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Securus Develops Groundbreaking Software

The nation’s leading provider of safety solutions for corrections, investigation, public safety, monitoring, and a provider of justice technology solutions in both the civil and criminal arenas has just received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This prestigious company is none other than Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies’ Senior VP of Operations released a statement in which he said he was proud of his company’s achievement. Securus has worked hand in hand with the Better Business Bureau to make sure it meets all standards for trust and honesty in its marketing, advertisements, and customer service.

In addition to its recent honors from the BBB Securus has also developed a groundbreaking software that will be of great use to law enforcement officials nationwide. Securus Technologies has developed a program known as Investigator Pro 4.0. It is a remarkable piece of software because it allows searching of phone calls made through the prison inmate system with voice recognition and matching. A criminal investigator who approaches a facility where Securus operates can now select a single voice sample from a phone call and have it matched to all other phone calls in which that voice was heard. Investigators can identify the party who made the phone call to the prisoner in addition to all prisoners in the facility themselves.

This program empowers investigators to stop organized crime like never before. Many criminal organizations have members both on the inside and outside of prison and they coordinate activities by speaking to each other through the phone in code. They may even give parts of the code to one inmate and the rest of the code to another. Now all of these phone calls can be searched more easily and put together so that investigators have more valuable evidence at their disposal for solving and preventing crimes. This is all thanks to the trustworthy company Securus Technologies.

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David Oslo REG Launches New Real Estate Application

In June of this year, Davos Real Estate Group (REG) recently developed an app called “Davos CAP Calculator”, given said name in a statement to its customers. Says Gerard Gonzales, “Through Davos CAP Calculator, customers can estimate the price of rent on the property that best suits (their) projected income.” Davos says that this app will be useful when gauging the ROI of real estate properties. The app was developed by Tecknolution, whom Gonzales began working with to make the app useful when calculating real estate. The app is currently available for both IOS and Android devices. The app, in fact, is part of a series of complementary apps focused on providing property identification and assistance via a chat with an agent at Davos REG.

David Osio himself is the founder of Davos Financial Group of companies in Venezuela. Since its founding in 1993, Davos functions on providing financial advice to certain customers. Since 1981, when Osio managed a coffee export program as CEO, he has found himself being in charge of several positions. In 1984, he joined the Caracas law firm MGO, where he managed corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corp.

The success of Davos Financial Group lies in its ability to tailor each of its financial advice sectors towards the needs of its clients, allowing each client to receive one on one consulting. According to PR News, Davos REG recently took on a 60% increase in the number of agents, resulting in a 75% sales increase.

Says David Osio of the new application for real estate clients “The direction of Davos REG, in line with what has been our business objective, has seen the need to develop a mobile application that allows us to assist in financially guiding our clients when investing in real estate in the United States.”

Additionally, David Osio has received many awards because of his generous charitable work, including the Medal of Honor by the United States Congress, and is a 2014 Miami Award Winner. He has received many awards for his charitable work, especially from Florida.

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Tools and Responsibility With Online Reputation Management

If there is anything that could be said about running a business and online reputation management, it is that each one of these activities are full time jobs in and of themselves. Therefore, it is important for one to be able to find a balance or someone that can provide some of the leg work needed. For one thing, it is important to figure out what is more important. Perhaps the best thing to do is work on online reputation management before working on the business. However, the better thing to do is get help in many other aspects of the business as it depends on the type of company that is being run.
One thing that could be done is to get reputation management tools. These are the tools that will check if there has been any negative mentions of the company. It is then up to the company owner to decide how he is going to respond to the negative mention. For one thing, it is not good for him to respond to everyone. The better thing to do would be for him to just look for the ones that go into detail about what the company may have done wrong. Then he could respond accordingly.

One of the best aspects of the business is not that it does not get any bad reviews or complaints. It is how the company handles the complaints. For instance, if the company is able to resolve the complaint in a manner that is very satisfactory for the customer, then he will gain the trust of the customer as well as other customers. Another thing that will make other customers trust him is if he takes responsibility for any mistakes he has made. A business owner that carries the belief that he can’t make any mistakes is not trusted by customers.


Doe Deere Makes No Apologies

Doe Deere
Recently Galore Magazine did an article about Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a big name individual when it comes to cosmetics, and Galore Mag wanted to get some information about her background and also about how she got into makeup. Doe Deere remembers being a young child that loved fashion and makeup. When she was living in Russia with her mother and father, she loved to put on her mother’s clothing and jewelry. She would pretend like she was an adult, and she would feel beautiful. Later Doe Deere and her family moved to New York, and she can remember the first time that she had an experience with make up. Doe Deere was only nine years old, and she was at a slumber party with some of her girlfriends. They were trying to get into the mood of the night, so she decided to break out her makeup and she painted her entire face to look scary.

Doe Deere is known as an expert when it comes to make up, but that had not always been the case. Doe Deere had to learn how to wear makeup. For quite some time she was really bad, but after a while she discovered theatrical makeup, and that totally changed her world. Deere realized that make up could totally change the way that a person felt and the way that they looked. Deere loved the fact that theatrical makeup was pigmented and bright, but at the same time she wanted to find a way to get the same richness of theatrical makeup on a cosmetic level. Deere decided to make her own cosmetic line, because make up was something that she really loved.

Deere decided to name her brand Lime Crime, because she copied the name that she had for her eBay store. She started her eBay store in 2004, and she chose the name of Lime Crime because her favorite color is green, and she used the word ‘crime’ because it rhymes with lime. Deere registered that name, and she really liked it, but if she would’ve known that her brand was going to be so popular, she probably would’ve chosen something more subtle and versatile. Deere calls her fans unicorns, because they are people who are born different. They are proud of their differences, and that is why they are unique. Deere believes that it takes a special kind of person to be proud of the differences that we have, and that is the reason why her fans are called unicorns.

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Doe Deere is a woman that is fearless, and she has an amazing sense of style. Deere was inspired by women such as Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. She also was able to make the cover of Self Magazine with those ladies as one of Self Magazine’s Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs Of The Year.

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Fabletics Dominating Women’s Active Wear And Planning Up To 100 New Stores

You’ve seen the great TV spots with Kate Hudson wearing active wear from the Fabletics line she co-founded. The brand has become a leader in comfortable work-out gear, both in e-commerce and now in brick and mortar stores.

Fabletics’ business co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have recently announced Fabletics clothing you can touch and try on. The branding geniuses are covering all the fashionable bases, planning on adding up to 100 retail stores across the country within the next five years.

Fabletics exploded on to the active wear scene just three years ago and has swiftly soared to the top. The brand is proud of its one million VIP members located around the globe. Having a online subscription start-up is no easy feat. Many of them begin beautifully and then quickly burn out, but Fabletics has maintained its prime spot at the top.

Many would credit Kate Hudson for the brand’s growing popularity. She really wears the clothing that has her signature casual chic style all over the line on. When she’s not on the Hollywood red carpet, she’s a normal mom with two young boys living an active lifestyle. The brand’s philosophy is simple: “Live your passion.” Kate Hudson wants to encourage Fabletics members to keep moving, stay healthy and wear clothing that is affordable, looks great and offers fit and function.

Fabletics’ entire line is designed and produced in-house at the company’s large L.A. headquarters. The active wear brand is able to create numerous new styles each month and pass the savings on to VIP members. When a shopper joins subscription membership, they will save up to 50% off regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items. The first outfit for new VIP members costs just $25 with free shipping. Plus, VIP members can shop Kate Hudson’s closet each month and buy the actress’ favorites.

As a VIP member, the shopper always has the power to shop or not shop every month. It’s easy to opt out, too. A VIP logs into her account to click on the “Skip the Month” button by the 5th of each month, and then she won’t be charged.

If a VIP fails to take action by that window of time, then her credit card will be charged $49.95 on the 6th until she cancels.