Dr. Holterman-Developing Cures

Dr. Holterman is the CEO of Mariam Global Health and although he is very busy with all of his obligations he still finds the time to support various charities including the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance. This Alliance helps the Children of Vietnam and works at medical schools and hospitals in Vietnam to bring the most up-to-date advances in medicine to the ill children.


In order to be a volunteer at IPSAC-VN volunteering support is needed in order to train staff and to lecture students on the new techniques and surgical procedures at the medical centers and hospitals (https://www.dialdish.com/global-influence-dr-mark-holterman/). The requirements needed to become a volunteer include a valid passport, a valid medical license, and a complete CV.


IPSAC-VN is a very beneficial healthcare program for the children of Vietnam and is helping to educate teachers, healthcare practitioners, and surgeons. The program also provides needed medical equipment, and academic support as well as training.


CSI is another organization that benefits orphaned Vietnam girls and provides care and well-being for orphaned girls between the ages of five and 18 and is a nonprofit organization that is changing lives.


Pediatric surgery is greatly needed around the world and organizations such as CSI and IPSAC-VN is able to exist thanks to caring volunteers and generous donations.


Dr. Holterman works as a researcher, professor, practicing surgeon, and entrepreneur. He is also a philanthropist and donates not only his money but his time as well.


Mariam Global Health is a global management and investment firm that helps healthcare companies solve health issues and make breakthroughs in healthcare (Behance).


Since 2011, Mark Holterman has been a professor at The University if Illinois College of Medicine. He also is the attending pediatric surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and the St. Francis Medical Center.


Dr. Holterman majored in biology at Yale University. He earned his Ph.D. and MD at the University of Virginia. He also earned a fellowship in pediatric surgery at the University of Virginia College Health Sciences. He is also a successful author and has published many articles as well.