Fabletics Goes From Online to Brick and Mortar

You have probably heard of Fabletics and wonder what the deal is with this company and why they are doing so well. You might also have heard they are opening some stores for customers to get the most out of their experience.



The way Fabletics works online is that you set up an account and get a new outfit sent to your home every month. Then you can wear them for your exercise needs. The great thing about it is you can wear them whenever you want. They are so comfortable you may not want to wear anything else. The online option is great if you are not anywhere near the big cities you might find the stores they are now opening.


Another reason you might want to get your clothing online is you might be in an area that won’t let you get to the store very often. You may live in a small town that doesn’t that access to high quality exercise clothing. That may be part of the reason you should try Fabletics.



Another place you may find Fabletics is in the stores they are opening in several of the large cities. These stores offer you the same clothing that you get online, but also give you the option to try them on and to walk out with them if you want. The stores are a great place to find the best styles you may want to try but are not sure about how they will look on you. If you can see them you might decide they are right for you. That’s why it’s important to try them first.


There are a lot of options for exercise clothing you may find. The best thing you can do is to get the Fabletics you want so you know you are getting the best quality clothing you can for the best money you can. This way you will know you have access to the best exercise clothing you can find and the best styles. The last thing you want is to not get great clothing because you didn’t do your research.