Functions of Oncortarget Medical Journal and Mikhail Blagosklonny

Impacts Journals first published Oncotaget in 2010. It is peer reviewed on a weekly basis to cover all the issues on oncology. It is also an international and open access medical journal. The two most influential editors in chief of Oncotarget are Andrei V.Gukdov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. The journal is written in English. Oncotarget mainly focuses on the pathological basis in all types of cancers. They also cover issues on therapy and probable treatment to assist in the management of cancer.

The medical journal also focuses on the effects of management programs and ways of administering new therapeutic agents. They publish on how people can live a quality life, experience satisfaction, and adhere to the protocols. They help the general public to explore the evidence on the existing treatment and therapies and explain how they can improve the possible outcomes. They also provide ways in which the patients and healthcare staff define the usage regarding acceptance and ultimate intake. Oncotaget also carries out studies on oncology in order to cover various issues in cell biology, cardiology, neuroscience, metabolism, endocrinology, and all areas in pharmacology. It is also important to note that the popularity of Oncotarget has been gained because of their punctuality, constructive, insightful, multiple peer reviews, and assisting the authors to improve the impact of the research.

It is important to note that each paper is usually published on special demand. It also covers the traditional multidisciplinary journal. The research is published online. The mission of the medical journal is to make the scientific results widely and rapidly available to many people. The mission of Oncortarget is to maximize the impact of issues in research to an excellent and insightful review. Oncortaget has prominent and professional scientists. It also helps the researchers to contribute to the growth of science. The target of the journal is to help the general public to live life without any cases of diseases. Another point to note is that the success of the medical journal is as a result of the extension of the research beyond oncology.

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