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ConnectUs Automated Inmate Services Are Making It Easier On Both Corrections Officers And Inmates Alike

I’m not proud to admit that I have had family members end up behind bars. I also know the extremely slow process of the paperwork involved for both the inmates and the corrections officers. Securus Technologies is happy to announce a new system which alleviates these issues by streamlining the process without the need for paper. Now officers can quickly and efficiently process requests and grievances, likewise, inmates can check the status of their forms in real-time.

With ConnectUs, inmates will have access to a massive variety of tools and feature sets. This digital information technology will allow them access to all of the latest applications designated by each correctional facility. This new platform gives the inmates all access to its many options, yet it’s mitigated out to the inmates by the facilities as to which ones are available at the time.

The headquarters for Securus Technologies is located in Dallas Texas and is responsible for serving roughly 3,450 law enforcement and corrections agencies as well as over 1,200,000 inmates all across North America. The company is responsible for overseeing incident management, emergency responses, investigations, public information, biometric analysis and much more than this. They have a strong track record for quality and providing new technologies as they become available.

This makes life easier for the inmates on the inside as well as the corrections facility staff who are in charge of governing said, inmates. The company has also recently acquired a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement for using JPay Inc. This allows for more options for inmates to pay electronically, emailing and to have access to educational programs and much more. For more in-depth information about this company from the article by PR Newswire, click the link in this article.

Evolution of Smooth For The Win

Lip Balm is an essential cosmetic for both men and woman throughout the year. Whether we are fighting dry lips from the frigid freezing temperatures or trying to protect our lips from UV rays during long hours in the sun, lip balm is a must. There are many popular brands of lip balm but only a select few leave your lips feeling smooth and refreshed. Burts Bees lip balm creates a tingling sensation that leaves lips feeling like they’ve just had a drink of water. Another popular brand that carries many popular reviews is Evolution of Smooth – also known as the “egg-shaped” lip balms.

EOS carries many types of lip balm that cater to a variety of needs. Their Smooth Sphere Lip Balm comes in 8 different flavors, all with the same healing and smoothing effects. Evolution of Smooth carries balms that have SPF, balms that are organic, and some shimmer smooth balms for added color. A few of their flavors include passion fruit, medicated tangerine, strawberry sorbet, and blueberry acai. Check out their products on Ulta.

It is very important to apply lip balm to the lips regularly to avoid dry lips. Because our lips do not contain oil glands they tend to become dry very fast. Also, when you think you’re adding moisture to your lips by licking them – this is not sure. You are actually causing your lips to become drier because the saliva is drying the skin out. EOS has created a lip balm that leaves the lips feeling hydrated for an all day wear. So whether you’re hanging around the house for the day or planning on a long day out in the sun, remember the importance of moisturizing your lips!

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Andy Wirth’s Latest Plans For Squaw Valley And North Lake Tahoe

Andrew Wirth, known to friends as Andy, is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a position he has held since August 2, 2010. As President and CEO, Wirth is responsible for the smooth operation of both the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts located in Olympic Valley, California. To ensure his employees make the resort’s guests stay a memorable one, Wirth went on UNDERCOVER BOSS, a show on the CBS Television Network, where he worked with a terrain park crew and taught a children’s snowboarding class.

More than half-a-million people visit Squaw Valley each year to prove their worth on some of the steepest and most challenging terrain in the nation. Five peaks and an advanced lift system draw crowds, as do Wirth’s changes after he took over as CEO. He focused on providing exceptional customer service, even bringing in a ski-in/ski-out Starbucks. Skiers approved Squaw Valley underwent a complete overhaul under Wirth’s leadership, which sparked a plan for an even larger change.

Although Squaw Valley is already one of the nation’s largest ski resorts,Andy Wirth is spearheading a 25-year expansion project, which is awaiting final approval from the county commission. While Squaw Valley offers highly regarded ski terrain, Andy Wirth wants to upgrade guest facilities to include more motel rooms and an indoor water and adventure park. Improvements would make Squaw Valley even more of a draw, which falls right into Wirth’s goal of making the region a top tourist destination in the competitive mountain destination marketplace.

North Lake Tahoe has a tourism-dependent economy, and Andy Wirth’s sweeping Squaw Valley expansion plans will create approximately 1,400 jobs and bring millions per year in tax revenue for Placer County.

The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) recently announced that Andy Wirth will take over as Chairman and President of the RASC. Wirth’s main responsibility is to attract new flights to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport by promoting the region as a premiere, year-round tourist destination. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Nothing will deter Andy Wirth from his goal of promoting Lake Tahoe, not even Mother Nature. The drought in California will not change anything at Squaw Valley; the resort invested in state-of-the-art snow manufacturing technology. Wirth also positioned the resort a summer destination, where events and activities attract guests year-round.

Don Ressler, the Entrepreneur behind JustFab Inc. and Fabletics e-commerce Fashion Companies

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has founded and established many companies. Don Ressler is the co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Intelligent Beauty, Inc, and Fabletics. He cofounded and served as a chief executive officer and president of Fitness, Inc. Don Ressler also cofounded Alena Media, a multi-million venture.

Don Ressler and his counterpart Adam Goldenberg created a brand building enterprise. They gathered a team From Alena, held a series of brainstorming sessions, and founded Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty was a consumer-centered brand-building business.

Through Intelligent Beauty, DermStore, an e-commerce skin care cosmetic business was formed.  Ressler and his team also established Sensa, a weight management system. As a brand incubator, Intelligent Beauty also enabled the creation of JustFab in 2010.

JustFab Inc.
The company is based in El Segundo, Calif. It is a leading fashion subscription e-commerce company. Its members benefit from fashion tips, content, and clickable style boards that enable users to shop complete outfits. It has an experienced team of fashion consultants, who offer expert advice to clients. JustFab operates in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Netherlands.

The company value is estimated to be $1 billion. The company began as an e-commerce footwear company. It later started dealing in jewelry and handbags and has plans to start selling ready-to-wear attire. The company boasts of about 35 million subscribers.

JustFab on offers its members a chance to shop in a customized boutique each month. The styles stocked are uniquely chosen by fashion stylists and are selected based on current fashion trends. Most of the products cost below $40 and comes with free shipping. New members are entitled to a 50% discount on the first item they purchase.

JustFab trades on different types of products. It sells different types of shoes such as ballet flats, gladiator sandals, tall boots, and pumps. It also stocks handbags, jewelry, and latest denim styles. The company sells stylish bags designed by industry icons such as Iron Fist, Hello Kitty, and Elle &Blair fowler. In 2013, JustFab started dealing in a children’s subscription company, FabKids. Source:

For clients who always admire products designed by celebrity stylists, JustFab will enable them to buy them. JustFab has been featured on top media networks such as MTV and the Style Channel. It has also been highlighted in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and People Magazine.

JustFab’s products are affordable and always trendy. Its bragging rights include a clean record of maintaining high quality customer care and customer satisfaction.