast array of financial products and services, and help you decide on the best individual investments or money management plan for your situation.


At Highland Capital, investment professionals and wealth advisory experts strive to provide services that help their clients achieve their goal. These professionals are committed to being honest and transparent in all of their dealings with clients.

Having a sound relationship with clients and making sure their investment yield huge returns is a top priority for reputable and reliable financial and investment advisors. You can benefit greatly from the wealth advisory, financial planning and investment services provided by Highland Capital. It’s advisable to get in touch with Highland Capital to learn more about their services. Visit to know more.

The Most Fierce Weapon Used In The Medieval Period

About The Trabuco and its Mechanism

The Trabuco war machine was an invention of the Chinese people in the fourth century. The siege machine was used to cause havoc by hurling rocks to destroy the walls of the enemies.

The Trabuco was derived from the sling method of shooting to the enemies. This was achieved by providing a more significant lever and strings attached to the short arm in larger sizes to fire large projectiles. What’s more, the Trabuco machines worked by conversion of the potential energy contained in the counterweight to kinetic energy to launch the missiles. Again, the speed of the projectile was equally proportional to the counterweight applied.

The Types of Trabuco Machines and their Usages

The Trabuco machines can further be sub-divided into two ages of their existence. The very first machines were purely operated by humans where they are known as the traction Trabuco. Some of the enormous war machines required a minimum number of 250 individuals to pull. Nevertheless, even though the Trabuco was able to give up to four rounds of shots per minute, the operation became unmanageable due to the large group of people who operated it. Consequently, because of the difficulty of the process of its functionality, the war machine was abandoned in the 11th century when another one was invented.


The balancing Trabuco was invented as a development of the first Trabuco whereby the use of humans was replaced by the use of counterweight to launch loads. Further, the balancing Trabuco was able to hurl heavier loads and longer distances according to While the traction could shoot up to 140 pounds and 80 meters far, some of the hybrid Trabuco machines would handle weights of more than 400 pounds. Also, the Trabuco machines not only hurled stones but armies would throw human skulls, fireballs, and even living prisoners.

Furthermore, the war machine stayed in usage for almost 1000 years while the Europeans acquired it in the 600 AD according to The war machine was also taken to the Middle East by the Roman-Arab merchants who also adopted it. Additionally, the Trabuco war weapon was used during crusades between Christians and Muslims. However, the Trabuco became obsolete in the 13th century when gunpowder was invented.

Learn more about Trabuco:

Clay Siegall Uses His WordPress Blog To Share Bengals And Jets Articles

Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall’s WordPress blog has a story about AJ McCarron, a veteran NFL quarterback. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals but is now an unrestricted free agent. It appears that the New York Jets are interested in signing him to a contract. Other teams that are also interested in him could be the Cardinals, Jaguars, and Broncos.

Another article on his blog is about the Miami Dolphins and their Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry. The Dolphins are looking to sign him to a long-term deal before the start of free agency. He said he wants to continue playing for the Dolphins and wasn’t troubled that they didn’t sign him to a long-term contract before the start of last season. He’s 25 years old and is considered to be one of the best wide receivers in the league.

Clay Siegall’s leadership is credited with Seattle Genetics success as a research and development firm concentrated on developing cures for cancer. Their 2017 earnings figures were released in early 2018 and he and his team earned $482.3 million in revenue for the year, beating market expectations. Clay Siegall said that their first cancer drug, Adcetris, is growing in commercial sales and in 2017 received FDA approval for treatment of a fourth form of cancer. He also said that the phase 3 part of their clinical trial for Echelon-1 also achieved a positive outcome.

Since co-founding this company in 1998, Clay Siegall has developed the company by forming partnerships with other firms in the industry, such as Takeda. As his company matures, though, Clay Siegall says that he feels Seattle Genetics is beginning to not need to form partnerships any longer. He says that one of their most important cancer drugs, Ladiratuzumab vedotin, which treats breast cancer, is fully owned by his company, for example. He plans on handling the launch of this drug in the United States and internationally in-house rather than how he partnered with Takeda to launch Adcetris. In order to help in this effort he opened a new business unit in Europe called SeaGen International GmbH.

Dr. Mark Mofid Learned Gluteal Augmentation from Doctor in Brazil

The country most known for gluteal augmentation is Brazil. Dr. Raul Gonzalez introduced that type of plastic surgery to Brazil in 1984, so he has extensive experience with it. And Dr. Mark Mofid, a plastic surgeon practicing in San Diego, California since 2004 learned the procedure from Dr. Gonzalez. However, he has developed his own method for safely using silicone implants so they are implanted intramuscularly and look natural. That comes from Dr. Mark Mofid’s concern for the health and welfare of his patients. Although they beg him for the largest buttocks possible, he refuses to implant any larger than 330 centimeters. And he refuses to implant them subfascially. If the implants are too big, or they are placed too deep into the patient’s buttocks, there is too much risk. And, eventually gravity will pull them down so they hang down too low and look obviously unnatural and fake. For the sake of his patients, Dr. Mark Mofid refuses to sacrifice his professional integrity. He keeps their safety a high priority.

Dr. Mark Mofid has a history of learning only from the best. As an undergraduate, he went to Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He obtained his medical degree and his advanced training in plastic surgery at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. So, when he desired to include gluteal augmentation in his boutique plastic surgery and dermatology practice, it was only natural he went to Brazil to learn from that country’s top specialist.

Gluteal augmentation is not yet as popular in the United States as it is in Brazil. However, Dr. Mark Mofid believes the demand will increase as more doctors are trained in the procedure as he is. He even researched the ideal female figure, studying the hip to waist ratios of all the PLAYBOY MAGAZINE centerfold models. He discovered that ratio is all of them is 0.68, no matter what their overall body size is. “I consider this to be the aesthetic ideal,” he says. “The buttocks is the way for females to show males they are interested.”

Dr. Mark Mofid is board certified with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery and more