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White Shark Media Achieving a Competitive Advantage

White Shark Media is an Adwords company management that has to build a niche and established itself in the online business. They have even gone further to partner with Google Adwords being one among the only twenty-nine selected agencies. That is not something easy for marketing companies because Google handpicks its partners and that may not be something easy. They do a lot of scrutinizes to come up with institutions that are competent like the White Shark Media.


White Shark Media is a company that is reliable by the small business companies because it offers an evaluation that has no risks that are involved. They have a way of working, and that is why they first carry out a thorough research and knows the weaknesses and the strengths of your company. From there, they will help you in setting your Google Adwords campaign. They will guide you slowly to ensure that you achieve all that you wanted by starting your business.


They have provided that their services are affordable by the average companies, but the cost will depend on many things. It will also rely on the needs of your business, and your needs are what will enable them to help you in the management of your Adwords campaign. They are good when it comes to communicating through emails with their staff that is qualified and certified.


By now they have offered their services to many mid-sized companies, and most of them have given their testimonials of their services. If you go through the internet, you will come across many of them who have received these services, and they have great things about the company. One customer says that her business was able to succeed because of the huge help that he got from this company. The current state of things shows the firm will continue mentoring many small businesses to achieve great success.


Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. This company is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco Incorporated. While serving as the CEO of the company, Petrello has also served as the company President since 1992.

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Anthony has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries as well. Before he became involved with the company known as Nabors Industries, Petrello was working for a law firm called Baker & McKenzie from 1979-1991 where he served as its Managing Partner. During the years 1986-1991 he held this position. Nowadays, Mr. Petrello is the current Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries since 2012.

When Anthony first began working at Nabors Industries, he served as the Chief Operating Officer in which he would provide the daily management of the company. During his stint at this position, he would help manage the staff of the company as well as help provide strategies on how to get more customers and also improve operations. Since he performed quite well at this position, he would eventually get promoted to the Chief Executive Officer. At this position, he would begin to lead the entire company and devise the overall direction of the organization in terms of business operations. He would continue to hold this position for the next few years.

After serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, Petrello would move up to become the Chairman of the Board which gave him an increased level of responsibility and leadership for the company. At his position, he continues to provide insight and overall direction on how the company should be run. He passes on his feedback to the current management team so that they can implement a lot of policies that will likely benefit the organization. With his guidance and expertise, Petrello has helped Nabors Industries continue to be one of the top companies in its respective industry.

Over the years Anthony Petrello has established himself as a leading executive. He has helped successfully run one of largest energy companies in the United States. During his career he has held a number of top management positions which allowed him to demonstrate his leadership abilities. When holding various high level management positions, Anthony would help provide Nabors Industries with lots of insight on how to make the company provide better products, better service and also on how to increase its profits. With this experience, he has been able to help Nabors Industries solidify its reputation as one of the premier energy companies in the world.

Swedish Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Growing up in Switzerland Mike Baur always had a fascination with the banking and finance industry. In order to pursue his dream of achieving a career in the field, he went to the University of Applied Science Bern where he graduated with his a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking And Finance. Later he went on to obtain an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Rochester and an Executive Master of Business Administration at the University of Bern.

Mike Baur spent 20 years in the Swedish banking industry. Among the well-known banks he worked for are UBS Wealth Management, Clariden Leu, and Sallfort Privatbank AG. In 2014 he left the banking industry behind when he founded his own companies, Baur IS and Think Reloaded AG, where he invests in start-up companies. Baur is also a co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory AG and serves as its Executive Chairman. Mike Baur and Max Meister started this company in 2014 in order to help other entrepreneurs create globally disruptive companies.

The core of Swiss Startup Factory is to provide entrepreneurs with a three month program when they are at the earliest stages of building their brand and company. While in this program the entrepreneur is provided with an open office space where they can discuss and collaborate on their plans with other entrepreneurs as well as Baur and other members of the Swiss Startup Factory team. In this environment they receive coaching, mentoring, financing, business services, and access to a worldwide network of entrepreneurs and investors that the leadership of Swiss Startup Factory has built up over the years. In 2016 Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI Invest and Mike Baur was named as Deputy Chief Manager of CTI Invest.

Recently Mike Baur announced that they were ready for the next development phase and so are introducing a high-profile Advisory Board to Swiss Startup Factory. The Advisory Board will support the young startups in the three month program and open them up to more key stakeholders. They so far have named 9 business leaders to the Advisory Board and will be adding more as the year goes on. Baur commented that he was quite happy that they were able to bring these high-profile people into the fold and was looking forward to the future when Swiss Startup Factory is a key player in the startup scene both in Switzerland and around the world.

Transforming Lung Disease Treatment – The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute, started in 2013, with the prime intention and ultimate goal of offering an alternative and less invasive treatment for patients who suffer from various lung diseases. In less than five years, over 3,000 patients have had the opportunity to seek the innovative treatment option from The Lung Institute with nearly three quarters of these patients indicating that their quality of life significantly improved.

The treatment options available use stem cells from the patient’s body to treat lung diseases such as Interstitial Lung Disease, COPD, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Pneumoconiosis, Bronchiectasis, or Pulmonary Fibrosis, just to name a few, full list available on Stem cell treatment is an option that is available for someone who has been diagnosed recently or years ago. This treatment option will produce a natural healing effect at any stage of a patient’s disease.

PR Web explains stem cell treatments uses autologous cells or cells within the patient’s body. What this means is the treatment is not very invasive, safe, and requires no hospital stay. The treatment is received as an outpatient and typically within a few days.

The Lung Institute realizes the importance of stem cells and the immense power these building blocks of life have on the healing of the human body. The plasticity of the stem cells allow it not only reproduce itself, but the cells also have the ability to change itself to conform to the area of the body it is currently in. These powerful cells have transformed the types of treatment available for those suffering from lung diseases. For more information, visit the Lung Institute’s website.


The WEN By Chaz Way Equals Modern Hair Care At Its Finest

We all seem to be creatures of habit and don’t really enjoy changing up our routines. There are times, however, when trying something different can change your life.

Consider your shampoo and conditioner routine. Most of us have gone to the drugstore or even a high-end boutique to buy our hair care products. The majority of women never check the backs of those bottles. We just assume that if the lather is big and foamy, then our hair will reap the results.

Too bad it isn’t that simple, because most shampoos and conditioners are full of chemicals like sulfates, parabens and silicones. These harsh additives will weaken the hair over time, stripping strands of their natural oils and dulling natural shine.

Thanks to famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean, women have a clear alternative for their hair care needs. His unique, no lather shampoo products wash, condition and nourish hair with rich herbal formulas found in nature. All you need is one bottle to perform your hair care routine.

Wen hair By Chaz’s cleansing conditioners can wash, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a leave-in conditioner, all in one. It’s a clean healthy way to stronger, shinier, softer tresses, and it’s economical, too, in the long run.

You will never find nasty chemicals in any WEN By Chaz hair care product. Plus, you don’t need a lather to effectively wash the hair, because the sulfate-building suds is doing you no favors.

WEN’s cleansing conditioners bathe the hair and scalp in luxurious, moisturizing formulas. Your hair will feel voluminous and soft to the touch, even after just one wash.

WEN By Chaz is perfect for every type of hair and condition. Long, short, curly, straight, fine, coarse, WEN has developed the perfect botanical blend for you.

Need WEN Hair care? The products can be bought online ( and are distributed to anywhere in the US, and you can find them at some local retail chains including Sephora.

Visit the Wen company profile on crunchbase.

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