Stream Energy Highlights Women at Their Women of Power Retreat

There is no doubt that there is a female-driven movement making waves around the world, and Stream (or Stream Energy) seems to be loving the ride, which was in full display during their annual retreat. Women have been able to change a number of things during the last few years like how they are treated to how they might be able to improve business. It is this power that Stream wanted to showcase when it founded the Women of Power group back in 2010 (


The group has been meeting every year since then to showcase some of the innovations that women have made within the company and to help support each other. It should be noted that Stream launched back in 2005, and it did not take long for them to show how important it was to let women harness their power. The company began by simply imagining how easy it would be for motivated individuals to sell energy. This is a vital necessity, and word of mouth can help representatives get the product to those who need it.


Stream Energy was going into a crowded marketplace, but it relied on the idea of simplicity to make things work (BBB). Sure, there might have been a few setbacks at the beginning, but it seems like the company got ahead anyways. It is now one of the largest direct selling energy companies around the world. Part of its success is owed to women and their ability to change the way people purchase energy. This is part of the reason this annual retreat is so important for the company and the women who are proud to work alongside the brand.


The retreat included several renown speakers from the business world. The women who are asked to speak are successful in their fields and are there to share some of their wisdom. The retreat also shines a light on education as it offers a number of workshops to those who attend. Some workshops focus on personal branding since direct sales are improved when this skill is refined. There are other workshops that help with sales though visualization along with many other educational presentations meant to improve attendees skills. There is no doubt that Stream Energy’s Women of Power retreat is going to be a success as future meetings will likely be.