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The Finest Foods in the Area Might Come as a Surprise

Fine dining has been featured quite heavily in the news. The modern culture has been experiencing a dramatic culture clash in the past decade or so. Fast food culture had been one of the predominant forces in the world as a whole. But over time it’s become quite apparent just how unhealthy that can be. People have noticed, and been eager for news to inform their choices in meals. But this trend isn’t just limited to people. A recent story in the Daily Herald offers up some hope for dog owners who want to extend things to their furry friends.
The story focuses on a new twitter trend in healthy dog foods. One of the most notable aspects of this is the fact that it’s not just about providing fresh ingredients in the dog food. This is obviously an important part of any kind of healthy eating. But the story showcased the fact that these new types of high quality dog food are as much about taste as they are about quality of the food. Part of the article features a dog food executive who happily takes a bite of his chicken and turkey blend. His exclamation of how it tastes just like thanksgiving really sets the tone of what’s to follow.

But this view of dog food isn’t something that’s new to the world. There’s been a few examples of dog food which has upheld a higher standard since the very beginning. One of the most prominent examples is a high quality dog food brand called Beneful. They’ve long held to a philosophy which insists on only the finest ingredients. It’s something that anyone who’s bought the dog food before can attest to. Most dog food tends to look fairly similar to every other brand. But has always had a very unique look. And the reason for it is plain to see.

Beneful’s dry dog food ( uses ingredients so fresh that it’s always obvious what’s going into it. When one looks on the package and sees the flavor, it’s easy to see where it comes from. The chicken flavored food will taste that way because there’s chunks of real chicken in it. The beef flavor comes from real beef. And most of the flavors also have lots of healthy and juicy vegetables as well. It’s food that’d be healthy and delicious no matter what the audience.  It’s products are available nationwide on Wal-Mart groceries. But dogs are always happy to find that it’s intended to go onto their plate.

The World Of White Shark Media

In 2011 when White Shark Media began their operation, there were a lot of complains and equal amounts of accolades about how the company did business. The company knew it had to make some changes, if they want to keep their clients and attract more. They also knew as a new business they had to work extremely hard if it was to be a success and keep all complains to a minimal. The complain for the most part has made the company much stronger, after they decide to correct some things.

When customers said that they had lost touch with their Adword Campaign, this really troubled them. In order to correct this,they made sure that the customer knew about the campaign before hand, this way they will know where to go before it began and see how it was performing. Some customers weren’t satisfied with the response that they received and getting hold of someone to talk too was almost impossible. According Glass Door, White Shark Media knew this had to be corrected immediately.

In order to correct this they introduced GoToMeeting. This is an on line conversation. Here the client and the Search Engine Marketer(SEM) can look over a report on a shared screen, that was sent to the client for the last thirty day, to see their performance. This one move had their client signing their praises. It really went over well with the clients that they had from the beginning.To read more, visit: http//

This was just a few of the complains that have been taken of. Now with all of them addressed White Shark Media seems like they have adjust just fine. People from all over are recommending them to others. Places like New Mexico, California, Arizona, Florida and lots more, are really shouting their praises. Business such as Real estates, Driving schools and E-Commerce are saying that their base has exploded. Some are saying White Shark Media is the only way to go if a company wants consistency and growth

Andrew Lolk is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) of White Shark Media. He is the on who is responsible for developing the company’s brand. He is proficient in AdWords. Lolk also wrote the e-book on “The proven AdWords Strategy. White Shark Media has offices in the United States, Central America and Denmark. Their main focus is to make their clients businesses as profitable. One can see that White Shark Media is company that stand far apart when it comes to pleasing their clients.

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George Soros: Successful Businessman, Philanthropist, and Survivor

George Soros is a successful businessman who was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He was born to a non-observant Jewish family on Bloomberg who had changed their original last name to Soros from Schwartz. The Soros family were living in Budapest when Nazi Germany invaded in 1944. George Soros was 13-years-old when the occupation took place. He survived the occupation and managed to flee to England in 1947. Once he was established in London, Mr. Soros became a student at the prestigious London School of Economics. He earned his Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951 and his Master’s in philosophy in 1954 from the London School of Economics.

After graduating on, Soros eventually landed in the United States. In 1970, he founded Soros Fund Management of which he also became the chairman for. Soros Fund Management is an investment firm and hedge fund that has grown to become one of the most profitable firms in the industry. Since the founding of the company, the fund has generated over $40 billion. In 1992, Soros and his partner Stan Druckenmiller were able to short the British pound. Mr. George Soros made such a profit from it that he became known as “the man who broke the Bank of England”.

In addition to being a survivor and an extremely successful businessman, Mr. Soros is a generous philanthropist. His philanthropy work began in 1979 when he began to fund black students to attend Cape Town University during the turbulent times of the apartheid in South Africa. Mr. Soros created a network, called the Open Society Foundations (OSF), that give financial support to civil society organizations around the globe. The type of organizations that the OSF looks to support includes those who want an independent media, who are looking to advance their country’s education system, justice system, or public health care system. Mr. Soros has personally given away $11 billion of his personal money so far in his lifetime towards his philanthropic interests.


Laidlaw & Company has Managed to Establish itself as a Dominant Player in the Investment Banking Sector

Numerous investment banking institutions have continuously emerged in the financial sector. This has led to an increase in competition in this particular sector according to with different investment banks offering diverse services to lure clients. Unlike ordinary banking institutions where money is stored in safe deposit accounts, the investment banks use the funds to invest in high-risk ventures. Investment banks play various roles, which include offering financial advice, handling mergers and acquisitions and underwriting new stock issues.

Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd is among the premier investment banking institutions in the world. With more than 170 years in operation, it has created a legacy for itself by offering security brokerage and investment banking solutions. Its services have continuously been focused towards helping institutions and private clients, corporate entrepreneurs, international and domestic companies meet their needs.

Laidlaw & Company’s Service Package

It offers its services to clients and institutions in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Laidlaw’s investment services or solutions comprise of acquisition financing, the United States trading markets, capital raising via placement of equity with high net worth retail investors and institutions, initial public offerings, and the placement of mezzanine capital and debt with institutional investors.

Further, it also provides advisory services revolving around going private transactions, stock purchases, alternative investments, fairness opinions, acquisitions, management-led buyouts, as well as balance sheet optimizations or financial restructuring. Laidlaw also offers management services, which includes portfolio management, investment advisory services and financial planning.

Team of Professionals

With a large network of branches across Europe and the United States of America, Laidlaw & Company has ensured that a team of Wall Street experts serves its clients. Consequently, it plays host to more than 150 professionals working under dual authorization from FCA. The team of professionals aids emerging firms to raise capital at a fast rate by engaging its retail sales force. This gives business or corporate customers the flexibility advantage to grow financially.



Martin Lustgarten’s Take On Investment Banking

Lustgarten, Martin is an investment banking firm located in Florida that was founded by Martin Lustgarten, who resides as the company’s CEO. Today, Martin is in his fifties and lives in Miami with his family and two children. When it comes to the investment industry, Martin has been in the game for a long time, even his hobbies are recognized.
The investment industry, especially investment banking, is difficult to get accepted into. It takes a great deal of experience and understanding to make it in investment banking, someone like Martin Lustgarten knows this very well since he had to fight hard to find his way in.

For any would-be investment bankers, Martin Lustgarten ( knows the ins and outs of breaking into the investment industry and becoming distinguished. It’s important to check up on more than one firm for business opportunities. Martin has many different companies that he recommends, like Royal Oaks Venture and DB agency, most of which are easily found with a quick search.

Even with his reputation in the investment industry, Martin still gives advice for investment ideas and strategy to many clients. As the CEO of the company, Martin manages all the daily operations that occur day to day at the firm to ensure that everything continues to run with ease. Martin never misses a chance to help out his clients with securing financial dealings as well as organizing and building funds for transactions. With the variety of services that Martin offers, the firm can work with small and large companies orders alike, despite the possible financial concerns.

Most people hear about investment banking without completely understanding how it works or the significance it plays in the industry for banking. There are many firms and organizations that need the expertise and advice about financial translations or fund assistance. Check out his Vimeo account to see what he’s been up to!

White Shark Media Checks In With Customers Consistently

The best thing about service that people get from White Shark Media is that the people in the office are willing to check in with customers often. Customers who come to White shark Media are looking for better web pages or marketing, but that does not mean that they are going to get instant results. White Shark Media tries to give customers their best results, and that requires a lot of tracking and overtime. The staff lets customers in on that work ethic, and they make a point of updating people often.

The updates that customers get will come from the staff at regular times, or the customers can actually ask for the updates that they are looking for. When this is necessary, the staff will set aside time that lets them call over to a customer who is looking for an update, and that will help the customer get something on the schedule. Customers get a lot of peace of mind out of this, and White Shark Media is happy to offer the service.

A reporter from Glass Door says that the service also comes with updates that are visual. Customers want to see the results of the service that they are paying for, but it is hard for them to show what they have done without any visual aids. The visual aids that the staff shares can come over in an email, and the staff will even explain what they have done. The explanation is really valuable, and it prevents confusion for the client. The staff is willing to explain so that everyone is on the same page as the work continues.

The visual aids that show designs that have been done can be adjusted if that is what the client wants, or the staff can keep going on with their work. There is going to be a record of what the staff has done, and that is going to make it much easier for the staff to move on with their work.

The clients know that they have gotten what they paid for, and the staff knows that they are on the right track. This is a lot easier than asking people just to wait until the process is over at White Shark Media according to true report from Top SEOs. No one should have to wait that long, and it helps when the staff is able to schedule regular times for the client. This is much easier for everyone, and it gives clients real value.

You can also get additional information White Shark Media at:

Thor Halvorssen Turns the Tables at Fox News

Thor Halvorssen is an enigma. A Fox News commentator wanted to use Halvorssen to deliver a hatchet job on the campaign of Bernie Sanders and his followers. Halvorssen is a human rights advocate, born in Venezuela to a connected family, and when Hugo Chavez, a socialist, was president his father was imprisoned as a political prisoner and his mother was shot while peacefully protesting against Chavez’s socialist government. The younger Halvorssen has criticized Chavez’s regime, and has spoken harshly about the socialist revolutionary, Che Guevera, as well. Fox News thought they had found the hatchet, now it was time for the attack job on Bernie. Halvorssen, well dressed in coat and tie and meticulously groomed, made his appearance on the show and seemed confident, polished, a handsome 40 year old philanthropist about to destroy the career of a socialist leaning politician, Bernie Sanders. But a big surprise was in store for the interviewer when Halvorssen said that socialism can effectively co-exist in a democratic country. Thor Halvorssen should know as he spends part of the year in socialist Norway. He went on to criticize politicians who accept money from dictators, and made Hillary Clinton the brunt of his attack, which is, always, good news for Fox News. He then totally confused the interviewer by stating that he had given the Sander’s campaign the largest campaign contribution allowable by law. This was not the hatchet job that the interviewer was expecting. Kudos to the free thinking Halvorssen, who up until this Fox interview had seemed an enigma to many Americans. The interviewer, who had horribly failed at her hatchet job, cut the interview short, and the viewers were deprived of hearing any more of the views of this intelligent, no longer enigmatic philanthropist. See the entire interview here:

Innovative technologies for weddings

Based in Toronto, ON, Canada Slyce deals in commercial trading of the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX.V) under the ticker symbol (SLC.V).

Slyce’s business strategy is to market itself as a key player in the rapidly emerging visual web. Slyce will give its technological expertise to retailers, brands, app developers and digital publishers, permitting their apps to recognize products for instantaneous purchases. Slyce will exchange its technology in for integrating, licensing and per item search fees, percentage sales splits and enormous data provision and analysis. Slyce is recently working with a growing list of Fortune 1000 brands and firms as well as a number of innovative developers. Slyce’s Universal Scanner is a simple solution using the most authentic image recognition technology available in recent times. Our visual search technological expertise includes the very best components of many of our competitors in a single product solution.

Offering your customers a perfect experience by snapping or scanning anything around them to get an instant and exact match or similar type of results online. The Universal Scanner effortlessly handles QR codes, barcodes, coupons, and any real world image.

As innovative technologies like RFID and visual search software enhance and become available to customers, the concept of shopping will highly evolve. And that will in all probability affect the wedding registry business. For example, instead of limiting oneself to the online or in-store, imagine if a couple could gradually build a wedding registry as they passed throughout their day. Whether surfing the internet, watching television, or even when they view a specific item at their friends’ place, a couple could rapidly scan items they prefer with their cell phone. This type of technology isn’t very remote as it may seem like. In fact, the company Slyce activates visual product recognition technology on existing product images or by simply taking a photo. If these new varieties of trade come to fruition in recent years, it will have a huge impact on the profitable wedding registry business.